The massive wheel gap is gone. Yeah.

We’re at our favorite Starbucks. So just uploaded a video that’s going to go live tomorrow with the, so if you Lambros haven’t checked that out, go check out the my friend James drifting is mercy and wrecking it. That’s quite fun. Uh, but I’m getting ready to head back to speed sports, John and um, Jack had been awesome. They have the car, I think it’s ready. It’s though was getting an alignment and uh, hopefully it’s done and then I’m going to get some afters. Uh, so you Lambros can see

the massive wheel gap is gone. Yeah.

I get made fun of all the time because of the massive will get in my car. She’s, I’m super excited. I’ve also been toyed with this new camera. So, uh, my homeboy Khaled and I have got it dialed in to where it’s, it’s actually recording audio. The video’s good. So I think the quality and the sound and the shakiness of my camera will be a lot, a lot less, although the sound and they will be good with the shakiness will be gone. So in a minute I’ll be back at speed sports and I think the car will be done. So stick around. Those are on the springs are on and only one problem. Well this is going to back a, but we have all these screws that are still, I don’t really know. Do these need to go back on? I mean it’s like, yeah, it’s kind of like extra weight, extra weight.

Can you Lambros think? Do I really need all that extra weight? I don’t think so. I will try in a minute. It, it works fine of lower the car and now it’s time for an alignment. This will take a couple of hours. So I will lock film at all. Notice on if he can tell you Lambros the logo on it. It’s got some camera in there now because the is, it comes down, the wheels are talking in that way. So we’ll leave Audi to work on it and I’ll come back with some video of it. Uh, some good, nice shots once it’s aligned of, uh, what it looks like. Lowered. We’re in the car. And of course we had to come to Jimmy’s house to do the ride height test to see if I can make it down his driveway without jacket with the lift. How’s it look?

let me move the track out of the way. All right.

Okay, so now we’re going to try to take it up the driveway without lifting the front. Okay. And then when I get it up there, we get it in the garage close to the garage. We’ll check out the ride height. So you back just a second. All right. There’s the look. I’m here with evil Mercia logo and a, this is the first, I don’t know, like I’m gonna have to find some video of like or the picture of before because I didn’t really get any of that. But I can send you Lambros plenty. But look at this. I mean there used to be like, I mean, what was it? What did we figure it was like seven inches. You can see in there, you can see your whole like fist plus some in between the wheel and the tire. And now it’s and the springs that I got her better anyway, so they like ride a lot smoother. The only thing I’ve been, I drove him hard and um, I’m wondering if the bus at the front just a little too low, but I think it looks, I don’t scare me. It fits that will wellwell and wits right in and out of here. Oh yeah. We made it all the way up the driveway without lifting it built this place for supercars.

Okay. Let’s see if the Bentley tire’s flat. What do you bet? Oh, I can already tell this. Guess what I found, I found a body kit for the Bentley that is like a Mansuri body kit that I’m going to show James some pictures of it and you Lambros will have to see. But I think John’s going to put it on. Um, and I’m going to try to order it and here in the next month or so. And then we don’t even have to screw with that broken bumper. We just Yank it off and this whole body kit replaces it, but it’s a white body kit. Stay tuned. Maybe I’ll, maybe I’ll give you Lambros some, a little previewed. Well we are done with the lowering of the kit. Nova tech is the springs that I picked for this. So thanks to know attack. Um, got her hookup on the springs.

I hope you like them. I hope they look good. James and I love them. And they pass the test of the new Teague driveway. So it’s time, uh, tonight. Maybe get some more video tonight we’re heading to, oh Kima, Oklahoma because a very well known TV show called street outlaws is recording down there. I won’t be able to film onset where they’re racing, but I will be filming all the way there and all the way back. Maybe I’ll sneak some iPhone video. I don’t know. But you Lambros know they’re super sensitive about that because it’s going to go on TV, but we’re going to, we’re going 60 miles south of Tulsa, so I’m going to take Austin. We’re going to hold down the Lambo. In fact, Austin’s going to drive the Lambo. Yeah. Cause he’s never, he’s, he, you Lambros know, has the four, five, eight. So he hasn’t been in a lambo or Ferrari.

He hasn’t been in a lambo and he hasn’t driven that to her car. So I’m like, Bro, you got to drive it. So I’m going to have him drive it and then we will convert him. He will become a land borrowing from lanky and trained to a Jen, Jen. I know. It’s like driving your mom’s car and then driving a man’s cock like a lamb boats. So that’s it. That’s all. I hope you Lambros enjoyed it. A mixture. You like, subscribe, make a comment, share it with someone, turn on notifications, all that stuff. We will see you Lambros in the next video.