What is up? What is up? Lambros Steve Currington. Dot. Come here for new the channel. I am Lambros Steven today is kind of a cool day. I’m getting ready to meet up with evil mercy logo. Um, this’ll be the first, um, week weekday event that we’ve done in a while and the first event in a while that the both of the land bows are together. So I’m getting ready to meet him or just leaving Jordan’s house. And, uh, today we get to meet Mario Andretti. I don’t know how much filming that I’m going to be able to do at the event, um, or specific films with Mario because he has some kind of a ad group that’s working with them and I don’t know if I’ll be able to interview him and I’m going to definitely try on in the meantime, just got my car detailed. So it’s looking hot flying by wonderful paragon industry.

He’s down here is Fomo, Fomo and uh, we’re gonna go have some fun. Uh, James was trapped on the highway with a cop following him, so he was going slow. Sorry, diverted him to meet up with me so that we could haul into, so first we’re going to go to lunch with a bunch of the homies were meeting at the brook and then um, once we leave there we’re going by tape boys, which is a, um, Oklahoma grown company that’s very, has a lot of success. They do tired, we’ll alignments and car stuff. So we’re going to go buy their new location, meet Mario Andretti. I’m sure I’ll get lots of video of a lot of the different cars that we have. But most importantly, I know that we’ve got the Green Lambo, Huracan and evil mercy of logos to the Lamb Bros are together today. And I’ll be back in a minute when I Find James see him. Oh, we found evil mercy logo. I’m not seeing this car like out in the wide open quite yet. This will be the first time. It looks like he’s doing some work.

Follow me. Try to keep up. We’ll see. Okay. We’re on the road and I was letting, I know James was on the phone, said he was booking a flight or something. So I was just kind of cruising along and then can I get the camera out? Tavi frigging took off. So I’m going to try to film in corner at 30 miles an hour. When we get on this road, it’s gonna. It’s gonna take a hot minute for me to catch him if he takes off. So we are, God, that thing is so loud too. All right. I hear him. It’s taken off like an airplane taking off catch up. Oh goody. Slow down to wait for me.

oh, it’s Fleming is tech is all blacked out. He’s stuck. A goes to¬† that down is violent. Cool. Oh yeah. [inaudible] so beautiful. [inaudible]

you Lambros use it at the mercy along relax. So good.

Well we are trapped in traveling is come on over.

I like to point out that I did say James Follow me trying to keep up. He actually probably has no idea where we’re going, but he’s in front and I definitely have radar and he definitely does it, which makes for a lot of police interaction. So we’ll see if, uh, this is a favorite spot for the high patrol, so see if they can, uh, see if we can make it past without any tickets. Stick around. Let’s see what happens.

One last days.

no flame today. Must be too chilly out, Walt. Needless to say, we have made it too cold, too cold. We’ve made it to lunch spot. Eddie is here. Uh, Austin brought his dad’s truck. We’ve got Jeremy [inaudible]. Jeremy, there’s training, there’s Paul with the Mclaren and Ryan’s here did not bring his GTR obviously because it’s a Nissan. So what’s the point? Oh, oh shit. Now, just kidding Ryan. Not really. Not really. Just kidding. You know who got a GTR? Jordan silver one. He’s always wondered what he says. So we’ll see. But we’ll go in here and have lunch. Uh, we’re late, but it’s okay. We’re going to eat and then on does meet Mario Andretti. Here we are. We made it. And here’s my new bag that’s going in the Lambo. Where do you think land, Bro? Clay smartly. Louis bag. Love rich people. Anyway, the Lord of the key with my Louis Bag, it’s my dad’s. I’m Ross. We’ve made it to take boys quite an event here. This place is huge. And uh, you’ve got a big blow up thing and then all the homies arrived except for Lambo Down Jeremy’s car. Something happened to it. I Dunno. Battery’s dead or something. So Austin’s jumping in. Here comes a Jordan. Okay. So the seven 20 has arrived, the new GTR, the GTR, GC it. He’s just got that bug. It’s a grand Turismo race or Freddy mess around. We’ll be back. Hopefully Mario will be there soon.

okay, we’re back. Jimmy’s about the tech

I said I was real nice. I think that BMW is trying to give them some action. That was awesome. Okay, now we’re trapped on the other side of the road. We’re going to make our way back over. We’ll be back. What’s up? We are still at Tate Boyce and Mario Andretti just arrived. I thought I’d get some

video of Mario. He’s kind of short here to meet him. Everything worked out okay. That Mario? Yeah. Can I shake your hand sir? Yes, sir. Pleasure to meet you. Thanks for being out here with Mario. He tried it. They didn’t even get a handshake. Yeah, he’s a tiny little guy. I spotted him. I spotted him from over there and I was like, oh yeah, we gotta get get Mario. All right. Maybe get an interview with Mario in a minute. We’ll be back. [inaudible] right there. [inaudible] not down. Lambo. Not down. He’s going to drive that thing home.

He’s got a lost power with, against the starter. They got out. So maybe he’ll give it [inaudible] Jackson. Okay guys, that’s Craig tape back there and Mario Andretti getting a little tour so they get the news out here, checking out the cars and a channel six. And then I thought it was interesting how the race car drivers, man, they’re, they’re tiny and he’s like a tiny guy. But this guy is like an icon. He was on a, I think it was on, did they say he was on the tonight show the other night? And so now he’s in Tulsa, Oklahoma, believe it drop. So, uh, I’ll try to get a couple of words on camera with Mario will keep you posted. Hey, Jordan and I are taking the show. [inaudible] Mario back there. Just sit here staring at them because we love them. you Lambros write this one?

yeah. [inaudible] we’ll get maybe one more and that we need to go ahead and work. [inaudible] okay. That’s the photo op right there buddy. And we got this signed [inaudible] crossed the finish line first as a brick yard there. Um, as you Lambros reflect back on that now, first of all, did you Lambros feel like you’re talking to the eight nuts? For me, this is a buzz has been going on for a little while. When the spirit was telling me that they were okay, we’re going to celebrate together. I said, oh my goodness. Yeah, so flattery, we’re doing that. But uh, it was very specially as you can imagine that for many, many reasons. As I said it many times, just not for myself, but you know, for the grant of townies with tipping and try and for so long, you know, coming out with all the ad creation, did everything and fine.

You know, we did it for them and myself and, and how did I know it as maybe that would be the only one, even though they dominated since. And uh, you know, even my son Michael did this, but uh, we led more labs to now by one of the part time when or someone they knew we were there. That was exciting for you. I know you’re not here. Uh, but surely you know who Mario Andretti is and you can be, uh, thrilled about the fact that he was at the tape boys grand opening. They’ve been here for a couple of months, but this is our official grand opening. So, uh, all the guys are starting to roll out. Mario’s in there signing autographs. I think that’s a pretty epic thing. I got a, as I showed you Lambros on the video, I got that little shell thing signed. Jordan got his sign.

So hey, we got an autograph, Mario Andretti Cup out of the deal. I think Eddie’s going to get him to sign his hood on the inside. Maybe Freddy’s rolling out. We’re having fun. Thanks for watching. I’m going to, I’m putting an extended interview of Mario Andretti just to memorialize it. And then if you Lambros need tires, this is the place. K, this is the place. Take boys also for you. Atlanta guys. Uh, Craig tape that owns this, this based out of Oklahoma just took over 50 something stores in the Atlantic area. Thank you. Eddie. Eddie set up guy. So if you’re out in Atlanta and you go to any of the tires plus brands, this is our guy. He said, give him a couple months to, uh, get the stores up and running. But uh, you could buy tires from them out there and uh, they definitely have tires for every kind of car, including exotic. So I’m going to be excited to see what they can put on my car. So stay tuned. Thanks for watching. Make sure you drop a like, subscribe and turn on notifications. We’ll see you in the next video.