I, I’m just sitting here. Okay. There’s a razor blade and a needle. Now this is not, this is the needle. This is like a surgical needle. What is up? What is of it Steve? currington.com if you’re new to the channel, I am Lambros Steve and I have at white glove auto because that’s where I go when I’m in Oklahoma. It’s the only cool place that has cool guard. When I’m in California there’s like protect the film solutions, leverage into your port beach. There’s never been any north La, there’s Beverly hills it, but here in Bixby Oklahoma, all you Lambros got is Myron, Dan and white glove and today today you guys are going to believe this. Well first of all you Lambros saw the lambo behind me. Okay, got a detail. It’s looking pretty good. We’re about to get new tires on it, these little changes and that kind of thing.

But I came in and I was like, what is this story here? Are you doing a clear brow on a Honda CRV? Dan? Yes. Yes we are. Steve, is this a 2004 Honda CRV? I believe it is. Okay. So now it’s Llumar film Llumar lifetime warranties, their film. Do you put this film on anymore? So we put it on sometimes. Sometimes. Mostly they do. Expel is expelled lifetime, 10 years. So expelled as a 10 year warranty. Apparently Llumar when they started doing it, did a lifetime warranty. So this gentleman had clearer, I’ll put on his car when he bought it in 2004 and 1314 years later, it’s messed up. So they get to do the warranty work. So here’s the cool thing, 40 hours in getting the old clear ball off of here and putting the new turbo on. Okay, we’re talking like half hood. You Lambros can see the line where they put the new one on there.

Half Hood and bumper and uh, peers, I don’t know what they call this. It’s like the, I don’t know Dan. It’s like the legit legit, the juice loop just quit. He just squirted on me a minute ago when he was getting there. Aggressive with this bumper. It gets weird around here. White level out of the gun lube. Juice out of kids. Cover your ears, ear muffs, please. But not to make fun, but until they didn’t make fun. It’s just, you know, people care about their stuff. And so even if you don’t drive a supercar, you don’t get the Lambo or the Mercedes, you Lambros can come get a clear bra on your Honda Crv. Okay. It’s maybe not what I would do something what I would do. I haven’t done it for my Lexus, but I mean the front bumper, that looks good. I mean, Llumar come on that 13 years of clear protection and you’re still good.

It’s amazing. I think I did good. So hang out here a little bit longer and then going to hop outside because there’s a pretty sweet Aston Martin who I happened to know the owner of and we’ll be back. Okay, we’re back. I missed something. Here’s the deal. Was your stashing needles Myron whole stash. Yeah, I want to see it. I just sitting here. Okay. There’s a razor blade and a needle. Now this is not, this is the needle. This is like a surgical needle. Show me that. Show me the supply Myron. Now when you own uh, uh, uh, exotic car modification shop I should say, and you Lambros go to Walgreens and buy a bunch of needles in a bunch of blades, they probably are asking what in the heck is going on here? Those are needles. So the question of the day is, and I will give anyone who answers this properly now I will give you a hint.

They do a lot of clear brow, a lot of protective film, expel that kind of thing here. Okay. I know guys tried to pay attention to me but I don’t know that’s a sweet ass Honda CRV in the background. But focus, if you can guess what they would use a needle for like and have a reason to have a supply of them. Have a reason to go buy a giant box of them from Walgreens. This is the new hat. Okay. It’s a new hat. I will ship you for free. One of these hats if you Lambros can guess in the comments what in the world they would use a needle for at a car modification shop. And while you’re thinking about that, checkout this Tesla because this thing is super dirty and I think they brought it in. Oh my God. And there were saying it didn’t rain today.

Is that the deal? I wasn’t here forever. Those people with the Tesla’s, you’ve got to watch them. They don’t clean their cars. It’s crazy. Dan is going to get some more of that like clear film Tj’s and throw it all over that. Oh that Tesla and we’re going to clean it up. But Oh my God. So comment. If you think you know what the needles are used for also while you Lambros look at my bald tires. So think about this. I have bald tires, Myron over there buy syringes for his shop. Okay. We made it outside to the Aston Martin. Myron is going to pull it over here so we can get it in the light. And then I, we’ll get a, I’m going to do a quick review of that and then, uh, let me get inside where the light actually is. So, um, so we’re going to open up the garage door over here so that we can see it.

And then something else that’ll be exciting is, uh, I think we’re going to do a delivery video, the Honda Crv, and maybe try to try to get Myron to see if we can, a thing just keeps going. See if we can get them to do a, uh, a reb off with the CRV versus the Lambo. But here’s the Aston seal. The doors go up. They don’t, they don’t really go up and they go up, they call this the Aston Martin Rupp. He’d now interesting things. If I may have the key the door, it’s a little slant up. This is the hatchback, which is Kinda neat. But uh, interesting thing is these seats actually lay down and pull these little levers here. Oh, hit that button.

Maybe the car has to be home. Oh No. There it goes. So these things come down because this is a whole hatchback area where you can like store stuff. So it was pretty pretty, Oh, both of them come down. But here’s the interesting thing. If you don’t know about an Aston Martin, okay, this is your gear shifter. C Park, reverse neutral drive. Okay. This is the key, the key goes into this hole. So fun on the brake all the way down and it starts up pretty different. I don’t know a car that does that, you know, I mean, do you know what car you like? You literally look, the key has disappeared into that, into the dash. If it’ll focus here. That’s the key. It’s in the dash and now when you Lambros get out of the car, also the speakers come up when you get out of the car and then you take the key out with you.

So one really disappears down in there. So Aston’s pretty cool. And also this is a beach 12th. But the thing that’s weird, I’ll just tell you now, this car is getting sold tomorrow. Uh, this is a good friend of mine that owns this. And, uh, the thing that’s interesting about it is the door handles. I think these things are really, really awkward to grab a hold up and um, it’s just, okay, we’re back in the Aston Martin. One more time. I’m gonna move this fucking get my car out. But I’ve just started it back up to, I don’t want to say it’s not a sweet car, but this is, I haven’t gotten one of these two. Now I know what you’re thinking. Maybe this is inappropriate, but I don’t know. What do you Lambros think? It says the size matter fault. Does size matter?

This is standard issue. He had an Aston market. It goes in the passenger seat that’s not there of equal or lesser value or equal or greater value has to be there, so stay tuned for Honda Crv delivery. Okay. That’s the end of the day folks. We’re going to miss the Honda CRV delivery because, well, we don’t know this guy and I don’t know how open he is going to be to a, you know, maybe I’ll be back with a crazy rev off, but in the meantime Myrons going to buy a a sprinter van. I’m going to, I’m going to help them with that somehow by standing here while he pays his deposit and we’re going to go get pizza from Domino’s because Eddie Hall, you’re the man pizza time. Thanks for watching. Make sure you Lambros subscribe. Like, turn on notifications, all that fun stuff and we will get back, see you next video later.