I’m Lambo Steve and you’re watching Lambros channel. Check this out. [inaudible] good morning. Good morning. It is Saturday but in supercars Saturday you Lambros watched your Lambros of you’re new, the channel channel. I’m Lambros cheap in the battery lab. We proposed to him and the mercy logo wide bodies. It just got out and we are getting ready to go. Crashed a caffeine in gasoline events, what they call it until I heard cars and coffee, a little water to day rally. We’re going to meet up with those guys, run around with them for about 20 miles and then head back to Tulsa because we’re not going on the rally for that. We started, we probably get a few of ours is different. Everybody’s out. So let’s see what we had calls. So of course, uh, my dirty bitly is here cause my bro Lambo is still in California. You’ve got James with the mercy logo, all the beltline or new alternator. But I said let’s just put her in, they do it and so on is because I’m really, really rich closest put everything new in it. And then what are those James? Those look like those look new.

Shelly [inaudible] endorse. Go Up. Oh, there we go. It’s like going on track mode to Chevy guys. Five bucks. Like, oh this is sweet. This guy doesn’t come out much. Yeah. Yes, maybe. And then here’s another one. Land Road. Jeremy Toro and I didn’t mention, but the Mclaren’s [inaudible]

and then we’ve got the Jaguar. I told her, so we’re getting ready to go home down to Kathleen and gasoline for guy. So

what up? What up? Okay, it’s roll out time. I am taking off ahead of the crew because we want to get a, I don’t know, maybe he’ll be ethnic. Maybe it won’t, but we’re going to get a fly by

We’re going to get back away from the car. Maybe stand on the rail.  I like the bet was hauling. He was out front.  exactly. One second later.  this is how it goes.when we get to a to this he was waiting on everybody and I was like,

come on. How did he

get out of it that fast?

The smoke screen, Bro. What did he say to the cop car? Oh my God. He, there was a cop. That was record time. He just got back in his car and left me a high five. Hey, be careful. Slow down. Oh, that’s hilarious. I’m locked him up and I tried to get, I couldn’t stop. I’m was going to be bad, so I said, I was right behind you Lambros and I locked him up. I was like, oh my God. That’s scary. Are you talking about your car? I wish I would know. Because you’re roasting the tires the entire way. All the way down the road. He did it. He peeled out right here in the grids on the video. I’m Mike. I know you think he’s doing a burnout right now, but that’s his engine. I told that cop my shit. Sorry. Start actually to slow down fast. I didn’t see it till the last minute either slowdown. That’s all right. Hey man, to take a look.

Yeah, his dad’s.

Anyway, I see any pulled over on the highway. Was He just looking then? I know you Lambros dump right on dude. I was off the highway and I was going to run up the hill. I was going to run up the hill and get it all video and by the time I got out of my car you already taken off. I was like, what the hell? No, he just high fived him.

Take the deal, take your hundred dollar bill and just slide it up your role a little bit about that floors. I’ll tell you Lambros what, James can suck up really fast care that ride right sir, if you’ll just set that right on the windshield or the window seal. That’d be great. We’ll do that too. Funny he just did two 20 oh thanks for hanging in there guys. By the way, James pulled up next to me when we got till one 69 and was like, where’s everybody? Right? Well let’s hope it goes well. Now that is sad when you could get pulled over and still beat you guys here.

This is true. This is true. He didn’t take very long. Yo Yo yo. We may have a hard time sitting around. So we went to the caffeine and gas. We pulled up here leaving in 45 minutes. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So we’re going to go drive and uh, we’ve already got pulled over once. When I say we, I mean this guy, I don’t know how fast he was going, but we did get it. You get it to stop. Probably pull. Got Radar thing says the cop gave him a fist pump saying he came in and we’re like, [inaudible] okay. [inaudible] get on whatsapp. WHATSAPP. You’re the one, I’m going to get added to that and I’m gonna shut it down. No, you’re not. You Lambros cannot resist the temptation. Okay, we’re at the tunnels and there’s a cop. Can’t speak over you Lambros to come in the action. [inaudible] what are the chances? I’m Lambros Steve and you’re watching Lambros channel. [inaudible] what

up? Lambros it’s the end of the run. We just had, uh, some brunch breakfast at tallies. Jimmies over here revving and just saw the, a dodge viper spinning out in the background. Um, I hope this wasn’t shenanigans, were going to try and get some more fly bys on the next trip. So stay tuned. If you Lambros haven’t subscribed, please subscribe. Hit the like button, turn on notifications so you can see the Lambros shenanigans happening every time. I up later.