What is up? What is up? What is up? Lambros it is Steve currington.com if you’re new to the channel, I’m Lambros Steve. I realize it is almost midnight on Saturday night and well, a couple things. One Lambros hats. You are the first one. Miscellaneous Marcus and I got new hats. So the new merge up and these are the, you know, sits in the cursive of the Lamborghini. Which of these is pretty cool? Lambros hats. So you’ve picked those up for 25 bucks. Um, but something a little bit sad happened today and I’m going to try to show you, um, I don’t know if I have, I have the pictures of this on this phone, so I don’t know if I can see it, but the uh, I’ll show you Lambros the error code that I’m getting. Um, it’s really pretty sad. I was driving my car. I was, uh, not really doing anything crazy.

I stopped to get something to drink and a gas station. A couple of people that I know, we’re checking it out to let a guy sitting at a pulled out turned left on memorial. And, uh, it just started going put up, up, up, up, up, up, up and airing. I have no idea what it is. And then this system engine system malfunction happened. So I don’t know what it is. Maybe if you Lambros know what it is, you can comment below and let me know. But, um, uh, I wrote down the exact error code that I was getting. Lamborghini Huracan engine can crawl system malfunction. Hey Ashley. Yeah, she’s, she wants to get in the shower.

My sister in law just got here, say hi actually just back from Elton John. She got her point. Oh, she’s from Cali Slash Louisiana now. So if you Lambros know, or you might know, you might want to comment, you might want to do something, but uh, I will try to go live tomorrow when we get back to the car. Luckily it was in Bixby near my friend, uh, Austin’s shop. He’s the one that, the joke my dad’s comes from, so it’s actually on his dad’s shop, so I’m kind of making light of it and laughing, but I’m really, really sad. So, uh, hopefully it’s not broken. Hope it’s not anything major. I might just get an oil change and got new spark plugs. So maybe just, uh, uh, maybe just a wire came loose or something. Uh, I don’t know anything about cars or engines, so, um, I just hope that it’s not a broken 39,000, 156 miles.

I’ve had zero issues with my Lamborghini. Huracan none at all, nothing, no problems. Uh, nothing. Um, fuel’s good. The abs warning came up to, um, and then I found a thing on her contact that said something about it, but I don’t know, maybe share this video with somebody. Uh, maybe it’ll get some attention. I’ve got a tow truck ready Monday taking it delivery Dallas. So we’ll see what happens. And maybe tomorrow in the morning we’ll get, um, someone of that or look at it. So I’ll keep you Lambros guys posted. So tonight, just say a little prayer for the Huracan and better news. I will, um, after this post, I guess I can put a link in the description or something. Um, you can just message me on Instagram. Lambros Steve, if you would like a Lambros. Had like a hundred of them now, so appreciate you later.

Hello. Hello. I’m live. It’s secret, your.com. I got to white glove. Okay. I got here to film. I was going to film the things that they’re doing to this car. They’ll Ambrose and uh, kind of left my camera. So we’re going to live stream from my iPhone and I hope that the quality is good. I am on Wifi and I will chill ax because it’s 28 seconds in. I don’t know who I was going to get on here, but hopefully someone will get on here. And then when someone gets on here, I will start talking about modifications that are happening to the several cars that are in the shop. We got a, we got a live viewer. We have a live viewer that just joined. If you’re there, if you’re there, live viewer, say something. If you are not a robot, make a comment. Oh it’s, it’s gray bishop.

What up gray. What’s up bro? That’s, that’s my homeboy from coarser rally with the um, Rolls Royce bulletproof bulletproof Rolls Royce freaking sick, that car and fast. So I’m here at white glove auto. Now they are finishing up, you noticed the bumper is missing on this gt three Rs. That’s cause it’s over there by Dan and they are doing the expel film on it. So it’s like that. See this, it’s like the Matte, the matte green and they’re doing the passport radar detection system that’s integrated into it. So it’s pretty hot. And then my daughter, my daughter has a Lexus es 300 and a, we just got this a couple months ago, but we wanted to personalize it like we did our last car. And so we did some personalization. So I just want to flip the camera around here so you can kind of see what we’re up to. So you know, pretty plain white Lexus I to 50.

But Myron and his team did a black carbon fiber stripe with a red accent stripe that goes all over at the hood, all over the roof. And they’re almost done with this. Dan has actually done this twice, right Dan? Cause uh, he got up giant red stripe on it and we were like, maybe, maybe we don’t like that. And then he did the carbon fiber. So it’s, I think looking pretty hot. And then another kind of funny story is a open them as trunk. And there’s this big box in the trunk. I’m like fig, what’s this big box in your trunk? And she says, I don’t know that’s been in there since I bought the car. Dad was in there. So here’s what we found out. Her car came with the, uh, kind of like the weather tech rubber mats. So we’ve hit the rubber mats and since it’s winter time, pretty cool.

But tell me what you think about the carbon fiber with the red stripe. And then Myron, we’ll be in here a minute and want to talk about blacking out those mirrors. And you tell me, should we black out there? There he is. It’s Myron. It’s got a suit on today. Look at you. It’s all dressed up. I’m live because I left my camera so I thought I’d go live. That’s looking good. Um, Emma walked in and said, weren’t they going to block out the mirrors? And I said, Emma, when you dropped it off, did you go through everything that you wanted done? And she was like, oh, so it’s all good. Maybe we’ll leave it with you another day. Uh, Dan said he wanted to work like til midnight, so, and he hasn’t eaten. So I don’t want my to get a better reputation about, I’m pretty sure it isn’t like let us people take lunch because Dan said Dan been here since seven and he said he has to work till midnight and he doesn’t get lunch all they give him his whiskey.

So Hey, you want a nice job where he can drink whiskey? Come to white glove. Just kidding. But if you do need any graphics work done, any wrapping of any sort, you must check out Myron at white glove. And um, he, Dan’s waiting for you to be the master of Yanking that part. Ofso yeah, cause he was like, ah, I think I think, uh, Myron can do this. So let’s see. These are kind of interesting cause there’s a wire in there, Huh? Yeah. Sometimes I, I suck at it to you, but we’ll see what I can do here. Let’s see what happens here. This is like raw. So if he screws this up guys, you know there’s no chance to fix it cause we’re live.

Oh, oh we gotta we gotta go to the top now. Yeah, well we’re not, we’re not real happy about that. Dan has and just be just being honest with you Lambros here. I can tell my runs annoyance. He’s very upset right now. Just kidding. And by the way, Myron just happened to have like an exacto knife like in his pocket and just, he just like, he like reached in his pocket and had an exacto knife. Oh, there it goes. Look at that. Wow. That’s how you get those lines. So straight a wowzers. So what do you guys think that carbon fiber, I think it looks pretty hot. Think it was good. Yeah, she was really thrilled with it. She came in and got pictures and everything. So, but check out this gt three RS bumper. And I told you guys this before, but there’s a, uh, we showed you Lambros on this TB that there’s a, uh, um, Dash Cam that, that I’m going to get that you should get.

But if you need any expel film done, a Myron does a good job of that. Um, I think he’s probably doing that on all these cars that are in here. So what’s, I did this gt three rs on a previous video, but look at this thing. It’s like Matt Green all the way around and then you can tell this other fenders not done yet. So you Lambros can kind of see the, the difference there. You see that, that Matt Green, and that’s the shiny gloss. All they did was put stealth film on there. So that’s just the stealth. You can see it right? Barely right there on the edge. The important thing about this is that you can’t tell that it’s on there or they’re a really good job of every little detail and every little corner to make sure that it’s done. And then the carbon fiber hood is super hot. What are you doing to this thing that’s going to paint protection film on the paint protection film on the whole front end of the Maserati and the BMW framer coding, ceramic coating and window tint. Nice. We need some window tinted.

All right, so give me your thoughts in the comments about blacking out the mirrors and uh, maybe I’ll learn how to blackout mirrors. I did wrap the back of my phone, so maybe I’m qualified. So share this with someone. Uh, please, if you haven’t already subscribed to my channel, uh, turn on notifications. Share with someone. I need you Lambros looping. So put it on a loop or any of my hours. Watch so I can monetize so I can bring you more crazy content and then I can start making Myron give me stuff for free because that’s my whole ploy. Just kidding. What you do is you come to a really good shop and you pay full price. They take care of you and that’s what Myron does. So that’s my plug. Come to white glove auto later. Guys.