Arose and Steve do you Lambros need of the channel? I’m Lambert, Steve. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. We’re hauling in the back. We got the Zr one, we got the four eight, eight, seven 20 ass little bit here and I’m just going to eighties for lungĀ  and a scenario. No, I just got the camera on one system time for us to get on the highway. Man. This crew, it’s tough to keep up with them. Talking about pushing the limits of what your Carl do is fine, but I got a surprise for everybody today because I have made some significant changes to the Huracan which I want to show you. Oh [inaudible]. I will show you in a few seven 20 was like I ain’t having none of this took off. When we get to eighties I’ll show you what I did to the outside of the car time. I’m going to try not to get pulled over were crash, so we’re going to shut this thing down. Maybe not. I think the fun is just beginning. I mean nothing wrong with following up wearing polo. Woo.

Did Andy’s? Yeah, we believe we have. Be Quite the lineup. We have the MP four 12 c?

No, the Ford eight spider. My Huracan. And if you Lambros notice some things are different,

maybe you can call, maybe you Lambros can comment and the wheel.

What do you Lambros like about it or what’s different? And then obviously the Guyardo Robert’s garden. I’d Advil. Yeah, he a yellow Guyardo Jeremy brought his Camaro. Here’s the Zr one, there’s Freddy’s car, the new gt three. And then we also have a pretty bad to the bone on. Great. See you guys see this be 12 by turbo and Mercedes that thanks for our class and all our cars does like a camera or something. Yeah. Cambridge

camera’s opening up on the front. So, uh, anyway. Yeah, the car is changed. It’s all different. Tell me what you Lambros think. Make a comment. Drop a like, and what do you think about that? High speed run on the way here. There’s to come. So stick around.

we’re getting on the BA in this time. [inaudible] oh, that’s him. I don’t have, you Lambros can see this, see amount of the one picking it up or not coming up behind me. I’ll get up. I’ll get over it. Let them give us a [inaudible]. Yeah, I think we pretty much the moment or whatever, but I think we’d love some people in the dust. Oh, come on. Window roll out. Oh my God. Anyway. Woo. Raj Crazy in that corvette. Well we left the four, eight, eight and the seven 20 and uh, we’re rolling down to midtown. Maybe go get something to drink. So, um, yeah, this corvette Zr one is a beautiful car though. Pretty high. Oh, by the way, did you check this out? This finally came in. This made looks pretty hot on it, so we’ll be back when all the cars roll in here in a few later.

Okay. And uh, let’s see if it goes wrong. Wrong. Rod was blocking me where I can get in there. Here he comes rolling in.

Okay. Wow.

Hey Buddy

took you Lambros so long. Oh, he just got here. Let’s see where everybody parks later. Blam rose. That is the end of the evening. Dropped em off, headed out south. I’m actually out at my phone

friend Austin’s Katie asked them boutique and Bixby but I wanted to give you a quick shot of the car and an open space so you can see what we did. Obviously I took all the stickers off. I took the gold wheels and a switch to the black to the back to the black original Lamborghini wheels. As you can see, I love that Lamborghini engine or engine emblem right in the middle there and you know, I think all in all looks pretty good. I’m going to stick it over here in the light a little bit so you Lambros can see I think the uh, black on black really makes the dark windows pop, the carbon pops. You can kind of notice that, but no stickers, no stickers, no stickers. Let me know what you think. I have plans obviously for

changes, a new rep coming possibly. I’m definitely gonna do a, a pretty amazing new powder coat on the warsteiner wheels. I would love your suggestion on what you think. You look great, what color you want to see on the Huracan acts that if you have any ideas for a rap, you Lambros know, or a color change or anything, please make a comment and let me know what you think I should do. But in the meantime, I would appreciate it if you’d like this video, drop a comment, subscribe, share it with someone. Lambros is growing by leaps and bounds. We jumped 13,000 subscribers just in the last 30 or 40 days, so super pumped about that. I appreciate everyone’s support and we’ll see you in the next video. [inaudible].