watching this. That means I either have gotten out of jail or prison and um, we’ve been able to get the footage and editing. I don’t know. [inaudible] Yo, Yo, Yo deal. I’ll go, hey, we are on a super secret mission today, but it’s really not that super secret because this video will be released after it happened.

That’s but being an escort today, right, right. Basically what we are, we’re going to be an escort, a bad ass ass ass escort and r Lamborghini. We’re following the, uh, Porsche gt three and then way got to ask them morning tow. Um, there’s a super secret mission and when we get to a stopping point, a here in a little bit, I will definitely explain a little bit more and we may even explain after we don’t really know what we can share, what I share, what they can handle or we’re not sure what she can handle and want to blow their minds. But here’s what’s going to happen. We’re definitely going to escort a guy in a car maybe and some equipment through Oklahoma today. That’s the move and high rates of speed. Yeah, we might be traveling at a high rate of speed, so,


how are you? You Lambros know the library land balls out ar there? No, this is it. 92 back there. You see your license in Asia?


me 92. Yeah.

Oh, the other guy go in that way.

Well we headed it to you Lambros just going up to Joplin. Meet a friend until I see it as a bunch of them.


Yeah, their last night there was a tiller son. Not Foolish. I was like, oh no, no. Yeah, it was it. Um, twin peaks two nights ago. Padded out at trp. He was there. Yeah. You Lambros got your something something mean now just there visiting. Uh, I’m working on something, but are you Lambros putting together, you got a 61? Merkin doing the other swapping.


They lost power. Should be right around five. Okay, thank you.

He says he got me in

92 other guys. There’s no way the other guy got hit

because that’s what John was talking about when we’re running,

we’re running and he passes us and then he’s like, know I should’ve said Yo another one past us. He was flying. Yeah. Yeah, we missed opportunity. I don’t want to do it. Oh Shit. He ain’t no way. Ain’t getting the ticket. Yeah. Yeah, he’s, he’s down. You Lambros can tell


Wait till he pulls up my record and he’s like, damn, you Lambros got to be a genuine superstar. You do some speeding. Huh? I’ve never seen that man is hero.


Pulled over a lot. Don’t Shit Mr Carrington, you get pulled over a lot. You get pulled over in a lot of states. John’s like mad. They saved my ass cause you know he was in front of us that you’re not radar and someone from the other side of the median. You Lambros know what I’m saying?

No, I don’t think I just want to use it just told you the car.

Yeah, he wanted to, he passed of Porsche and they asked him to come to kill this. Went around him. I should’ve been like, oh she doesn’t like Damon and been like what the

Oh good. Yup.

There he is boys. It’s currently one of the day,


nerve racking though. Cause I did,

I can’t into,

I literally was like, dude, I’m, I’m on touchable right now. I was going 71

I mean even if he said he got me in 91 or 92 91 yeah. That’s like tame for this car.

It’s still in third gear. I should have said, oh no officer. He’s been going way faster than throw your ass right under the bus.

I saw him hit one 15 did you Lambros not? No, I

get that in one. God Damn. It must be catching us when we’re getting off the overpass. Yeah, Dude. There’s like, we’re going to be so far behind now John, he’ll give us the four. There’s no way they got me on radar from over the media. This car sits too low. How would he shoot the car? Impossible. Well, he could’ve like Hellness radar gun up in the air over the top of his car. He was driving. You know what I’m saying? [inaudible] says cop you on the other direction. Got me at 91 miles an hour way back. When is this on? Yeah, that’s a lot of editing. Get on the most part. Everything fired up real quick. Just keep one stone.

All right man. It’s only time. All right man. Here’s the deal. We got to run them. Yeah, see what you can do. Yeah. Car Guy for weight. 20 no traffic. We don’t get out of here. We’ll see first one at the bridge. This is part of the reason I wanted you Lambros to drive to cause I have that ticket and drowning on dry. Well maybe because I wasn’t speeding. Speeding. All right. Sorry. He says I made contact with you. Good, good. Hey, I appreciate that. Do you want to, what about between here? Do you want to run that? That bridge right there. There’s just see what else to do. I’m just saying just to see what their, this thing up Grandpa, we wouldn’t, we wouldn’t feel right if we left without giving you the option though. Especially if somebody’s writing this warning. So once it look like between here and Joplin, pretty clear. Is there another one? Okay. Old School. All right, well we’ll go watch for appreciation, sir. Let’s take care of us. My Dad’s tagging and that’s how

it’s done. Yeah. 92 where the warning 92 weather warning is still running radar on it just got US

I’ll go on and them. Oh shoot. Does that mean why does he have rubber gloves to what’s happening? No Way. Yes. The gas. See why he was doing about 91 what I should’ve done is just crack the window a little bit and say, I am a traveler. I am traveling. I did not [inaudible] am I being detained? Am I going to ask you why you Scott, do you have that on radar? Can I see the radar? All of the other police. Dot. I’m not rolling down my window. Am I being detained and hook them up? When’s the last time your right arm is man, calibrate your lands calibration machines, right? That’s right. Oh yeah. Well I’m 89 now to see the last

okay. We made it to our turn around. Stop. I think we’re somewhere in Mexico. I don’t know, but we did find a giant bill that’s similar to the color of my carpet. Not this will be in its own. A giant Turner thing. What is that? That’s what we need. Their garage things. Crazy tea. See that? Give me ideas on the wheels. I like the spikes on the front wheel. Has a good idea. I’ve never seen that before. We were ever to have, that would be pretty damn cool. Take it to a whole nother level. That’s a whole nother level. What are those like fenders. You can buck vendors up in here and smoke stacks.

That’s crazy. That’s crazy man. You heard it. We’re going to go find some post race and troopers were already up. Pulled over cause Mika was speeding. Yeah, totally. Your fault. We blame you buddy. It’s messed up. After we pass at the bakery, we actually did have our correct license played out. Tell John that when he gets out here and be like, Yo Bruh, but here is the deal with the p three here it is. The infamous police detector because cops to come flying out of the woodwork. What do you think about when I ticked that black off the side? Looks good, doesn’t it? Yeah. You can see where, how quick it gets dirty right there. Suck it up. Do you remember that? Had the black in there? Yeah. My battery. Yeah.

Do you see, could you back up.