what is up [email protected] if you Lambros knew the channel, I am Lambros Steven, do I have a treat for you today that it’s not what you think? It’s not what is behind me right now. Obviously I have my Huracan here. We got the uh, the uh, gt. These are two pretty cool cars. Um, you might remember these from the Burt Reynolds, so, and then they banned it jeep to match, but very shortly here we have two pieces. That’s two for our piece. There’s two of them, both of them blue but different color blue, both blue, but there are different color blue. They’re on their way to our location when they get here. I’m a show you. And then we are going off to a, another location where there’s a bunch of amazing cars where I can’t fail, but lot of cool cars, believe it or not, wearing Glenn pull Sapulpa Oklahoma.

There’s some people with some pretty amazing cars. So my two homies that are bringing the pieces will be here momentarily and I will get them rolling in. You must see them. They are beautiful cars. We’ll do that into the party. I shouldn’t be at my camera on time and look at these marks now. Duke’s or just showed up with this beast that we’ve been working on and you’ll like this. We put Lambros exotics on the back of this thing and uh, I’m gonna try to stop them and see if he’ll put some more tire marks. And this road is just littered with a rubber. Here he goes

that’s old school. That thing has an engine in it now, at least for our pieces are all in here we go. What’s up bro? How are you? This guy, he still won.

Hi there.

I’ll get a shot of these, uh, once the owners climb out of them or getting them parked over here. So to check them out, we’ll be back back. I am going to get a, a quick few shots of the two pieces that are behind me. These are most beautiful cars or you know, I’m not

a huge Ferrari lover, but rolling down the highway. You Lambros have to see him back the back. We’re going to have to get somebody to love them in a minute. What did I break up? The party, your son, I walked out, I was going to come out here and get the fit for duty.

Okay, people, here we are, we’re rolling down the street. They said to give the same 200 miles, 200 miles to break it in. We’re not waiting. We’re not waiting for 200 miles grows. We’re going to freaking just POW oh and now we’re going to white glove. I’m running a couple miles away, but uh, I don’t know. See what kind of actually get into, I think Bixby polices, definitely looking for the Lambros. So we’ll see what happens.

What is that Glen Brown? Steve currington.com Lambros Steve, if you’re new to the channel and check it out. I’m in my lambo. I am in my Lamborghini. Huracan and guess what? It’s a brand new Lamborghini Huracan because I will show you Lambros in a minute. I have the have the items over here. I want to show you. Um, I’ve got an engine, I got my engine replaced in my Lamborghini Huracan for like 200 and let me look here. $221 and 91 cents. So you Lambros have to check this out. I’ll show you, try to like cover up some of my personal info there. But look at this. So look at that. All that stuff right there. Warranty, warranty, warranty, warranty, warranty, warranty, warranty. That means my entire engine is brand new. It had 39,000, 156 miles. And now it has one 76. I literally have, I have, I have 20 miles on this car now.

I have 20 miles on this car now. So next I have to get over white glove. You Lambros know white glove. They have done a lot of work on my car, done a lot of the graphics. They’ve done the clear. Um, what do you Lambros call it? The clear Bra. I cocked her brow, they call it something else. That’s cool. Uh, so we’re going to go by white glove. We’re going to talk to Myra at about some plans that we have to, uh, to do something crazy to my car. So we’ll go check that out. But the big news is the big, big, big news is that the Lamborghini Huracan, the brand new labor, Eric on his back in Tulsa, and we’re going to go out today and, uh, do some fun stuff. Jimmy is on his way back from Detroit. My car will be going into his garage next to the mercy logo. I’ll be getting some video that in the next uh, next couple of days we’ll have a really epic shot. His garage is all done. So I’m super excited about that. Keep watching. I’ll be back. I’ll be at white. Look.

Okay people, here we are. We’re rolling down the street. They said to you, they’re saying 200 miles, 200 miles to break it in. We’re not waiting. We’re not waiting for 200 miles grows. We’re going to freaking just how all in. Now we’re going to white glove. I’m running a couple miles away, but uh, I don’t know. See what kind of action we can get into. I think Bixby polices, definitely looking for the Lambros. So we’ll see what happens here we are boys and girls. We’ve made it to white glove auto. Let’s go in here and see a, I don’t know, maybe they got some cool stuff in here. And uh, when I hop out, I want to show you a why I’m bringing it here cause I need tires. And I have to show you the, uh, let’s just do that right now. I got to show you the, uh, I think the coolest showing on me. It’s on the driver’s side tool. See, um, down in Dallas, um, where they worked on my car. By the way. Kudos to Travis cause they were amazing. He called me and said, Hey, uh, I think you need new tires. That’s what this looks like.

That right there. Oh yeah, look at that. Oh yeah, that’s, you see that? Oh yeah, that’s good. That’s good enough. It’s got the other ones, but she held settlement all not so bad. That means everything. Got To start doing some donuts to the right. I think I go left and it rips the court off the other tire. But let’s hop in here to white glove and see what’s happening. Okay. I’m inside of what you love. I notes Myron and I just do some really cool new wall that’s on my car. So if you have an exotic like I have or not, and you want to protect the bottom of your thing, look what they put on the car. What is this stuff that’s great. Farmer, the scrape armor. So what does this cost is straight barber on an average of our, like what did it affect?

Like, um, generally if I have $500, 500 bucks, and so this is all underneath my car. I’ll show you over there. You Lambros did this in one day. So see this under here, that’s the trade partner that protects your front from getting straight up when you get really close to one these curves. So, but also we’re going to go check out the, uh, real checkout thing, spell film that they’re gonna put on my hood. So we’re going to Redo the whole front end of my car with the new expel because you know, it’s two years old plus this stuff. This stuff you can now, is this the kind that literally in like Gil’s itself, okay, Dad Gum, copyright music Lambros to stop and start over. Sir. We’re right here with Myron, with the, uh, with the expel film. And I don’t think I’m going to do this stealth.

I don’t know that would, I would have to do my whole car fed itself. Right, right. Cause that does the, uh, we’re kind of gives it that matte look, but this stuff I think to test it, to test it. Let’s put it on my hood and let’s just go to town on a Myra. Let’s like scrape it. Cause you could, you could do my head and then if we mess it up we can redo it, right? Yeah, you would, you’d Redo it for me. Okay. So I think that Rick over here might want to try to see if it’s flame retarded because I’ve heard that you could like probably like this stuff on fire. And uh, do you think it’ll heal itself? Yeah, it’s shit, it’s flame resistance. Okay. So we got the car back. We’re going to put new tires on. My tires are actually back here.

You got, these are the babies, these p zero that are going on. So once the tires go back on, it’s going to sit right here by this shabby. And our were the Chevy is and we’re going to put, I don’t know, we’ll, we’ll figure it out but I think what do you think we should maybe try to see if that expel film really is flame retardant. I mean come on you think it will be, I don’t know. Okay. People I just took delivery of my brand new Lamborghini Huracan and why is it brand new you say? Cause it has a brand new engine and it’s as I showed you at the cost of 221 bucks and I will throw in somebody of them pulling it off of the trailer right here.

thank you. Thank you. The Lamborghini Dallas for hooking me up and making sure that it was covered under warranty because that’s the only way is the reason that it was able to be that cheap. Thanks to Myron over at white glove. You Lambros know I love Byron White Glove. They were here to get the delivery because I was picking my wife up from the airport so I’m so I’ll throw some video of that in there. Thanks for watching. It’s super windy out here, so I’m going to shut it down for the day. Make sure you subscribe, turning locations, drop a comment if you like it, and uh, share it with someone. We’ll see you in the next video.