We’re getting there. Are they gonna have to run that line? All right, we’re going to run the red light.

Yo. Yo, Yo, it’s super car Saturday even going on how much supercar but I am, uh, headed to go to what we call caffeine and gasoline here in Tulsa. But first we’re going to meet up with the, a supercar club. The Tulsa people. We’re going to go to mom’s diner. So we’re heading to mom’s diner. We’re going to see eh corvette. We’re going to see a, uh, four, five, eight, a four, eight, eight, another four, five, eight or mercy at Lago, um, bunch of cars. And then of course I’ll be supporting the RC 300 later.

Right? It’s Saturday morning. Uh, we’re at the, uh, mom’s diner hanging out with supercars. So when you Lambros see the RC over here, we’re ready. Red Action. You got Yellow Lambo here. Let me wait, let me focus here. We call that a Nissan, Nissan, and then Ferrari. Ferrari. And the granddaddy is right here. That’s good.

Some shots of the mercy longer.

Well, that’s a start up on the mercy lago. we’re heading to

screening gasoline. We got the whole squad about the role now actually there’s two unicorns

today. There’s that Ferrari and that Ferrari. Then we have the Nissan Guyardo. Then another one called that a Chevy. Now this one is sneaky slow. [inaudible]

James, when you think about a Gtr, you Lambros think it’s fast? No, I don’t, but not Ryan’s. Ah, it’s okay.

MMM. [inaudible] all right. We just got to the fuel stop. Oh God, yes. Let him go. Golly. I broke my leg trying to get out of the land.

Now here we are. Lambros are at to come and go look at this sweet ride. So you’ve Austin’s dad minds if I get some video of his car. Austin said I was cock blocking him last night telling everybody that’s his dad’s. Turns out it’s actually not as dads apparently. But uh, yeah.

Well this is it right here. Yes sir.

this one sounds good. You Lambros moved. Flew bias, dude. I was like, Nice. What exhaust is on there? Is it a to me? Yeah. Sounds good, dude.

Now I know that it looks slow, but it’s not slow. Oh, my yard. Okay.

I know if I started the video right here, you Lambros would think we were looking at a, uh, Centra. But this is not a Sentra,

right? Not a Sentra. It’s a GTR. And I only taught it because it’s faster than my car. Yeah, the one, I don’t have the wing on that Mug. I’ll show you. and we’re getting the, are they gonna have to run that line? We’re going to add. All right, we’re going to run the red light like you Lambros six runs a red light. All right. Where a caffeine and gasoline. And uh, are you ready to take off the rest of these letters off of the event? Now I don’t know where Aaron is. I’m looking for him because I don’t want him to walk upon me and get busted. I don’t see him over there. He’s missing an a already. So I think we just take the other aes and see if he noticed this. Oh, here we go. Alright. Hey dock, check it. So I want to show you something. You see? So you earn right there on the flight here.

Totally turns around. So this is car. We did the course rally together. So his stickers are still on there. But do you Lambros see how the a is missing? Well his aide flew off somewhere but I just took the a off of America and I put it on his back. He has no idea that it’s on his back. And then, uh, I’m about to take the a out of courses and his brothers put him on his bumper. It’s on Bro. But like walk over here and look. Let’s just come and walk over to your mind.

Oh, you need indicate you Lambros cause I got planes with the family. Here we are. Here we are. We’re with a supercar homeys course. American rally or if you want to say of course, uh, enrolling that person. Really for police. Yeah. Yeah.

All right. Here’s the lineup for supercars Saturday slash Kevin and gasoline.

T. R. O. Hey, give it a little gas on scaling. Yeah.


It’ll tell you Lambros what I think we need. [inaudible] 10 maybe 15 seconds. Oh, let’s open this door. [inaudible] Hey, put your doors up real quick with us. [inaudible] okay. We are at 96 in Riverside and Tulsa. There’s a huge fire, huge fire [inaudible] water in that sucker down. [inaudible] firefighter. Crazy how quick a car can just go up and play.