You want to go, let’s do it bro. Officer, when he can’t hear, you Lambros can’t hear me. Oh here comes a car, doesn’t see the cop because the car doesn’t see the cup. Oh he’s videoing me. And then he sees the gowns and Sydney locks a month.

What is up? What is up? [email protected] and I’m in my lambo. I’m a hundred miles into the new engine and we’re cruising down the highway and a headed to see Jimmy. We’re going to get a preview of the new, uh, giant garage build and throw my car in the garage. But as you Lambros can hear in the background, uh, we have the police on us. I just passed this guy cause he’s only going 65, so I got to play 70 to see what would happen immediately turned on his radar and radar. And then I let him pass me again. But now we’re both going, we’re both doing 73 miles per hour in a 65. So when I get a second here, I want to pull up next to him and just see if he wants to get up. And he wants to race. So what do you think? I’m, I just ask him. I’ve been wanting to do this like just, hey officer, do you want to race? Oh, a truck’s coming in behind us. Let’s ask him. Do you want to go? Let’s do it, bro. Officer, when he came here, you can’t hear me. Just trying to see if you’ll look over here. Look over here. I want a ratio. I want to race you gotta get you gotta get past this truck. Truck’s coming up behind us.

What do you guys think? Should I just take off? That’d be as long as it doesn’t give me for 10 over. If I go 10 over, you Lambros can go on my record, but it’s less than 10 over Kate 40 pays my tickets anyway and it won’t go on my record. So the question is, can I book it and then talk my way out of a ticket or talk my way up. Here we go. 55 I’m talking about way out of a ticket or talk my way into reducing it. Oh yeah, we just creeped into the lower range. See what he’s got going here. He’s not doing anything yet cause we’re both pal going 17 miles an hour ago. I’m now he speeding and I’m speeding and we’re going 17, 12, 13 miles over the speed. And because we’re in a construction zone, oh, here comes a car, doesn’t see the cop because the car doesn’t see the cup. Oh, he’s video on me. And then he sees the young lady locks of love. Yeah, there’s Bay. Get out there going there going like, Hey, no more than me. That’s the God. I don’t know what the heck he thought. Even gonna get him. Papa Sir.

you’re going to get me. Come on buddy. Go Get up. Oh Man. Okay. People, I’m back.

So enriching this, but uh, I’m a lambo. Steve, you’re watching labor and uh, I uh, you Lambros know, just happened to run a full on a competence. I was sitting there about to, got it. My, uh, I’m heading to Jimmy’s house. My check engine light has come on again. And this time it says the check coolant level, which I’ve seen before. So I thought a massive or major engine failure like before. So I had to reroute and I’m heading to one of the shops we work with, uh, here in Tulsa tie and put some cooler in my car. So, uh, then we will head to Jimmy South because we’re going to put this in the garage with his mercy logo and you’ll see the whole set up. The garage is just about done. But, uh, after I get coolant and after I made sure that I don’t have an engine problem, then I will be back later.

Okay. I’m not going to say that it was running hot necessarily, but we are going to put some coolant in it. And uh, it definitely that the, uh, I dunno here, I don’t know. I mean maybe my engines breaking again, you have to, you Lambros know, stick around and find out. Okay. My people were off. It turns out just needed a little bit of coolant. I would like to take the opportunity, oh, once again to, uh, give a huge shout out to, uh, Travis and everybody had Lamborghini Dallas, uh, and really Lamborghini as a whole, um, because they really take care of me. I was just talking to, uh, my, my homie that works on these things out here and uh, I was thinking like when they replaced the engine that they replaced like the engine, like the block, but no, no, no. They gave me a brand new and everything, like the entire engine, all the pieces up there are brand spanking new, which is pretty amazing.

Travis, shout out, you Lambros are awesome. Uh, made it so easy. It was very good at communicating with me through the process. My car was gone for right at 29, 30 days. Um, they’re amazing. Uh, still have a couple of hundred, another hundred or so miles before I, uh, um, really can get on it. But uh, until then we’re gonna head to James’ House and we’re going to check out the new garage. So you guys got to see what it looks like. All right. We’re back and we’re not at the garage yet because we just got a pro tip that a, there is a, a Lamborghini Guyardo a 2004 manual that is in Tulsa that somebody just bought in. It’s been over an Audi a for service. So I’ve been trying to find where it’s hat and I drove around. I just talked to Tim over there and uh, it looks like I’ve found their garage.

So we’re just going to poke back here. Let’s see. We can get some, uh, unauthorized video of this soap regard at Yardo manual because supposedly it’s been driven. It’s got like 60 something thousand miles on it. I’m on the wrong side here. So what did back when I find it. Okay, I made it. Look what I found. I’ve made it into the back of Audi’s hidden service area. Now directly below me is a nice little RTA. Love that gray. It’s freaking hot in it. We’ve seen this one before. We know who this is. He’s in our group. He’s a good dude. He’s getting a new front bumper.

Hold on apparently. And look at this guys, let me show you Lambros something. This is an o four Guyardo. This is a manual gated manual. And look at the engine. This is what the [inaudible] engine looks like.

So these are very like not made anymore. So what do you Lambros think? What’d you take the gated manual? Oh four Guyardo or would you take the r eight, which is pretty slick. It’s got the green calipers also has the VF engineering supercharged engine, uh, which is awesome with to say about 800 horsepower. So where do you guys think, but that is it. We thought, listen, this showed up on a group text to the thing, Bruce for sale and I believe the owner is uh, getting a pre purchase inspection done on it. So pretty sweet. I’ll do another quick run through real quick so you can see the whole car.

Here we go. Shoot. It says laser laser, laser, laser. We don’t get laser very much for, this guy’s got him a laser. Appreciate you bet. I know that guy.

So it’s 45. I’m clearly not speeding, but these hit me, that laser heart runner. Where the James House, a great little review of the regular has gone crazy. Great little review of the video. I think of the uh Oh port Guyardo there you got the police and everybody were right here. So, oh my God. Regular laser. So stay tuned. We’ll be at the garage. [inaudible] okay, people. We have arrived. We’re at the giant mansion of evil. Mercy Largo and I will turn around and just in a moment, let’s see, we’re going to roll. Funny to get to lift up. This is the first time. This is the maiden voyage. This is the first time I’m going to be driving down this driveway of the many, many, many times. Oh No, it’s actually pretty smooth. We’re going to go down, down, down like this all the way around. One of my tires right there and I reckon we need to like back this sucker up cause he’s going to go in the garage. I’ll go in the garage next to the mercy.

Okay, we’re back here on mercy is going to pull this sucker in and back it in right up next to the mercy. Look at that. Look at this baby and here we go. Fire it up. See if he knows how to start one of these here. Modern Lambros. Sorry. Helps with the keys. Yeah, he’ll tell the keys. All right. Whoa. There it is. I will direct him in. [inaudible] Russell [inaudible] but it’s a trend there. [inaudible] boy, the mercy’s looking good, Jimmy. Oh, that new envelope. Three big channel. This is the, uh, filing together last. This is the dream coming true. I just saw this. This is awesome.

Oh yeah. And we still have room for like, what’s nine supercars in here? And then we can, when it’s spring, we open these suckers out. When we pour our car drive to the pool, you can climb out of your seat of your car and into the pool. That’s going to be so hot. I’m so excited. I’m so excited. And it’s almost free. So evil Murthy, you’re Rogers. I know you’re still going to POCs and you get a box from the floor. It’ll be the part of the four will be hot though. Here’s the setup. Rough draft, rough draft, and then this big block. Everybody out door. Couple swords. One wanted some sword fighting. Guys want to do some sword fighting that green over here? Oh yeah, yeah. Little Green there. I dropped the ball over and they’ll go over to the other one is gonna be awesome. Nice big giant doors that God, this thing is massive bushes and shrubs and God will, we’ll get there. That’s a nice, it’s a nice little setup there.

Crystal becoming a with some landscaping soon hopefully, right? Oh yeah. Nice. Nice. Nice. Well that’s it. That’s it. We made it to evil mercy logos, epic garage with the guy. That rap is so, so hot. We met a lot of cops on the way here. We almost had an engine breakdown. Again. We had to add uh, some, uh, coolant to the car and now we’re here. I’m going to kill it for today. Well maybe get into some more shenanigans, but all video that later. Thanks for watching and definitely more shenanigans he says. So you have to keep watching for that. But in the meantime, please make sure if you haven’t already subscribe, drop a like turn on notifications, all that stuff. Because more fun is coming from Lambros see you in the next video. Oh, it’s Lambros dean

hearing all. Wow.