what is up Glam rose at Steve Currington. Dot. Or too new to the channel. I’m the Lambros Steve. And today is a Sunday. We’re cruising down the highway in my Lexus. Have you Lambros seen the saints? A hot little car lambo is down because we’re making some changes too, which I’m going to show you Lambros in a moment. Uh, when we get to Jordan’s shop, uh, we have a new video that’s trumping tomorrow. So if you’re watching this, um, that means that dropped Monday of this week. This is probably Thursday that you’ll be watching this video, but I’m following. The homies were actually behind the EF 60 65 AMG and the Mclaren and the two zr ones and the Ferrari four eight eight and a. We’re going to go check out my lambo. We, uh, if you saw the video before we did a color change, we’re sending out to all the stickers off, all the wrap off. So I went back to green or black wheels. We took the black wheels off and oh gosh.

Didn’t get the extra there. Um, then we took the gold wheels back off and we’re changing the color. So stick around and stay tuned. I’m going to show you Lambros the new color. I think it’s cool. I’m going to show him to you off of the car and then first thing tomorrow morning we’re getting a mounted, we’ll put them on the car and see what you think. Um, so you’ll have the perspective of what they look like off and on the, on the car. So we’ll be there in a minute and I’ll show Ya. Okay. Lambros we are back. We are in the shop. The limbo is over there as you can see. And right now junior right here is wrapping these things up. Let’s just see what they look like. Oh, little sneak peek there. I don’t know if you Lambros can see. Oh yeah, you can see it right there in the light.

How sparkle do they are? That’s the move. So you’re getting ready to wrap them up so we can take them over and get these tires are the same. Ooo Litter. Oh yeah. So tomorrow these things will be on the Lambo. We’ll be rolling around. Maybe tomorrow we’re going to trim it, coat them, uh, get some sand, some of the clear down. We’re going to make them look really pretty and then then we’ll put them on the car. Stay down. What is a Flambe rose? It’s day to see that beautiful wheel in the background. We still haven’t got these things out in the sun, but I’m at team one automotive and they were about to put their, they are smoking hot van. We’re a team on automotive and they’re about to put the wheels and tires on, but little detail.

The tire sensor day, I forgot to brake, so I got to drive all the way back to Sapulpa, go get the tire sensors, bring them back so that he can put them on and then, then we’ll be ready to go. So golly, I gotta run. I drove all the way. This is literally about a 25 minute drive to get out here. And I thought I had everything ready but small detail with the tire sensor. So we’re gonna run and get those and then we will be back. All right. All right. All right. We have picked up the tire sensors, the tpms sensors, these little buggers are like, I want to say they’re like one 50 each for the Lamborghini. They literally are just sensors that go in. I don’t even know how they work but there’s four of them and uh, there are 25 minutes away.

So basically it’s like a round trip of 45 minutes. Basically if I speed it’s eight in the morning creek turnpike you Lambros don’t speed because how patrols out and I’m in a black truck so I have no radar. So that’s the fun. Um, so now I’m delivering the tire sensors back the team on automotive. So case anybody care moving back. Here they are. We’re center four times four wheels here with Nathan grade. Second wheels going on. We haven’t broken anything yet. I’m waiting to use this contraption. This looks like a bad little boy name that does. Is that for like giant wheels 36 and that we have outside, we’ll look at the sparkle t on those in the sun. I have to go show cause there you Lambros have to see what this thing looks like on the side. We just put the first wheel in the back of the truck.

So hold on the climb up here. Oh yeah, here we go. Can you see the sparkle? I don’t know if it’s doing it justice at this camera or not, but uh, they’re just sparkle, sparkle. So, uh, Kudos to team one automotive and uh, Nate, they hooked me up, got here early and we’re almost done later. What is up? All right. Junior just showed up seeing the wheels for the first time. What do you think buddy? Duke painted these this weekend. We just got them all mounted thanks to team one automotive, put those tires and wheels on and then Steve Currington himself Lambros Steve mounted them on the car actually. So the cool thing is as you Lambros see the sparkle, the shine there, and then, uh, you look on this side in the shade, they just look purple. There’s this purple wheels, so it’s pretty cool.

we’ll be back soon. Hermes back with bonus footage. We are about to join the big Wayne Gang Gang, otherwise known as doughboy. Doughboy is putting a

Dick Wang on my big Wayne. I’m talking about the car.

Oh, Eddie, that, I’ll tell you Lambros what, that’s precision.

If this lasts, ran the mile carbon fee. Bray. Hey Shawn. Shawn, this is the kind of stuff you put on your corvette. Carbon through Brighton. I want one so bad.

We got snow melt. We’ll be back. I quite met homies. I just made them all subscribed to my channel under one condition in the blog. They go, who are you and what’s your insta?

Eric. Eric Bustos. Lance says Eddie Vitu underscore, underscore a big papa. Father Anthony known as every dude. 18 and this is your car here and you start it. Yeah, start it. I want to hear it. I have a feeling it’s going to be loud. damn. Hey, he said, I don’t want to get kicked out. I’m trying to get it down.

I met a guy that’s pretty nice even though it’s car kills humans.

I know it looks nice and you’re thinking right there. That’s a body. That’s a human. He hit. What the heck dude is this? Stop. Stop. Yeah. Dang. How many horsepowers is it like five times? Oh, look at that gear shifter. 200, 200,000 miles on it. Dang. Nice.

I swear to God. You Lambros look like, uh, what’s his name? Supercar suspects. Really. We’ll be back. This guy was gonna run over some people we were at until was a cruise. I wanted to see the Lambo in the sun with the Unicorn wheels.

We’re calling them unicorns and these two homies. What’s your name? What’s your Instagram? Snapchat. All snapchat. Rowan case 65. Maya nearby. All right, dudes. Joe, do any wheelies unless she wants to talk to man and white vans with no windows, remember?

Yeah. Okay. All right. Those are the wheels were going to go run around and have dinner. And then, uh, I’ve literally put three days into one so that you could see the tires or the wheels. I think they’re pretty unicorn out, so thanks for watching. Make sure you drop a like, subscribe, turn on notifications. We’ll see you in the next video.