Nice there. You blogging me blogging. You Lambros be a good place for us to run her calling versus her. Oh, look at this.very pretty, very red. All right. We’ll see if they’re all a catches up. I’ve been able to hold on to my directions even though they’re upon around narrow lost his, um, uh, slowly try to navigate our way to catch up. But look at Britney, we’re still back. We’re way back here. A couple there. Oh, it’s hot. oh, we’re not going to be able to race. we’re rolling. Let’s see who made it all the way to Javier is cause we’re like way back around. We, uh, we didn’t even really go on our rally today. We went for a gas stop. That’s, we did, we went for a gas and then terrible. It was kind enough to wait on me because I would’ve been put myself when the trunk to use here.


All right. I’m ready.

can I get three reps today? All right. We made it into the Lamborghini Urus it’s on this with this group. And, uh, we’ll see some cool features. This, first of all, it’s pretty awesome. I have the seat massager on right now and this is the center of, they hit the right button. Speak One more. Then he show me something else like you Lambros can do search and then look at this. Be Like, oh, and that’s fine. Okay, now I was in the Urus launch in Dallas, but I was not in a year that start. So you’re pretty hot. Seven driving modes. He said he’s taking it off road already. This is, I love it. Well, I got in love.

Okay, we’re here still on the VGH and Marilyn. Totally skipping the Ferrari dealership. We’re going to get a Bugatti, a lambo because we got a Ferrari. They’re going to be super

okay. Sorry. Got a phone call from HP car guy dealership because we were not paying attention. I didn’t realize. What was that? You Lambros hear that noise? He yelled at us. What was he yelling? Getting out of the car while holding your camera and the phone. Some guy screamed at me. This one I didn’t know. He made his turn so fast. Your hair off Daryl. Richard,

we did a little run with some cars down to where we go. Yeah, we met at protective film solution on a drive and then we ended up as a hobby and I will talk through the back. That’s cool. We’re going to stop in the Ferrari dealership and the Bogani. Yeah. And then we don’t like Ferrari, so we skipped it or maybe we haven’t gotten to it yet. I don’t know. When I go into [inaudible] I always feel like if I’m in my Lando they, they looked down upon they should a lambo. No, that’s exactly, can I check out this right? Yeah, he did a little bit, but it has the back seat. Oh, the stitching.

Is that an ses? Wow.

Just the new ones are so much cleaner, but you Lambros shape which, uh, just the way the grill is and stuff, it’s just a lot different than, and the way the headlights, the headlights, her core.


Well when are you Lambros doing? You sell any cars over here,


This is the hot item right here.

okay. We have arrived at a Pagani Newport beach when they have a variety of cars. There actually is a really cool Hagada in there, but it is a customer’s car. So I do respect, we said we would not film it pretty hot if you’re here and definitely come check it out. But on the lot we’ve got Ferrari, looks like a California, got the uh, Mercedes gt. We have a 650 or five 70, another Huracan boom, red little a model x Tesla, another Mclaren six 50 s 70 or [inaudible] 70. I mean just hot. Can I say five 75 78 and then another California is pretty hot. And then on the other side over here, we have a couple [inaudible] after I jumped through the showroom and avoid the Putt Ganny I will show you, you Lambros cannot see this. Bogani I’m standing right plant. She cannot see it. He must come here and buy it. See, so back here we have Billy row. Look at, well that’s actually not what does that even though it’s a 200 Bentley Brooklands. But uh, here we have another Bentley and I think they call it the most sane. It’s insane in the mole saying what does that say? So 2014, you can own this car for 1200 bucks a month. They’ll say, look in this sucker. Oh Daddy, it’s gray on grounds, right?

This is the GT speed to similar to mine but has the backseat weighs a little bit more. It’s the uh, VA as probably, maybe it has a w 12. And then of course for her concert Conroe turbo APP, Tara asked up Tata. So anyway, we’re going to leave here, we’re going to skip Ferrari cause uh, you Lambros know, cars are for parking and go hit lambo drive the Urus later and what’s cool, it’s not going to go, but you give it the gas. That’s the thing to get used to when you’re in an SUV is the same mentality. They are having your car, cause I wouldn’t even take it off at my car. But like here and then being able to come down straight without picking an angle. Five.

There’s no way we can, it used to hear the agent behind me and his bar. So it’s like crazy because that’s natural sound. They’re not typing any [inaudible] or anything sound. They’re not generating what does this way [inaudible] it’s a twin Turbo v eight when door book hot [inaudible] [inaudible] it is a double clutch. That’s why you can pull it down. Go on a trip. So is that it’s set up similar to what the s and p or the doors first. The clutch system goes saw you Lambros failed going to be a real usable. Does it do the same word in your course? That you have to change it over? You hit theĀ  sport at all.


if you want to go put him away, you want to dropĀ  I saw the front brakes on the site. We try. That’s one thing that Parker said in his video. Two, it’s at night. Oh really? And it was fun. It was, and it drives differently. I mean, part of the Briggs and Dan, you’re playing a mechanical, three of the 100,000 days on nature. I think my work put so by the time I ended up staying like another week to build this. I like it a lot. Okay. Calling over to tamale time at a girl’s house and just drove the Yuris hang out at a, did some hanging out in Lamborghini, Newport beach. Um, the Urus is awesome. It’s freaking awesome. I love it. I want to buy one. Probably will. What’d you think about that? Uranus?

It’s the money shot. Did, did she say, oh we got to feel like one 40 I just barely touched it. Huh? I didn’t realize this, but we’ll have to throw the sand. But we got it on video. So Daryl was video and me going one board, dude, Ryan, we got on the highway there and I punched and I was like, and then it just stopped like that. That’s crazy. Like the screen in front of me. So the years is not a good car if your wife’s in the driver’s passenger seat or the back. And she’s like, how fast are you going? Because, yeah, because there’s screen that you can give these optional screens that are in there that tells the passenger in the back what speed you’re going with. The rpms are all that stuff. So it’s Kinda kinda getting, cause I don’t know. [inaudible] [inaudible] Mr [inaudible] can, we’re going to go check out from all the time, I guess they’re making tamales and must be tamales season. So we’re going to go see what’s happening there. This is day one of a hanging out in La and so cal, so I hope you enjoyed it. If you haven’t already, please like the video. I’d love it if you would subscribe to my channel and share with friends and all that fun stuff in the next video.