What is up? [email protected] if you’re new to the channel, I’m Lambros Steve. And today I have some very interesting news. Look who’s calling me. Oh, somebody just got off the plane. Where at Tulsa International Airport picking up evil mercy logo. Let’s see what he has to say. What up Jimmy Short. I’m out front and, uh, I’m blogging and this is going on the blog right now. So I’m out right by southwest. You have bags to pick up.

Do you have any

Schwert I, dude, I’m in the Bentley. Just come out and look left

later, Bro.

All right. He just landed. Good timing. So my Lambros Lamborghini is broken. You may know this by now. If you watch my channel, if you haven’t, they’ll put a, uh, I’ll put a link somewhere that says go find out what happened on my Lamborghini. So, uh, we did get some news today on a, what’s going to happen with it, uh, which I think I’m a little a bit conflicted on it. Um, you know, it’s a bittersweet. I’m not going to quite share that yet. Um, I do need to share that news with James and I thought it would be great when he comes out. I’m going to share the news with him and we will film his reaction to what is going to happen in the coming days, I guess for my Lambros Lamborghini Huracan and stay to now and make sure you make comments on what you think is really happening with my Lamborghini.

Huracan but we will have James teaks reaction shortly. Stay tuned. Okay. Lambros I’m back and I’m here with none other than a eagle middle. See a lago. Now we have some super cool news about your car because there’s a couple of cool things coming. Uh, the new rap is almost done, hopefully by the, you think about this Friday. Peder be by this Oh, dance week. But James, I got news today about my Lambros car. Let’s hear it. What’s the verdict? Well, I, I have to read it to you because I don’t understand all this jargon that these car guys talk about. I do own a labor gave you, but I don’t really know what all the parts do. So just heard back from the factory. It looks like when the boat backed out of that cam shaft, one piston contacted two of the valves, which I guess is bad in that cylinder head. The factory is having us replace the engine. All right, that’s good news. Brian. Her warranty brand new motor head under warranty. So the factory is having us replace it due to parts and custom problems. I don’t really have an ETA yet, so that’s the bittersweet. So

I’m definitely getting a new engine. It’s definitely covered under warranty and only bitter is it’s going to take longer to get back. That’s a brand new. So we’re going to take a 39,156 mile Huracan [inaudible] to put a brand new engine in it. So it’s going to have zero miles on that new engine. And I’m pretty excited about that, but I’m not excited about being gone. So here’s the deal. How long do you think it’s going to take? I mean it hasn’t got through customs and parts. Like what do you guys think? I mean, do you think it’s going to be like a two month project? Is it going to be like a 30 days max? You think so? Okay. I think it’ll be longer than that. Somebody told me nine months, other, you know, and uh, you know, our friend John or that works on these things here. Reeves, I’ll share, I don’t know if I shared this with either. Uh, John says anyone on the Internet can slay the tires, but it takes a real man to slay the whole effin engine. Good job. I’m subscribing today. Hey, that is tutor row. Same thing. What? I’ve up a guy up the engine slayer. I don’t know.

Oh my Lambros God. We’re going to be, it’s going to be the agents there and then we’re sitting here at the airport. Appealer just driving around is probably wondering what are these guys doing? Filming a video in the, with their light on. So anyway, we’ll be back. Okay. We didn’t make it to Jimmy teaks house and, uh, we must say hello to Bam, Bam, Bam, man. What are you doing here? What you just hanging out on the bed? Oh, she gonna come get this camera. I am going to get the tech lead here this time. Here’s the re you sleeping. You just relaxing, chilling. What you doing man, Jimmy, that Bam Bam is just hanging out. Skylar here. Um, it’s going to be a fun night, but you can’t watch. You got to tune into the next video. This is the bonus footage showed him what’s in this tube yet.

Oh, okay. Well we’ll be back in a minute with what’s in the tube. You’ll see. It’ll be cool. Okay. What happened was we got, look, it’s all wrap materials because Jimmy bought some new rap for, where’s the little mercy Largo out? Is that on the garage? That’s a wrap shop. Wait on this to get in. So the Mercedes, she’s been waiting or the little baby mercy for the baby baby has been waiting on the wrap. Look at that. That’s like a pink glitter but dazzled pains like the Douglas Little lifts with dazzle. So stay tuned because I think maybe later this week we’ll be going to see the new rep on the mercy Largo and then you will see the baby mercy getting wrapped as well. Don’t you love Bambam? Stay tuned. What is up [email protected] you are new to the

channel. I’m Lambros Steve. Now I do have a Lamborghini Huracan which I’m not in right now because I’m on my Alexis. This is like, you know, the sort of daily driver. I kind of trade back between this one and my Bentley and my Lambros lambo. But right now we’re a little sad because the Lamborghini is broken and it’s getting a new engine but a all covered under warranty. So we’re happy about that. But I am in Tulsa, Oklahoma today. Um, we’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for eval. Mercy logo, the um, wide body mercy logo to get the new wrap on it. And it has happened now. So the wrap has done and in just a few minutes I will be sneaking in to the shop or they’re wrapping it to get some crazy video of it. I’ve already seen some pictures actually already seen a video of it. It’s hot.

You’re going to love it. You guys are gonna like it. I’m going to head over to Kryptonite customs here in Tulsa. We’re just a couple miles away after I put my Lambros seatbelt on and we will check it out. So stay tuned. I will be back if you cannot tell in the background. I am at Kryptonite Customs. They have a really cool, they wrapped their glass on the front. So it’s actually a huge warehouse and you’re going to see these guys are doing awesome. So they have, uh, they’ve done a, James is a mercy log, I think three or four times now, and they actually moved over to a much larger facility because they do big stuff like that. Plus we’re probably gonna wrap that semis everything. So let’s go in here and check out the mercy and then I’ll do a good walkthrough of the entire,

I’ll give you a good walk around with the entire mercy lager. But I’m looking at it just about right now and it’s sick. So let’s go in here, check it out. Oh my Lambros God. Wow. It’s cool. Here we go. Okay. Fast forward, we had to turn off music. So here we go. Here is the, he’s getting a new emblem focus now. He’s getting a new emblem. Should go rock here. Actually. Probably cut out the wrap and stick it on their brand new. Look at this. How wet it looks. [inaudible] danger on here. Jet Blast. Probably going to go right there. I’m guessing. Oh my God. Cause you have to send something personal if they detail the whole engine bay. [inaudible] this is a very sick rap. Oh my Lambros God. Look at this place too. By the way, she had driven that bus survey. Pollard was on the car. Stuff was literally like triple the size of her. There are other shop but um, let’s see what this [inaudible] [inaudible] Gotcha. Sure. [inaudible] Huh?

That’s it guys. That is the evil mercy log of the infamous evil mercy logo. I have a feeling based on the extra stickers that are going to hear that people will be warned about the flame thrower in the back. Now a checkout, crystal Kryptonite customs. Chris, as amazing as I told you guys outside, he’s done this car several times and can do about everything here soon. As obedient as I know, samples and colors, they’ll do pretty, pretty hot. Amazing. But I know James thrilled with the wrap. I’m sure you are too now coming our new tires and new tire stickers and all that, and so it’ll literally be ready to launch a very soon once he gets the tires on. So thanks for tuning in. Make sure you like subscribe, turn on notifications, all that fun stuff. We’ll see you in the next video.