Said that the chief asked him to go pull me over and bring me back to the station. Does he make me want to set up a race or something is out? This is about, no, not likely.

Did you name it? We had no way to prove it. You Lambros have to tell her for not having insurance is under the ticket.

what is up? What is that Plan Bros? Welcome to the blog. This is Lambros. I’m Steve If you Lambros new to the channel, I’m Lambros Steve and I’m here with Lambrini. Emma, they’re called your Lamborghini. That’s what they say. Like if you’re a girl and bro, it’s celebrity. I googled it. I was telling you that’s what it is. So we are headed to like Tim Keller because lamb wrote Jeremy, we’re in Oklahoma. Okay. We have lakes out here, you know, so we’re headed to like Tim Keller for the evening. Um, which is a chicken. Lamb wrote Jeremy with the, uh, yellow Guyardo. We’re going to have some fun this weekend, but you know the meantime we’re on these little two lane roads flying through these little bitty towns in Oklahoma and uh, just trying to have fun there. Where’s your Provo? So I’ll let you check out the footage, um, now of what happened with the police and the pullover

[inaudible] recording or are we’re going to pull over by, I don’t know what this is. Brags police or something like that. So, all right. Welcome to the channel. Sometimes it happens like this. We’re just rolling down the road and you Lambros pass the cough. I think maybe the right artists or not. I don’t know. We’ll turn this off

so we’ll see what’s up.

Good. How are you Lambros doing regular for me,

there was a, a great challenger charger or something that was like came rolling around the corner doing donuts behind me and like ran up on my butt. So I just hit it for a second to get past him.

That was about it. Oh, sorry. My bad. It’s on my phone. Homeless. I don’t think I do parkers blown out a random one. Okay. Okay. Nope, not me. It might’ve been that great charger though. They stay green. Can you look it up on my van or something? If I give you, I just give you Lambros a heads up. You can’t give me a piece of paper or something. Just saying that you had the insurance. If they don’t come back on the tag, you have no way to prove it. I’ll have to tell them. You have to tell her for not having insurance is under the ticket.

Hurt somebody back on me a little validate I’m insurance. I’m just giving you heads up. I got you. Come on Bro. That’s it. And got me in an SUV. He said that I was driving reckless. So he said that if he can’t find my insurance that he’s gonna have to tow my car. If you Lambros want me to cry, well you don’t need to cry. Maybe I can pay him off on the counter. And I was like, Bro, here’s the deal. Just going to set this right here. And uh, if it disappears, I don’t think I’m going to care.

We ain’t get no ticket today. You’re not towing my vehicle for not being able to validate my validate theory was confirmed on. Okay, let’s thank you. Appreciate it. Like I said, we had reports of reckless driver, you know, can I get out? Can I get out? Do you Lambros mind if I step out? Sorry. [inaudible] just like I said, when we got to interview and to some slider on the corner, I was like, oh sure. I mean it doesn’t matter whether I’m speaking or not, but I appreciate you. Good cop, cool cop. And he said that, uh, someone reported us passing in a no passing zone on a blind corner. So, but I have, I guess he just stopped me to prove that I had insurance and to make sure that I wasn’t a Tux. A Katie. Good. How are you? Wow, this is low. Yeah, it is.

Um, I don’t know why I was told to pull you Lambros over. My chief wants to talk to you down to the station. Okay, well that’s why he said go pull that over and tell him to come to station. Talk to me. Okay. So I don’t know what the circumstance is. I just walked in the door. He says, well, it’s sharp. Yeah. I don’t really need to go talk to the chief. I don’t understand. Why would I want to, I haven’t committed any crimes. I’m the guy. I’m not, I’m not arguing. I’m not arguing with that at all. I’m following orders. Um, give me a second. I came, give him on the phone. I’d like to just continue driving to where I was going. Um, I haven’t been speeding. I haven’t done anything. This is the second time I’ve been pulled over. And then when we were at that Easter, a con, I had a police officer say that webbers falls called and told me to slow down because I passed in a double yellow line, which I did it.

Okay. I’m going to say you did. Yeah. I’m going to send you, you Lambros should be in anything. I’m not going to make up shit. Okay. Okay. Well, what do you want me to do? Because you can see right here. Can you find out what the circumstances was that he wanted me to talk to you? Okay. You’re not, you’re not bothering anything. I’m not rushing to get out. I’m a church. Doesn’t like that. Okay. I just walked in the door and he said, okay. Right. Okay. Here you go. Got It. I’m Steve. Bill. Bill. Nice to meet you. My brother’s named Steve. Oh cool. Thanks bill. We need another battery. It’s not led. Okay, so we are in, um, door Oklahoma and this is the first I got pulled over by a cop. That is apparently which 1 million bill. He said that the chief asked him to go pull me over and bring me back to the station so he could talk to me. Did you hear that Emma?


I’m like, okay. Well I wasn’t speeding. I didn’t violate any crimes. I haven’t done anything. So why would I want to turn around and drive back to the police station? I’d rather just contained to travel unmolested on my way. The last time I checked, we’re in America. I didn’t like stumble into Mexico police car. There’s maybe he just wanted to see it. Maybe they want to race me. Does he maybe want to set up a race or something? Is What this is about. White. He’s not wanting to set up a ratio of the Lambo your because oil. Maybe that’s what it is. So retarded. Where are we just getting a private parking lot and do donuts around the police cars. Maybe that’s what it will sit. Right. Did he to have somebody call in or something? Well what happened with you guys? We’ll call him. He didn’t want to come in and talk to him around. He’s actually with their inmate right now, so I can’t leave and come back and to you. He said, I wish that I just turned around and it wouldn’t be a bad thing for me to beat and meet the chief. I’ll be here for a couple of days anyway, so that way you guys all know who I am and I mean that’s fine. Give him my number. Like I said, I don’t know other people call. He can just text me and tell me to slow down.

Hey that works. You turn around and head back to the station. It’ll be the first building on your right side. Okay. I’m going to say police department parking and we are going to the Gore police station with the Gore police. [inaudible] has given me permission to speed all the way there. Let’s see if we can [inaudible] our chief earlier. Your car pretty fast into our town, our town through here. I don’t think so. Me. I mean there’s nobody stopped me for no, because we had issues with that gap on the garden. Oh, that’s wow. You know, I kind of trumps know speeding coats. It’s loud so often when I want to drive it or it’ll get reports.

I would have come there and talk to you, but I understand that. That’s what I was talking to officer Ellis and I said, if you are driving that guys, I will definitely be very careful coming through. Well, I mean you can drive normal. We’ll see. I have, when I went over the bridge and whoever’s falls, I didn’t realize where I was going. I turned around and there was a fan right before I went over the bridge that was going slow. I’ve touched it, went around them. I’d ever heard one of the before. Now when you’re right here.

I know, that’s what I’m saying. Like if I’m going 80 or I’m going, you know, I’ve got a hundred, it’ll sound about the same or are 57. Hey, we will, we’ve got some friends that live right up the road. How you don’t want to cause any trouble. So we’re just, uh, Carmen. Thank you. You want to check it out? Uh, feel free man. If you wanna look at it. I mean, I tried to eat off. Yeah, thanks. It’s a, it’s a really fun car. Wow. And it does get a lot of tension. I didn’t get green because I was trying to hide or anything, so I made a lot of police officers, so we don’t just talk to all my stickers off of it. But what do you, what do you do for a living? I do a home loans. I’ve been in the mortgage business. I’ll just run a lot more than most guys. So, uh, I don’t, I do anything else. I quit drinking, so I’ll start spending all my alcohol money on cars and I was really good at drinking. So, so about almost three years since I’ve done that. So I do appreciate, appreciate it man. Thank you officer Guzman. Pleasure to meet you, sir. Good afternoon. You too. Thank you.

Well, what do you guys think? Demo. What do you think is wanting to see the car under the, of the car? The chief said, bring that car back here because I want to see you. I want to get a picture of that thing. I don’t, I think I want to just keep the adventure going because it feels like if I just keep my camera going in rural Oklahoma, I will get pulled over again. So we’ve got pulled over by Braggs, Oklahoma police. We’ve now got pulled over by Gore. And then we didn’t even tell you what, when we pulled into this little Easter egg hunt, you know, it’s Easter weekend. It was put on the Little Easter a icon and uh, uh, cop literally said, hey, webbers falls just called. That’s another town and said he’s slow down. So they messing around. Emma, Hey, who was sober and have a little talk with us. You can blink and Vista police station. Like I literally did. I was like, crap, we just passed it. So anyway, stay tuned. I don’t know if this is the end of the day is at the end of the day we’re going to go skip some rocks, but uh, thanks for watching to make sure you subscribe. Should we drop a, like.