I paid $3 and 83 cents that can of spray paint. You’ll have to go paint. That’s why you Lambros have to be like 18 or 21 to get it. Dude. It was so crazy. I have video of that. I can’t even show you. I’ll be seeing Friday. I was like, I was like smoky out in the road and I thought the chicken I was, I was like a chicken. It was, it was fun. Boom, boom, boom. What has happened in my people? So I am at none other than white glove. Uh, brought the Lambo. The Not Ghetto Lambo anymore. Right. But we brought it because, oh, I have to show you on the other side. We have our stickers, but we’re now Lambros Steve on Instagram and on Youtube and Emma. It’s the only way we’re going to change up their gums. Meyer, we’re going to change up the stickers. Okay, so

maybe later in this video, because this is on a day, a few days before the rally, maybe, maybe there’ll be something here. Maybe here, maybe there. You know, we took all those stickers off of there, but Myron, here’s what we’re going to do. Ready Go.

We’re going to do gallbladders like we did on the Lexis. Let’s get a gold letter. You Lambros have a lot of gold. Got some goal because what you don’t even know is divorce. Warsteiner wheels are going gold. So I had to get new tires and it was that John shop getting tires and uh, I said keep powder coat these suckers gold. I’ve got a can of spray paint.

And he said, yeah. So he ordered tires and then spray painted it and not spray painted, but the powder coating it, you Lambros know, like he did with these, Myron did these, but we spread the love. We like Jay every once in a while with that. John, he didn’t mean a smoking deal on tainting this vendor, you Lambros know, that it was like he actually did to coming into broken because they paid for it. But I think we do some gold letters because of gold on that green oh pot and these wheels will be doing, I’ll show you. And then let’s for fun. And then obviously do, so anyway, let’s talk about this, cause I can, you know, if we did, did you see where those things were on the other side? If we did that again on each side we’re just going to gold and it was Lambros Steve, remember Steve

for Instagram because they’re the same and then do this and gold cause this print is come off anyway cause there’s certain come up just to do that in gold and then like make some that would go like right here that would fit and gold, you know, make some that would go like, I don’t know, do people put wrap on carbon fiber, you Lambros know what I mean? Like anywhere almost want to like measure some of these spots and just have you give me the sticker

and I’ll just be like, oh I’ll apply. It all looks so ghetto. But like even if we fit like, cause remember Damon on his head, the subscribe thing right there. Cause I think I want that. It’s a subscribe with a little button. Let’s stay on that. And then maybe like even down in here, um, on the glass maybe, I mean obviously across the part, the piece that broke off or we call the hub there, these are the ones you

for me before. So I still had them at thrive so I stuck that on in the one on how to do on the one on the wing. I like eyeballed that thing just one day it was early and I was like screw it and I balled it at too bad. And then on this side, do the Steve currington.com and gold

replace those with gold too. Yeah. Cause those are have to change. This is like there’ll be Lambo Lambros Steve, you Lambros know. And then the same thing with Instagram. We changed but and then like some white little cigarettes we can do it. Know when we get to the rat, the, I think I want to take all these off too so we can fit something there because those have been there forever. Uh, I dunno, I might leave the hex tuning, but Kryptonites got his, Hey Chris, love you. But you’ve gotten your tread on that. And everybody just asked me anyway, don’t tell him so, but do you think that gold, there’s gold wheels. I’ll have to show you a Daryl, my friend that’s in Huntington beach just got

gold warsteiner wheels and he texted her and was like, holy crap dude. I was on my way back with the spray paint can to give it to John. So He’d know. It’s so funny because, so I go to home depot

and I think, I don’t know if this is on video, but I go to home depot and I’m getting, I’m trying to pick out the color, right? So find the spray paint. It’s like metallic golden like, yeah. So I go back, I’m like spray paint the top of the box or the wheels in, you Lambros know, cause that five wheels, I’ve to bent wheels now. So he’s like, all right, he takes the lid off and throws up the box and I’m like, he is.

Yeah, all you need is that lid. I’m like, I paid $3 and 83 cents that can of spray paint. So you know what we did? We huffed. It does. That’s what she did is you have gold paint. That’s why you have to be like 18 or 21 to get it. Dude. It was so crazy. I have video that I can show you. I’ll be seeing Friday. I was like, I was like smoky out in the road and I thought the chicken I was, I was like the chicken. It was, it was fun. So we’ll get, um, well obviously we’ll fast forward from here to what it looks like. Yeah, it’ll probably be a different day. Who Cares? Last night I told you the next day, white glove is getting all the gold sticker literally about to pull in

a shop that’s doing the wheels and the wheels are done. They just came in. Um, they look awesome. Um, and I wanted to get a, I’m going to get some shots of the wheels not on the car and then, uh, I’m just going to handle weight on, so then we’ll get shots of the wheels on the car cause that’ll be the move. And so I’m super, super, super, super excited to show you guys what it’s gonna look like. So

stay tuned because some of the Cools Cup later pair, my favorite place, one of my favorite places, and a whip around here. Oh, you probably see him in the background. These are the wheels. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Well these are the border Steiner one oh three and we powder coated them. They were the kind of the, I don’t know what they call it, gun metal gray or

I like not quite black. And then they’re going on here, but they’re also the twenties twenties so brand new wheels and tires for the rally.

And then I’ll come back in a minute once we put them on. All right folks, lab action. The centers will go and see what it looks like with a black wheel in a gold wheel.

Damn. Just driving around, minding my own business. [inaudible] [inaudible] around with a few miles on these tires at all over the Greek terms like today. So next we’re going to staff the vice president, Kevin, that’ll be good for my car. [inaudible] [inaudible] going on there. There’s like, there’s like police cars. I don’t know. They’re like, why would the hours look like an animal control truck? Hypos are on both sides of the highway on both directions. Sorry, we’ll go to the baby center. I’ll get the car, I’ll get out of the car. We’re just a video of it. Get some still shots. Maybe get a good picture for the, uh, the top. Here we go. Here we go. There’s more cops. I know exactly what’s happening. They’re checking. That must be the path, the path that Mike Pence is coming in on the bed is apparently down one 69 under there because I take, what they’re doing is they’re checking all the bridges and overpasses to make sure that there’s nothing there. Like they’re making sure that there’s some, but you imagine like the amount of work that’s going into protecting the vice president. I mean, it’s, it’s crazy. I have to go, I’m going to go live on Facebook now. Okay. We’re live at the,

uh, Mike Pence, vice president coming to Tulsa thing, which is happening over here. But, uh, I thought it’d be cool to get the, uh, uh, to get the Lambo out. And this is like, I’m just going to go on this parking lot, but they have it all completely blocked off. But there it is with the BF one threes and the gold. I Dunno. What do you think? He looks good. It looks cool. Clothes rally ready. So, okay. We made it to midtown. We just finished showing a, a super fan. He was a little, maybe a little camera shy. I was a kid so, but I wanted to get it down here where we get some shots of it parked traffic down here on the lunch hour until some McCount it, let’s get a quick rundown on the car, the new wheels and put some music for this. And then we’re going all the way around. Go into Dolby on all the lettering. Gold will everything. Go ahead. Yes. [inaudible]

I’m with Austin’s dad original. My Dad’s job and we’re at white glove with Myron. I was here last night, Myron and we were talking about these gold wheels. They’re here. They have happened now. Next what happens? I want to say a cuss word there, but I can next, what happens is gold letters. What are we saying? Gold. Gold. Gold. Gold. Gold is going to be obnoxious. How many stickers are you printing?

You got to get permission. The roof. So these six, the black comes off. I think it looks good guys. I think it’s like really, really good. Thank you. White Blob once again for making my car looked awesome.

I mean take your white glove once again for making my dad’s car look awesome. This is great. Oh, I love rich people

and back because we missed something. We’re at white glove and there’s two sweet unicorns here. Sweet Unicorns. I’m standing directly in front of one. Now. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking for art is when I say Unicorn, but no, no, that my friends is a Chevy. Oh my God. Oh, the Chevy or I can just feel it. I can smell it. That’s the grand sport. Wow. Wee.


By the way, it’s rainy and, oh, I can’t wait to get these suckers out in the sun because they’re going to look. But anyway, don’t miss the Chevy Chevy, Chevy. We opt to onto the other side of white glove and found a little something special. We’ll hear this. It’s Actually Austin’s Dad Rolls Royce Lewis. These doors open the wrong way. And the cool thing is, is there is an umbrella right here. You take that in. This umbrella comes out. But look at this thing. We saw it once before. I don’t know if I post a video that this is it. Pretty Sweet, Huh? Things all Haas to I’ll with Tucker and I think the doors have a little motor in them that they pop open the do. This reminds me of the way that the, the Bentley was before I took the wrap off though. It was very similar or similar as some would say, but it’s a convertible. Look at that. It’s a Rolls Royce Spider, spider, spider. And then, uh, I’ll show you something else. This is one of the baby Teslas.

Are there any cars in here? I can’t get on video. Okay. Um, maybe tests left and a Mclaren I thought was in, if you’ve worked, we’ll see. But apparently it’s a six 50 s not a canned ham on. I don’t know. What do you think? Not impressed, but it is getting clear of all. It does have her calpers, um, the inside school all carbon fiber. Carbon pee brick. I don’t know. I’d have to see what the top down Meyer. Maybe I’ll like it more. So sticker time is tomorrow we’ll be back for gold stickers. Here’s the gold. Is this the gold we’re going to put on fire? That’s the gold daily.