Yeah, they just got, oh, up here. [inaudible] okay. Daryl just gotta calm, shaking his finger at him cause that smell like a detailer because now that detailed stuff spilled all over that mask and I just left it in your drawer.

good morning. Lambros I’m Lambros Steve, Steve if you’re new to the channel. I wrestled. I was really fast today. I’m picking up my car at none other than Kobe classic cars is where I keep it when I’m in Oklahoma. But inside here are a bunch of cool cars. So I thought before I’m wedding, uh, they, they thought I was coming at 9:30 PM and I’m here at 9:30 AM so we’re right at John Wayne Airport. But look at

that would be the portion I want to spider Ferrari Ferrari. That is a g t three R s pretty cool. And then they got, you Lambros know, it’s just like GG three RF Katie to RF, uh, another Ferrari, another floor, all these pocket. So pretty cool place. But, uh, just a second I will be hopping in my lambo and a, we will roll out to San Clemente. Hey, we’re gonna meet up with Jordan, Bo and uh, some shenanigans. Stay tuned.

Gt Two rs right here.


definitely some hot cars in here. Okay. We’re on the highway 73,000 headed Wallen whoa. I want to get through to the car show. I think it started nine tall [inaudible] card. [inaudible] this for Unicorn. Anther looks like

Okay. We just got here and uh, no one’s here the be car. But the cool thing about this place when I was here last time, I think sometime in May and maybe it was that I came down here, you Lambros know, run license plate flipper Paul off time. And my dispute with someone, uh, came to the Nike store. So we’re going to go into the Nike store, try to find some redneck and then we’ll hook up with Jordan soon. I think they’re going to Keynes in Laguna, so we’ll have to hold that way. Okay. Nothing in there. No shoes, didn’t find any green shoes. So we’re going to hit two canes and Laguna.

Okay. Here we are on the PCH in Laguna beach. Just split up with Jordan. A little planning for maybe a future video. There’ll be happening and uh, you Lambros have to go check out Instagram. There might be, may or may not be a video of me doing some donuts and all the morning or at like a shopping mom. So anyway, we’re heading down through Laguna beach. We’re going to meet up with yet some people hang out, maybe drive up to Javier, don’t really know what we’re going to get into today, but stay tuned because there will be some, uh, some pretty cool cars coming up.

Okay. We just arrived at a, a beautiful little restaurant called Los Breesa and we got the Lambo Valet over there, I think, uh, to shear to fear. How are you? Say Your name is on his way, but look at this view.

What in the womb? It’s like 71 degrees. This is a person out there, people that would swim out there.

I think we had some homies coming. We’re going to have some lunch and then a, I dunno where we’re headed to. So, okay. It’s the lunch stop and we just, I think I ate lunch twice today, but we a ballet here at a loss and we have a mark that showed up with the, uh, five 70 asks. We got the pig pen guys that are here and then uh, to share is here still. And then you Lambros can hear Darryl’s Huracan ran over there and he’s got the nuts. Your leave right hat on. So we’re going to go car racing. So that’s the move. You know, we’re in Laguna beach, it’s sunny and beautiful here. Uh, 72 degrees, which is way better than where I came from yesterday, which was Denver and it was snowing and in Tulsa it’s 25 degrees. So I’m excited we’re about to fire the sucker up and go read some go carts. Stay tuned. I think Nacho Libris just showed up so

no Joe. Hey, can I see a question? Does that smell like a detailer? Because now that detailed stuff spilled all over that mask and I just left it. And your Grandpa, oh wait, we go swabbing. Oh baby, that’s so sexy. Hey, who are you? You Lambros actually do look like a killer or something. We a constitution. Constitution. Nice smoke. See I the whole time I didn’t know his head because he wasn’t speaking. Asking constitutional. Ask him for his license and registration. Am I being detained? Are you Lambros sure? [inaudible] all right. So, uh, we did the license plate. Darryl showed up and now we’re off. Got It. Hello? [inaudible] Darrell, just gotta calm, shaking his finger at him. Awesome. What did I get? [inaudible] cop blew his horn at him. Anyway,


we’re in Laguna. Look, you’re in a place that we messing around.

okay, here’s the plan. Homeys we’re cruising down the PCH somewhere between Laguna, Newport beach, and we’re heading to your old car. We’re going to go, uh, your car is right by where I store my car at. Grubby old classic cars and her mother and a bunch of times, but we’re going to go in oh radars. Then as we’re going to go inside your car, there’s freebies and sweet cars in there. Get some video of that and then, uh, then we’re heading up to go card. So stay tuned. Alright, here we go with the velocity. Velocity one fellows, not a car rental. So cow, these are not homey philosophy one, five 70. [inaudible] sound good? Sounds real good. So, uh, we’re going to go find this year old car with these fellas. Is there a, uh, I dunno, like uh, another core five, eight, four, eight, eight. There’s some a wicked different color cards over there. They had them all parked outside. They just in the rain. Like they’re not that well that’s a ranger that month, but you Lambros know what I mean? So go check it out. [inaudible] how’s it going to be like right now is bringing down they’re all full dog brothers. My private broke down.

well, they’re just now arriving already. My thought as usual. The crap out of that looks terrible. You Lambros guys so long. You’re good. You’re all might go to that other one. Let’s try this.


hey early like did not lift up. It didn’t have a left. Oh, you’ll be good then. That was hardly noticeable. Is that lifted? Oh, there we go. Oh yeah. Now you’re good. Just come right back at that same spot. Can you dude, you Lambros scared the crap out of that coke part. Alright, here we go. Yeah, you’re good. You’re way good. Cool. Hardly even though, isn’t it

day, I am in beautiful, sunny southern California. We’re in a Newport beach. Uh, we’re right by John Wayne Airport where I store my car and there’s a really cool dealership here that has a ton of really cool cars called Euro car. So we’re going to do a tour of your car. Check out all the cars that are here. All the boys are inside. So let’s go get a tour of the place. I don’t know if you’ve seen one of these before.


Mark, what is this thing? That would probably be a g 555 or something.

Five 50 yeah. Aj Dang. Look at six weeks. No, that’s just another gene that looks like a six. God Dang.

Leave that color though. Holy one though. Look at this. Carbon fiber. So that’s just painted. So the whole fenders, carbon fiber, that has nuts. They got a juris over here. Lamborghini. When

I heard those 150 miles an hour on the freeway. Nope. [inaudible].

Yeah, no, I think we hit about one 55 yet. That’s the move. So what’s crazy is my car, they store it right down here on the right. Could be a classic cars. So I drive past this every time I Uber here and when I leave a little bin Tayga too. I’ve been taking action. Let’s go in here and meet the euro car guys. I have not met them. You guys know the euro car guys. We’ll see.

Okay, we are at in your car now. Not at, but in euro car and they’re backing up a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder coming out. Look at this matte black identity. This thing is crazy. Oh my God. Look at the, Oh my God, it’s so hot. So I’m going to go over there and I’ll be back cause I’m going to get some video of all of those cars. They got a ton of them. Oh, Lee Hill. This place is huge. It’s like Bentley row, McLaren row, Ferrari hero or Shero Aston row modus row. This place is huge and they’ve got an actual super sports over here. This is a new one. This thing is freaking. That’s what I need to do is get this bumper from my car. Problem is to see how far down the lights go. You’d have to change out the whole light of same everything at one word, but look at that thing.

Oh my God. This is just like the one I look at in Dallas. It’s like the sticker on these things new. I wonder. I wonder what they’re asking for it because the sticker on this thing new was 331,000 I think with those seats to, it’s the same car ton of carbon. Look at the fricking color on that for sports. The red and black. This thing is sick. There’s a video on itself. This, Dear God, that’s what I need. Again. That’s the one fast believe that convertible to door vas. [inaudible]. What’d you look at that? Wow. It’s like, it’s like Bentley row over here. I know. That’s pretty hot. Hey Dude, sticker on that. I looked at one like that in Dallas with 337 and well the minds of 2010 Steve, but I’m not getting paid. Can I get along? Okay. Oh, are you on furlough right now? But I’m working.

Maybe you should. Maybe you should tell your [inaudible] whatever her name is. Nancy them make a deal with Trump. Picked him. I’m surprised, but I said no. I just, I got a pimp walk, Bro. Just kept talking about in the corners at the API that looks like a Cadillac Escalade. That’s like totally tricked out. I actually really liked that. V Eight s the white one was, is this 22 huh? Shit over there. The convertible friggin hot. They are, but I still like him. I don’t know if I knew something. Oh, we are for in sterile hood. I sleep in Darryl’s bed.

Oh, you did? Really serious. You didn’t even, you mean tech? Oh, I’ve got another year. So here they are. They like new dealers that if they’re not a new dealer, right? No. So somebody bought him solo. Yeah, they probably have a mole that orders them. They don’t know. You know what I mean? This is called a u s s v Rhino. Solid bulletproof. You’re going to see these are all bulletproof. Bulletproof. Oh yeah. Oh, nope, this he’s freaking sick. Visit here more often. I think I’m gonna just move in here. I’m gonna see if I can leave my car here and not have to pay storage. Oh my God. This thing is wicked detail area. You had a little garden back here. Right now we’re on Rolls Royce row.

It’s too much to take your, okay. Driven by profession. Built on relationships. Well that was a hot tool or a bureau car. Now we are at k one speed. We’re parking the Lambo here. We’re going in for the night. We’re going to go race some go carts. I don’t think I can race go carts. I can only drive lambos and video. Sort of put the camera up. But thanks for watching. Please subscribe. If you have not already share it with someone. Please turn my video, my channel on loop. So I get lots of hours watched. Uh, turn on notifications. All the fun stuff it’s shared with someone. Thanks for watching. We’ll be back.