Here it comes. We’re not scared. My name’s Anthony Delorean.

We’re rolling out to see big, big bad ass 25,000 square foot. Our friend has rich house. Good morning. I’m Lambros. Steve, welcome to Lambros if you’re new to the channel. I’m Steve Currington. Today I’m in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Really Big Bixby, which is where I live and we are getting the crew together. We call it the Tulsa supercar club. Sorry to gun it. They’re a little Tesla. Tried to

keep me from getting over. Come on. Electric car. So we’re going together. Safari, Joe’s. Um, as far as Joe just opened a new restaurant that we’re going to go to the new restaurant, eat. And then we are headed to get a tour of an epic 25,000 square foot house. I know that doesn’t sound believable. We are in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but trust me, it is been there before, but we’re going to get the tour. He’s been in the process of finishing it out and it’s getting very close. So we’re all super excited to see it. We’re going to load up and evil mercy logos, giant f six 50 a few of us are. And uh, we’re gonna roll out there and get the two or so. But before that we’re meeting up with the brand new beautiful Easter Egg Blue Huracan with clay and a couple other guys. And then we’re going to roll down to far Joe. So be back in just a minute and we’ll get the first look at what car showed up. See you.

Okay. Lambros here we are. We’ve just met up with John and his new range rover. Uh, we have the, uh, dodge viper behind us. We have the, let me get over so you Lambros can see them all pull out there. There’s the Dodge Viper, the Blue Huracan and we’ve got the poor. Oh look, you Lambros there. I need to get behind uh, Mike and the viper. This guy does some insane, I don’t know what you call it. Like I guess like just spin outs and burnouts and donuts and crap. He just constantly doing that. I’m going to let him get around me. So

again on Jasmine, what it takes in the speed in this way. That ain’t going. Oh Yo. On my phone in one Amy and none of them as evil. I’m like call them withdrawn and let chomp chomp, chomp chomp. Sean had been drinking on driving my [inaudible] at a angle. If you’re on my phone, that won’t leave me alone. I’m ready and I called him with John. I’m a makeover as much on Trump. Trump, Trump, withdrawn problem with John. John. John, I’ve been drinking on driving was nice in his street. I sweat at angle in on time on that call and let John, John, John, John, John. The problem is trouble as much on [inaudible] holidays and child pod is so hose. Anybody in your hose hose all they’ve been trolled thought his Golden Lajamanu Amy, she’s answering it all wrong. I sat him up. Okay, we’re going to be a couple of big jump onto the Ba from one 69 which is pretty cool because we’re women in real [inaudible] traffic. [inaudible] [inaudible]

come on, boom. We’ve arrived Lambros James is here. Evil. Mercy logo

didn’t quite get any shots of the viper doing burnout yet, but I’m sure it will. I’m sure when he leaves he’ll show us. I love that hat, Bro. Oh yeah.



Ps, I have merchandise coming so people have been asking, I will maybe have it by the time

video launches, but in the meantime, let’s get, let’s get the boat coming by.

Oh yeah, yeah.

Poverty, poverty, and look at the, yes,

boom, boom, boom.

Yeah, we got her here a little early, but I think we have 20 minutes and we’ll have some more cars and showed up.

And then from here we eat and then we’ll be off to the 25,000 square foot mansion. Safari, Joe’s shark cars. So I thought I’d get a video. The new restaurants

pretty hot, so,

all right, Mike Cleveland in the viper. We’ve got more people coming. I don’t know what he’s going to do and sometimes he’ll do donuts. I don’t know. But let’s get the startup of the Dodge Viper. Now. This is a

This is a 1998 and he’s the single owner of it. It had it for 20 years now. And he say he puts 15 transmissions into it. So he does here. [inaudible] money to be ticked off. Yeah. [inaudible]

well that was fun.

Okay. We met Supercar fancier everybody. Hey, we have to leave. We have to go see the new cars are here. So that one on the end. I know it looks cool, but it’s just a Chevy.

So obviously we have the six 50th or the 60  50 Ford giant truck. Uh, the Bentley this showed up. Ah, you’ve seen it before. The Mclaren, Mercedes, Mclaren, SLR

fourth. Beautiful Blue Lambo. The Maserati. This is the guy who’s house were going to, and he’s got the Orange Mclaren and then look at this. Well, there’s barely boy pay team got remote start. I think those are some track tires slicks on that sucker later, officer. That’s what it says right here. His license. Wait, I love the later off of her.

That’s it.

So we’re going to roll out in the six 50. I’m going to grab my bag. Leave the Bentley here because we’re going off roading too. Oh my God.

Huh? I always thought I got that on video with [inaudible]. Nice. So off we go.

Hey Steve. You Lambros know you’re a little air horn. You’re always honking. That’s a hard,

all right. We got on the supercar homeys loaded up in the six 50 and we’re rolling out to see big, big Badass, 25,000 square foot. Our friend is rich house. Okay, here we are cruising to the middle of nowhere. And the James attracted a cop. Let’s see how fast he is. Let’s see if we can catch us. Tom got us. Officer, we’re not scared. My name’s Anthony Delorean. I hate the police is great. Oh, you’re going down when the 400 people that watch this, you Lambros see you Lambros have for her so screwed, Bro. All right, we’re rolling up to this giant mansion of a mansion. You, uh, I have to have a correction here. It turns out it’s only 24,900 square feet.


at that. I saw huge house. That’s a huge electric bill. Oh, and this one, I’m like, holy crap. Yeah, Dan, I’ll call services just went up. Yeah. And there’s a, there’s a freaking to hook on the top of that. You Lambros can repel down that tower. Swear to God. We’ll go up there and get some video from there too.

do your gun and then the helicopter hangar over there. We’re in the pantry.

This giant tangling and Paul, the best feature is what actually have a, we have a stairwell that sneaks up to the master that comes all the way down to the pantry here. There you guys up into the master class. This is actually all the master closet. I don’t know at the shower has just keeps you Lambros going. That’s the shot and then another big walk in. This is all part of the, the master bedroom here. This is all part of the matching crazy. Yeah. You haven’t that crazy. Holy Shit. You’re the third story out there. I’ll ask Ya. Yeah.

This is all the master to the masters. Probably 2000 square feet to, Oh, I’m telling you, you think that’s a whole nother bedroom, but it’s just the closet that opens up into another closet. That crazy. I didn’t even see your house. Another house. It’s like a guest house. My House here and Paul has apartment. We’ll be back for more shenanigans. Okay guys, I ventured away from the group too because I wanted you to see the um, oh we would call like a workout facility or Jim, I mean like this is like a bull chip now he obviously we’ll set these up to where, I mean it’s more organized. They’re kind of shoved in. You’re now but pretty amazing. And then I want to open the doors cause it’s cold out. It’s warm in here, but the pole is directly outside of your workout. You Lambros can go hop in the pool after your, okay.

Pull action. We were outside the master. The Gym is below us and here’s the pool. This is where the gym is down there. It’s huge. And then two, what does that two spas or what that’s like a walk in. Yeah, it’s huge. And then the land. Yeah. You cleared a lot of this land or he’s inside and cleared all this land with your back. Did you do it all yourself? No, he’s here working. I know I bought the skid steer and a bulldozer and I worked for about an hour, 20 bucks an hour. He’s on my bulldozer all time clearing on this 20 bucks. That’s cheap.

And there’s the tower with, yeah, this is, that’s going to be a soc. We’ve arrived to the top of the giant tower. What are we, six stories up here, James. Now I will show you the elevator. We did not go up. Go down, go down. They go, Oh God. There’s a dead body. And then the front of the house and then I have to show you, must show you the, you look at this, wow. Six stories up. That’s where the master is in the workout room and the, that’s going to be a uh, kind of in ground fire pit. The pull the grotto look at at this, this is nuts.

You can see all the way to frickin downtown Tulsa pretty much from here. Let’s go off the other side. Let’s carry on up the road. No, be careful. This will cause it’s not bolted in is Hagen Waltz. Hang them by the whole. Oh, this is actually really spooky. Now Saint for the weak at heart. No, sure, but see what kind of landmark we can see. That’s why I say that Paul would be able to say that. Are you on your way now? I you haven’t left Tulsa yet. I can tell from here. I see you on the head there. The onramp. Yeah, this is nuts. I’m actually scared with my camera. I have it held by two hands right now because my friend my drop it down the spiral staircase. Now this goes down six stories. I’ll speed this up. All right. Bonus Room in between and I’m kind of afraid it gets really dark and I can’t hold two things, but this is the part where like you literally can’t even see your freaking feet. So I’m going to hold on a second. I’m going to turn my light on.

Oh my God.

Woo. Oh God. Here we go. I’ve been waiting for hours. I’m literally in a movie theater inside this house. So yes, look at this. You actually have upstairs seating, downstairs seating, and probably what? A 200 inch screen or 400 screen or whatever. That would be through donkey lists. Oh, you had to shut the back door to keep people out of here. Yeah. We’ll have to go up. This is the theater room. Oh my God. The adult films that can be watched in here. Okay guys, we are finishing up the tour of the 25,000 square foot mega mansion just came through. I’m sure you saw the actual, you call it a theater room, but it’s more like a movie theater. And so I’ll just leave you with this beautiful landscape of where they have put all the trees and thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe. Turn on notifications. Turn on the bell. Turn on anything. And like this video, I need you to drop a like and drop a comment. Enjoy the scenery. Cool

bonus footage. We’re opening the door of the hangar

slow motion. Right? You’re on right when you did that, they all come walking by. We’ll see you Paul.