We’re on the plane. I want to go back here and see what’s in the back. Hold on so you Lambros can go all the way back here. The lights are off, but let’s just, Oh, Hey Darrell. Darrell Darrell’s. They’re taking a shit. What up? What up? Put. See Character Doc. I’m like, Bro. Steve, I’m here with lamb bro. Daryl, I’m also here with the Chandon. I’m just giving them names. Hey, we’re getting ready to launch lambo. Lambo at the Starbucks. Boom. Down to where are we going? Burbank. The home of my favorite car modification company, Right Daryl? Yes. We’re doing cars and jets today. Um, which I think it’ll be fun. So we’re going to zip up the four or five and the one on one and the 73 and the all around La. Go meet up with Michael with the Yellow Lago. We’re going to cope. Find Bat vintage door. We’re going to go to, it’s supposed to be 40 super cars that we’ll be rolling around at the cars and jets. So stay tuned. We’ll be back. We’re just about to leave and celebrity. Darrell just had a fan boy come by in the Daryl says what you, you’re kind of at what? I’m kind of a big deal.

Whoa, buddy. Whenever I’m doing that, I’m trying to record a video right here. Kind of a big deal. All right. Cars at jets. Here we go from Levi. We’re getting ready to leave. We have people that love Lambo. So what do you think? Did get some pics and stuff and then make sure you Lambros tag me on like, are you on Instagram? Who are you on Instagram. You get to pick inside? No, no more mister. Nice man. Nice man. All right, so I’ll see you in the fall. Ambrosio [inaudible] he does have better seats. [inaudible] pretty sure. He’s like, you’re pretty sure. He’s like, hey, cool cars guys. Uh, can I get out so I can have my beautiful, we started. Let him start it up. [inaudible] stop. [inaudible] stop it. Oh my God. That thing is loud.

That’s crazy. All right, we’re going to head a first. I had to Michael’s house to, uh, mercy logo and then, uh, we’ll head to cars and jokes.

we’re halfway there. We’re almost done. Michael’s house. Your wait, come mercy.

What did put up put up? We just arrived and we are a media actually left Arrow. I don’t know if you Lambros notice with hers. No, Darryl’s car here. See Know Darrell because Darrell a drive slow. So we left him in the dust. I think he’s maybe 10 minutes behind. GPS said he was to take us 55 minutes to get here. I think I did it in 33. So he’s somewhere somewhere back there. But here comes the tamers uh, coming out to check things out and then we’re going to go run and catch, see if Darryl can catch us. I guess so. And I got a little trick, a little banana peel and I’m gonna throw out in the road and get him. Huh? Okay. It’s 37 minutes later and Darrell just got here a rally. Lambo has just

derived. Hey.

Hey guys. Good job. I mean you’re only 30 minutes behind me,

so you Lambros might want to start.

I know, I think, I think I’m going to have to start my car and warm it up. So we just drove an hour and a rod. I drove 30 minutes and he drove an hour, an hour. Like for reals. It’s bad. So, but now the whole crew’s here, we’re going to go meet up with that vintage door. There’s a naked Lambo,

the naked Lambo and naked Lambo.

I’m going to eat this banana and then the banana peel, someone’s going to spin out. That’s what’s going to happen. This Mario Carts, what road are we on? What are the four oh five or the one oh five or the 11 or the five or the one 18 were on Sunday. Somebody who’s going to eat it here in a second. And I will get video of it. I apologize in advance, Michael.

But uh, getting pranked today. Okay, now I’ve got to figure out somehow how to drive, hold the camera, navigate and throw the banana out and make the mercy. Eden, hold on. Here we go. Get over. Nope, don’t get up. Yeah, we got up.

Whoa, whoa. Shit out. I always go. Oh, he, he saved it. He saved it there were right under his car to, and it was awesome. And that’s just the beginning of the braking hold. Have you even solid banana? Are we saying on this road? Yeah. All right. Here we go. We’ll get some, get some video of us, um, uh, chasten or him chasing us. I guarantee you Lambros watch Tyler. What’ll happen is if I get over and slow down, everybody will get over and slow down. Oh yeah. But if we, if we take off, they’re gone. So I can’t really get rolling shots of slowpokes never like it’s difficult. Yeah. So, but we’ll try anyway.

am I go? Yes. We came up with a new thing for your car. It’s called the exhaust. Delete it. Most people, most people delete the cats. I’m proud. I told them that you Lambros get in her lecture. [inaudible] lecture the electric. He took it from four wheel drive to one wheel drive and then flip it to the, the eco mode. Electric conversion. Exhaust the leak. Yes. He’ll do the electric immersion. Exhaust elite. Elon Musk himself. Not something to do with it actually. Actually, I was thinking to be to too crazy how flow your car is too. Hey Darrel, why don’t you drive that? Huh? Why don’t you drive it? Well, don’t put those things down now. Awesome. Whoa. I thought you were about the fuck goes down. A bus your windshield. Yes. To get a picture of what? An edge.

Okay. Okay. We have arrived. We are at the cars and jets and Burbank airport. You Lambros see behind me. Big giant airplane. Yeah. Hey, this thing’s big with the per Monte underneath. Obviously Louis fish and I don’t think you’re supposed to go under it, so I’m going to, but we’re going to get some photos of our cars and that’s the lineup. Now we’re here and uh, we’ll be back soon. I’m back in. More cars have arrived. I wanted to show you a screamer. You cannot Aston Martin going a big

fan. But look at this. Someone, please say Nice Spec because look at the red interior. Would you just look at it? Carbon red, red, red, red, red, red. Oh my God. Look at that. The whole steering wheel that everything. All the red calipers. Oh my God, the [inaudible], the doors go up. Is My bat Mitzvah door? Find out because when we leave here a little bit [inaudible]

and I know what you’re seeing. You Lambros see the truth. See the name. See good enough to believe in members. Seek the sun, but to see me

cause I travel this road or night. Holy night card. Everything’s loading up. There’s 50, 40 cars here. Let’s count them. One, two, three. We’re five, six, seven, nine, 10, 16, 17, 1920, 20 more cars coming. It looks like we have a McLaren coming in. Let’s check this out. [inaudible] I think that the set up is this and I’m thinking, oh my God.  actually if you want to put it right here, they’re going to go, he rolled down his baby window. That’s awesome. [inaudible] I want to see the doors go up. [inaudible] the camera’s off. Yeah. Wow.

We uh, decided to hop on this plane because it’s in here and we were going to try to get a ride back to Tulsa. Uh, I don’t know if it’s gonna work, but uh, Darryl seems to think he can turn something on in the cockpit. So yeah, I can touch buttons. Let’s go check it out. Actually, Debbie said we might be going to Vegas from here. Oh, let’s go see if the cockpit turns off.

Do it. All right.

I think I’m confused. I don’t know what button would we would hit

prepare for turbulence. Uh,

guys, this is going to leave a mark. We’ll get the plush seats though.

All right.

You can’t fly a plane to be a fatty gay, by the way. Anybody that’s Chubby like us can fit in there.

And then out of here, they’ve got the Aventador. Oh, we got to get out of the shot. Oh, he’s all right. I’m going back to this way.

Well, we need some light in here

and then that’s a rally mammo up there.

Well, we’re on the plane. I want to go back here and see what’s in the back. Hold on. So you can go all the way back here. The are off, but let’s just, Oh, hey, Darryl, Darryl, Darryl’s on there.