Call Dallas performance and a behind the scenes. Look, I haven’t asked permission, so I hope that Taylor will be kind and not shut me down. But we have a friend play with the Blue Huracan. I’m getting a notification that I’m alive. Twin turbos. Okay. Check this out. I’ll flip the camera around. So you guys have seen the perfect and he added the uh, the way yet in the side skirts. He added the, no, he doesn’t, hadn’t done science hurts. Oh, we did. They took them off. He added the, this rude a fuser and it’s on the lift now and they’re getting ready to twin turbo. This. Now this is a five 80 dash two. So what they’re actually going to do is they’re going to switch it to a six 10 dash four.

I don’t think anybody’s ever done that before. So we’re going to go from a two wheel drive, two or four wheel drive, and then we’re going to twin turbo. That’s the mood. So if you’re watching Claire, are you, are you end up watching this that you put back down the rack? This is the last time you’re gonna see this. Sorry guys. I literally, I’m getting all kinds of studies. We should’ve went on block everyone right now. But this lesson, we’re going to see your car without twin turbo. So I’m going to talk to Taylor and I’m gonna say what you said about getting this done in 30 days. And uh, we’ll see what happens. So guys, stay tuned. I literally left my blogging camera in Tulsa like a knucklehead. So I’m live right now. I hope you Lambros enjoy. And if you do need any twin turbo in daughter, any work done on any of your, uh, exotics, this is the place to go.

As you can see, they have a ton of cars in here that they’re working on. They did the, uh, uh, they did the twin turbo her on that Houston has in Las Vegas. They’ve got an Aventador up here. They’ve got another, uh, that’s a Guyardo white guy. Arno there this point. Others, another guy over there. So they’ve got their car, another guy over there, another her calm there, another hurt on there. So this is the place to go if you need anything done performance wise, especially if you’re doing a twin turbo. So thanks for watching. Make sure you like, subscribe, share this with someone, and it comes from God, Dallas performance.

We’re going to pass by a taxi.

Good morning. Lambros I’m Steve Kraken. Dot. Kyle, if you Lambros knew the channel on actually Lambros Steve and uh, right now I’m driving in my Lamborghini followed by lamb road, Daryl and uh, we’re heading to supercars by the seabed. First we must stop and get a warrant. Starbucks because even though we are in southern California, it is a little chilly this morning. It’s pretty early in the morning and uh, we’re going to go see a bunch of cars. Think Mike will be there. Just talk to Mike Keese there. I don’t know what else we’re going to get into, but at least there will be two Huracan and a mercy Lawson Marsia logo roadster. So stay tuned. We’ll be back. First cafe. Here we go.

Okay. We’ve just arrived. I’ve just mapped US Flamborough Daryl here to a Starbucks. Now I did not know that Starbucks was inside. We’re going to go grocery shopping and going to Starbucks. Here we go.


There is this back there. There’s land around there. [inaudible] math. We’re going to pass by a taxi. Oh my God. Oh, oh no. Why? Gangs that were gay Darrow. No. [inaudible] yes. Go get passed by asking. No, no. Let her taxi fasa. US. Ah,

we have made it to see records by the seat. Hey, so chambers around here somewhere and so his car is there. So he put his doors up. Hold on. Now we do. We have to go find him to let them know that uh, there’s someone in his car. So here we go. Is it here? I don’t know. I don’t do it. All right, here he comes. I scream for him and I think he, I think he just started walking this way. Hey, who’s in your car, Bro? There’s like kids sitting in your car cause it’s unlocked his names. You Lambros left it unlocked. Why you leave your car unlocked? Brown kid looks far more mature than Steve. Hey, your lights are on. You’re a good love your dad’s car. Okay, I’m here with Dick Land Road, Daryl and a start. We’re filming and uh, there’s a guy’s back. Can you guys back up? Oh, sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t see it on your Tesla. We’re filming the kit cars loving exhaust the week. It’s awesome. The kit cars are down here.

This is nice. You Lambros delete, you got, what do you call the state? You got it man. You Lambros gotta do by the state. California. he had a big off delete. Literally okay, so obviously, um, for the second time we’ve arrived at supercars by the seat and let’s take a look at what we have here. This one’s Kinda cool. Do you know what this is? Acura NSX, who? Some people call it a Honda Nsx, but I think we’ve seen this one before. Let’s check out this purple. This is called an s or s c. You may ask, what does that mean at Diablo s c we don’t know.

Daryl doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s Lambo. Daryl. He thought Lambo expert. Get out of here and then see this one before this poll gt. Oh, this one. They’ve been, they’ve been dyno in this. Okay. As a little treat we have here, they call, this is, remember what you don’t have a Huracan for. For Monte is, well, this is a Guyardo per from, I’ll say a little bit different. The differences. They used to call the super liner, the Superleggera in the garden, and then when they did the spider version of it, they call it the purple. Manteca. Susie looks. So now what they did with the Huracan is they just called it, um, the peripheral Mocha, tricky hot carbon [inaudible] so this be looking oh nine or later, right. Because of the way the lights are and that’s the older version of the performance in the corner.

Red and yellow, red and yellow.

Her, we can see your car depreciating.

it’s seven bucks a mile. And the way I see it, it just cost him $3 and 50 cents to drive down the beach.

Oh, this is nice.

Okay folks, that is a, we’re a, we’re finishing up here at supercars by the sea, but still a lot of cars here. So I thought I’d give them an opportunity to just get a quick run. Basically, dodge vipers and vets their books. We get a run of the starting here and go all the way down into the fun. You Lambros see the beauty of it and all the cars.

that is a hit. That is the whole entire show. We are in Huntington beach. It is 70 degrees. Thanks for watching. I don’t know what Shenanigans we’ll get into later today, but maybe that will be coming. If you Lambros haven’t already, please like the video. Please subscribe, turn on notifications, all that fun stuff. I’m Lambros Steve, thanks for watching. We’ll be back with a new video soon.