and then morning Lambros and Steve Curry did doc, welcome to the channel if you’re now on Lambros deep. And then today I’m in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a few of my Lambros and a what we’d call the DDE Tulsa. Uh, we’ve, we’ve followed daily driven exotic, all of us for years. So we call ourselves DD Tulsa, they statement, but behind me I’ve got a Freddy and his force. And then you guys have seen this, but you’re going to see more of it. It’s the beautiful blue Lamborghini Huracan. So as the roll up to the light here for some of the, I’m in the lead as usual, but um, we’ll let, we’ll let the bluebird card catch up here and then I’ll get some video of him rolling by. Hold on one second here. Hopefully they don’t just follow me. You Lambros get the window down. Here we go.

that perfect 10 license plate and that wig he put on it. So sick. So anyway, we’re going to go, um,

we’re going to breakfast, so we’re going to go meet up with Mikko and the SLR

Mclaren breakfast and I’ll be back. let’s get some more shots.  okay, we’re hauling down the highway. Oh, there goes

I think we got to land bows in or I should say lamb burrows. We got the Blue Huracan and the yellow sweet Guyardo, which has an awesome exhaust. So we are headed to downtown Tulsa. We’re going to do some, uh, picks and video with the, you Lambros know, the skyline and post it in the background. So first we’ve got to catch up with me. Go. Here we go. Okay. We’ve called them to traffic. So there’s the Mclaren. He’s looks good. It’s like crazy cause it’s a Mercedes Mclaren. Go figure.

Can you Lambros see him back there? We got all three. Oh yeah.

Okay. We have arrived in the downtown area. We are at Orbis Bank flush. The, that’s a fountain. I hope it didn’t go off on the cars, but we did find them a Claire and Mercedes SLR. Obviously you Lambros saw the fly by and uh, this is our crew today. We’re going to go right around the corner right up there and get some pics. So get ready. We’re about to knock the street off in downtown Tulsa.

Okay. We are at the Bok Center and we brought the Mclaren, the Lambo. Lamba Lambo. We got the colors of the rainbow almost. Let’s just get a quick shot of that and then I’m going to get some individual pictures of each car. Woo. All right. And here’s

sneaky little place in Tulsa called the center of the universe. We have arrived. That’s only about clay. What about Jeremy Lamb? Bro. Mikko shall CICO. CICO Mikko uh, that’s his dad’s Mclaren. We all know it, but we’re going to come to the center of the universe because you can like get in the center of the universe and yell and it’ll echo back at you. What is this big contraption? It’s like a giant, like what do you Lambros do?

That’s what you’re supposed to do. Look, there’s another one. Sure. It’s like early, early working, all that graffiti on that wall or is it supposed to be like that? I think when you’re in there you can’t hear anything else. Is that the deal here? No. Tag the voices and the voices nights start talking louder, but only you can hear it. Hello? That’s weird, isn’t it? Get in here with me. Mikko hold my hand. Yes it does. You Lambros just have to be docking partners. Oh my God. He goes, at least the cars are cool. Found out their day.

No swearing or you saying something? No. Okay. Can you Lambros hear it echoing? Because we see your mouth moving, but we can’t hear anything. Get the fuck out Theresa. I see your mouth moving. Let me get in there with you. Yeah. Okay. No center of the universe. Oh Hey. That’s in like surround sound. Hey, hold on real quick. Call me daddy and let’s see if they can hear that.

Oh Daddy. Oh it does work. See no one, no one should hear us. So they don’t know that he called me daddy just now. That’s amazing. And it’s going in the center of the universe for the first time.

Did you say something? We can’t hear you. Hello. Crazy thing is we can’t hear. You Lambros can’t hear nothing. I can see your mouth moving. Can you hear me? Yeah. Can you pocket? This is weird. His mouse movie. Okay. Come by hair.

We can actually hear them. We’re just screwing with them. We did this with Jeremy too. He still believes we can’t hear him. Okay. My, we’re finishing up at little center of the universe. We’re heading to evil mercy logos, giant house build. And maybe we’ll get to see the pet deer, but here we go. I’ll be leaving us out later. Okay. We’ve arrived to the tea, coffee, liberal limbo, limbo, Mclaren, and uh, go in here and see if we can awaken the giant. He doesn’t know we’re coming. We didn’t ask. Well, let’s see. We can meet the deer. Oh, there’s the deer.

How do you, hi baby. Hey ma’am. Hi ma’am. What’s up kid? Come here. Oh yeah. Fee. See? It’s okay. It’s okay. The deer. Okay. The deer’s a little camera shy. So she’s getting a little spooked. So wait for the rest of the homies. Come in and then we’ll go find. Merci Jim. Okay. We’ve made it to the t Casa. You can see construction as almost finished. Dogs are going crazy. They hear my voice, they go crazy. So we’re gonna end the vlog today. Thanks for watching. Make sure you subscribe. Turn on notifications, and if you liked the video, please like it. Also, please cream my, my videos, put them on loop because I need lots of watched hours in order to monetize with youtube. Appreciate everyone watching. We’ll see you in the next video.