Yo, I’m alive, I’m alive. I learned how to go live in landscape mode so that it doesn’t go live in a, I dunno vertical, it looks bad on the camera. So anyway, I’m here with baby lambo one baby lambo too. And um, I um, I am at 990 subscribers, nine 90. That means I need 10 in order to request from Youtube to be able to monetize. And uh, I cannot keep making videos for fun people. I’m so close Cray, I’m so close. So if you, uh, would I know that a lot of people on here probably have already subscribed and, um, if you’re getting the notification, you’re probably subscribed already and you’ve probably shared it, but if you Lambros wouldn’t mind today I have a video that’s dropping at 1230 central time, um, where I do donuts around the military smoke bomb. If you Lambros go to my feed or my channel, you can see that it’s premiering at 1230.

If you Lambros will share that video with someone and um, or share my channel with someone or share one of my videos with someone. Maybe you Lambros go find your favorite stupid shenanigans that I pulled and share it with someone. I would very much appreciate that because I do need to get just 10 more, five, 10 more subscribers. Andrew Medina definitely. Sure. Thank you so much. And so do that and then please tune in. I will be on the premiere doing comments on the,  Lambros, they have, uh, a chat that happens when you’re premiering it so we can watch it together for the first time. Um, I’ve watched it already cause I made it and edit it, but if you would be on the premiere, that’d be great. And then please share that. So someone else will get on the premiere. Maybe they’ll subscribe and maybe by the end of the day to day, we will get to 1000 subscribers and then we’ll have an epic party. It’ll be amazing. So that’s it. I’m done. I’ve got an ex.

And see if by putting this product on my car and lighting my hood on fire or my car on fire in its entirety, if we can still protect the paint,

what is up? What is up? What does that Lambros I’m Steve currington.com new to the channel. I’m Lambros Steve and today I’m cruising down one 69 just in time to get the radar and not get pulled over, but someone else did. And uh, I love getting that Chirp. Chirp warning that there is a police man running radar. It was funny is he was in the, uh, he was in the far right lane and this car was in the fast lane. Didn’t see him in literally just him. So you Lambros get a little Cape 40 radar in your car, even if it’s the one on the dash. Might get warned about that. But today, back in Tulsa, the lambos back in Tulsa, I’m actually headed north to Waso, Oklahoma and, and also got some eight real estate agents that I meet with. If you don’t know what do home loans for a living to pay for my car habits and my youtube channel, which doesn’t make any money so you don’t have their close some deals and hang out with some good folks that I do business with.

Rob Hopper and his team. And then we’re heading back to white glove today because they have ordered new tires. We’re going to do a full detail and we’re do ceramic coating on the, on the wheels because since I powdercoated up go, we haven’t done ceramic coating and then we got some other things in the works. I’m probably alluded to before, we’re gonna do a new ramp, but before doing the rap, um, got a plan to, I don’t freak out, but we might actually set the labor getting on fire, so stay tuned for that. Um, it’ll be coming soon, but I’ll be back later today with your little visit to white glove and I will get to check out what’s in that site. They’re shocked today.

Okay. We have arrived. I met white glove automotive. I’m dropping my car off. It is sitting right there as you can see. It’s already dark. Oh, supposed to be here like hours ago. But you know, you actually have a job people. So, uh, but while I’m here, pretty cool. Um, Mercedes c 63 s right Myron and uh, I dunno, what do you guys think? I’m kind of indifferent about the Mercedes, but I think they’re doing a little expel on this one. There’s some guy in his Rubicon cheap Dan over here during the third brawl all over the front of that. And then, um, outback. We’ve got a McLaren. Uh, it’s a sixth yes or gt? No, five 75 70. Oh, this is six 30. See if we can sneak out there and see it. Tell back. Come on. Oh Man. Here we go. There’s the door over here. We’ll go through the back way.

I think we’ve seen this one before. I’m sure we have. Can you Lambros see that? You can’t really see it, but it’s like a dark gray wants to check it out in the light, but maybe you should lock this back. The cool thing is, is uh, I have merge now only have hats at this point because that’s what’s been requested. I’m still working on shirts, but I did give Myron submerge display in here. Look at that. Look at that merchandise. Okay, we’re back with a non royalty free music. So I’ll throw some background music but I realize I’m here and they’ve got the music jamming alternates your teen into youtube. Doesn’t like that. So I had to kill it, but we’re going to show you guys, they call us the black view Dash Cam. Uh, this is the upgrade that we’re going to do for the Lambo. Well, let’s see if we can get a video of the black view. I’ve got a how to on him Bro.

Oh Huh.

Dash Cams. Are we getting the Dr 900 s two Channel Four k the front rear. Oh, at this point of Henry or subtle face to me. So it will face me and the road. I can make it face you. It’s actually meant to look out your back window. I can make the back one look at you. Ah, I didn’t know this. Um, now, look guys, if you buy this on here, what are we talking about? This Myron, it’s like 539 bucks or something. Yeah, but Myron is going to sell it. Oh, it’s for 99 to six 10 I think with the right. Uh, let’s see. Memory capacity. If you do one 28 it’s six. Yeah. If you do like, let’s see, 64 to 542 bucks. Myrons taking a, I think we figured it was like 11, 12 7% offs. Like 475 bucks. I don’t know. You Lambros have to call him.

He’ll hook you up. But I just found this out. This thing goes front and back. I mean it’s, you can have one face out the back and the front and then you can clear that it’s got two separate cameras. Just pretty hot. But uh, if you want like go to black view and buy it and pay more or a call Myron because that’s what he does. And then before we go, I must show you a classic vehicle. Now you’re going to going to be surprised when I show you this because it actually has abs bricks. It’s called a Firebird. Folks, you see that it has an antilock braking system. Okay? Now I know, I know this is impressive to a lot of you and you’re wondering what does that mean? You just have to Google it. You have to Google it because a lot of people don’t realize that Myron, but those Firebirds that came with an antilock braking system, new technology.

I also have it in my lambo. It’s pretty cool. Later. Okay, I’m here with Myron and uh, one of the, and to give you a proper cell on what this camera does. So mark, tell me benefits of this band or what benefits of this camera system right here. The black view, uh, it’s got front and Rear Dash Cam. So not only does it record out the front, but as record out the back as well. And um, you can also view live footage from your phone, change all your settings from your phone. We can send it to where it records wall, the cars off. Oh my God. It’s like a security camera can be a security camera. Yep. Uh, it’s front and back, front and back and like so you can rear face it to your face or we can put it in basically where it’s out the back window looking at the engine.

Exactly. That’s pretty sweet. I like it. I think we get that camera set up and then it’s set up first. Then we liked the Lambo on fire cause that’s what’s going to happen next. Now a show of thumbs up if you’re watching this, you know you have 450 people that watched my videos. Um, we would like to like the Lamborghini on fire in the shop, like right there. Now I know this seems extreme but we do have a plan. I want to go into too many details, but I would like to, I would like to test a product and see if by putting this product on my car and lighting my hood on fire or my car on fire in its entirety, if we can still protect the paint and listen. If it doesn’t protect the paint, it’s okay. It’s okay. Because we could just duck tape it because they have like, they have birthday mantis duct tape now.

They have fixes everything. Lamborghini duct tape. And I trust Myron and he said, dude, I can light your lambo on fire and it still be okay. Yup. And I figured after the last shop didn’t bolt the pieces back on and they flew off at 175 miles an hour. What do I have to lose? I’ll be here for the fire. So stay tuned because I think the cars back in town. So I think very soon we will be shooting a video where you will see my car burning inside a building but not dying. Alrighty. My people that is in, we are leaving white glove. We’re leaving the Lambo here for them to uh, get started on some things. We’ve got tires coming in, we have a dash cam coming, we have a ceramic coat on the wheels. We have, um, I think we’re going to re clear Bra, the whole front end.

Uh, just a lot of stuff that, um, Myron is going to be doing working on the Lambo. It’s back in Tulsa. It’s freezing cold here. I’m definitely missing California and I’m hoping to hit Florida for bull fests and a February at the end of February. So stay tuned. Thanks for watching. If you would give it a thumbs up if you liked the video share with a friend, put me on a loop. I need lots of watched hours and obviously if you haven’t subscribed already and you like my videos, I would appreciate it if you would drop a little, subscribe on there and turn on notifications and I am working hard to get a video up about every two days and so I’m going to continue to record epic content and try to share with you, I hope you watched my donuts in front of the donut bar video. If you haven’t, you can go find that in my, uh, on my channel somewhere. You can search for it. It was in Las Vegas donuts in front of the donut bar and then running a stop sign to check that out. Again, thanks for watching and we’ll see you next video.