I’m with the infamous you Lambros Murphy logo. Oh, oh, oh.

Let me just make sure I’m zoomed out there. We’re Portland for the car enthusiast. We are, we’re approaching the new tunnels that are at that essentially go underneath the gathering place. So now we have huddles and Tulsa. I know really you Lambros have to go like Dallas or something or maybe even California. You get through a tunnel and I thought I’d do a quick read through of this tunnel just to see. This will be the maiden voyage of going through the tunnel.

I think when we get our supercar buddies together and we get the mercy of logo, all the other labs rose together. That’s going to be a fun little rod to go down. I can’t wait, I’m back. I’m back. I’ve changed. It’s the evening. I just hit those tunnels bad. If they’re just a little longer and a little darker and a little deeper under the ground, they’d be amazing. But they’re, they’re good. So here’s the deal. A HBA, the home builders association is doing a Chili Cook off car show. So heading to meet the homeboys. Now the evil mercy is not completed, so we’ll not be there. But we do have the gt three Rs. Uh, the other white Porsche gt three. We have a, uh, Chris Marriott’s spring in his, uh, orange r eight. There’s the Orange Mclaren, maybe a McLaren six 50. Yes. Obviously the Lamborghini, I don’t know if there’ll be any other Lambros there. Maybe Jeremy. I don’t know whether in the meantime I got to race down here mildly slow cars. 51 miles per hour with Dave and poppin so I can go get my car washed guys. Thing is rusty had sent out in a construction zone with like brand new cement dust flying all over it all day long. So fast forward in a minute. Maybe I’ll be at the carwash or worth Hba. We’ll see what kind of cars we got there. They are all audio jungle

audio jungle

I can tell her 50. Yo, Yo, Yo, he just closed the Mclaren. Yeah, the Mercedes Mclaren doors book we’re at. We have now arrived. We have arrived Meeko Meeko kind of a big deal. Uh, we’re at the HBP at the HBA car show and, uh, we actually have a pretty good turnout. Interesting car. I know, you Lambros know I love the Chevy, but look at this. This is actually called a Calloway, not like the golf club, although this guy is

a super big golfer and uh, that is, uh, that is a Nissan Sentra TTR. And then obviously we got the marker brought out the Alfa Romeo Mcquillan, no Chevy. There’s a lot of Chevys here, lot of Chevy. And now here we go. I don’t know, fun highlighted this in awhile or ever said. This is the 60th. Yes. Kennedy. I’m one of 50 fighter. It’s actually a hard time for off boom, boom, boom. And Hi. How are you? Good. Just give him some video. Oh, the car’s his and hers. Yeah, totally green. Greenies in the middle. She stopped me in the middle over there. I need to poke my nose out. I used to go where Ryan tells me he’s the president of USA or something.

Well, this one I might do. So these look very similar, but this one’s actually slower. I don’t know why, but I think the color adds five horsepower to one. Just gone off track times. This one’s definitely faster, slower, faster, slower, faster, slower, faster. No, no. They’re both Porsche’s, which means they’re both so, so of the slowness of the slowness. That one’s faster and fastest. [inaudible]

and then there’s the homeboys talking smack about cars back there.

Hello?  yeah. All right. So they just started up this, uh,

corvette. I think it’s pushing like maybe 380 horsepower, maybe 390 that’s what’s it at 390 horsepower dude. He read that for a second about blew my ear drum log or I know that’s what it is. Well, going back again, right? There you Lambros go. Oh, I know he’s driving. Okay guys, this just happened. We were standing here and I got a guy who didn’t speak no English. I think he was from

San Antonio or something. We’ll use Hispanic. She ran up and just smashed the windshield or let’s have a clearance. And then he ran off the little short guy. Chanel, are you Lambros upset about, are you upset? Actually it was [inaudible] here today. It’s hard to tell with this camera.

I’m with the infamous evil Murphy logo. Oh. Oh you Lambros got now you don’t blow. You Lambros blew it because you just didn’t. Greg, are you alive? Great. Gus and squat. Ah, break does a squat. What do you get? Scared. He drops down about four feet, so everybody says who owns the evil mercy logo. I’m like, he ain’t on social people, but this is this freaking giant truck or his dad’s or something. That’s what I was praying. I was trying to pull the caffeine and gasoline in the other day getting anything didn’t work, so all right dude,

hold off.


Mclaren leaving may slow McLaren leaving you. Phil Everly. Okay.

either ups or something.

Okay. We are almost to the gathering place. We’re at 41st can’t get somewhere down here around 31st so I’ll flip it around here in a second. When I see the tunnels, we got the a McLaren six 50 s can am gt into trying to get some nice video of us run through the tunnel. I don’t know how well the sound will pick up on this but you’re watching this video. I did this earlier in my car so we’ll have to like do it with the Clarence in the tunnel with us. We’ll be maybe louder. Here we go.


Of the style like it’s going to suck on through the tunnel right now. Oh they want me stopped in the tunnel the way you Lambros just sit there and rabbit. Yeah. That actually might be to traffic in the tunnel. Awful. There’s there should be repeated

leaving this running till we hit this tunnel eliminates sport. That way it changes gears. We don’t have any over revs

this is what I was talking about like they are they doing on purpose or just let the grass grow. I don’t get it. It’s like native areas. Do you Lambros think like rodents will get in there? You were definitely going to have to like hold up traffic

we’re going to have to roll this right next to each other. You Lambros get a summary. Okay. Ready? Set, go.

that doesn’t attract your attention and the police will. Yeah. We might be a attracting the Popo Frankie radar went off. Just done. I bet you can hear that from miles. I’m going to go down here and like find a place to

right. Well, that’s all the total, but I get out of dodge in the bubble.