You Lambros want some of their sleep time.

DOT com here I’m with the joker. Lambo a. The new purple wheels are on. You’ve probably seen those already, but we are at Duke stir shop at a junior shop and we’re getting ready to go over and see a really cool design on a helmet that’s done by Kryptonite customs. Chris over, there’s a hooking us up with a cool design for ginger’s helmets or about to hop in the car. But in other news yesterday, kind of a really coincidence, there’s junior, by the way, cool incident happened. I was sitting at a light. I will post pictures on my Lambros Facebook or my, it’s going to be priced in already, but a punk kid called me the n word and sat on my car in traffic. Oh my gosh. It’s crazy what people do. Comment about what you Lambros think about that. I’ll share more later on what’s developing now that I outed him on social media and uh, I heard from the mother already. So we’re going to go drive real fast in this car and go check out a home. The best place in the Midwest to get a car wrapped or anything wrapped? Uh, we’re a kryptonite customs. Uh, Chris is making some plans to rep this helmet. Similar, uh, to look like you’re 70, 20 months. I’ve just been in here before because the mercy got wrapped here. We’ll go these machines they have, and then Chris was just about to show us

broken Arrow bus. That’s his little, not little but big machine. The jeep the day. All of them are pimped out. What does this thing look at that let’s say he’s got jagged. Huh? This one ran up on a wall. Huh?

We will come back to you. The actual rendering of that a helmet. I think it’s going to look fricking hot. And we met some fans on the road. Some guy stopped us in a row trying to run a set. A Dodge Dakota was pretty fun. But uh, we’re gonna try to go, not get arrested. We went live on Instagram for awhile and had the police radar pop into every five seconds. So we’ll be back. What does that Lambros mean? That’s junior. We’re rolling down the highway. We just went to, as you Lambros saw kryptonite customs to get the plants for the helmet. Looks like then I had to actually do some work. Spotify by my office. Kept up the team. They’re all rock now we’re heading back to see some dudes there and uh, what kind of shenanigans we can get into after show you has the mini bike. I think Jordan jr just broke the engine for the second time in two days. But I tell, we’ll see where we get the mini bag back running and then I have just have a sneaky little feeling that some shenanigans are going to happen later. So he goes to ground.

Alright. Lambros I just loaded up in the Huracan and junior is pulling out right now in the sling shot. So a fairly, it’s leaking oil. We just talked to the guy that works on them, things he said that, uh, he said, where is it leaking? I’m like daggum engine where you Lambros think it’s leaking out of buddy. Where else does the oil leak out of? But despite of that, I think, let me turn the air down cause the law. But despite that, I kind of have a feeling that, ah, something’s going to happen with it. He pulls out of here, so now it’s got two wheels in the front, one wheel in the back, and the a wheel in the back. There’s the one that spins. Okay, so I don’t know. Let’s just kind of see those. Just get a roll by on it. May Not even do anything, but I’m just check in here.


sticking to the bottom of that. We got that tire for proper wheel. They’re playing in the sun. All right. We’re gonna roll down the highway here. Take this thing to go get fixed and we’re going to drop it off and see if he’ll get the oil to stop leaking out of the engine. We’ll be back,

right? [inaudible] we’re going to raise this thing. Sound that sounded like a vendor or partner for your broken

that pop. I scared gunshot. I think I’ll just long, I’ve been here. I got my Lambros elbow just got beat by a fleet shot.

Okay. We’re into town.

[inaudible] I just kill the three wheel bandit. He’s like, he got what? I’ll get his reaction when we get to this here. Shop. Of course. He’s an exiting right here. Oh, he almost didn’t stop. He left the black mark. All right. That was the sign. All right. This is going to be leaking more oil by the time we get it there. So at TNC motorsports we’re going here and check it out. I think they have a lot of cool stuff. So, uh, I’ll be back with some cool wrath raisers and all kinds of fun stuff. Okay. We have made it inside. TNT motorsports has places hot. I mean, what are these things called junior? They’re just rate. It’s like razor, razor, razor. This is a thousand CC’s. This thing. Oh, hall can be like, this is the one like a man. He’s g pilots. Just blue did the SMURF jeep out of this one and they got some helmets over here.

Yep. To Troy’s a hookup man out here at t. And. T. And a, we got the slingshot in service. Tried to keep it on the DL because you Lambros know, Jordan literally did donuts and burnouts, entire way here. So we didn’t want to tell him that we were like damaging the engine on the way here, but it was definitely leaking oil. It was hot. There’s a carbon fiber fake engine parts on the inside. I’ve got some video, but I didn’t hit record, so I’m just recapping. But uh, that was fun. Driving over here. What we’re going to do now, we’re going to roll out. I think that’s the end of the day. Thanks for watching. Drop light. Turn on notifications. See in the next video.