There were a couple of cars behind the Mclaren seven 720s  garage goals. And listen to the thing,you lambros are going to believe this one. Same color as my car. Yup. I am. Good Morning [email protected] if you’re new to the channel, I am Lambros Steve and today we are in sunny southern California. It’s about seven in the morning and we’re heading up to meet with a daily driven exotics with Damon, with Kevin, who you Lambros may have seen, uh, with the uh, Porsche. Um, what do they call it? The career gt that was rolling through the mud and also grudge goals officials. We’re going to hit a a bit prior to the hearing Wally cars and Kronos and getting to some shenanigans today. And then obviously we’ll roll up to cars and Kronos and have a lot of fun. It’s supposed to be awesome. There’s a huge toy drive that’s happening and it’s supposed to be a huge, ridiculous amount. I think bet vintage door will be there as well, as well as Lambo, Darryl. So stay tuned. We’re going to get gas and then work on the road.

Okay. We are at the first meetup location and I was sitting out here in the parking lot and I hear agents are renting, so I’m assuming that somewhere here in the back we have a little harder. Oh, oh, some cars. So we’re going to roll back here. Steve. What we sneak up on? Let’s see. I hear someone just revving their engines. Yup. Here we go. The homies. So look at that. [inaudible] what’s up? Is that right? I was sitting out front and I heard engines revving and I was like, I bet you, I bet you Lambros they’re out back. Aryaball. Good. The car off. Awesome. I haven’t seen this one yet. It’s just so wheat. Yeah, that’s all borscht standard kid on there. Pretty much. Yeah. Just this part of what Shannon and myself. Oh Nice.

Man. How are you man? I was telling him, I’m sitting out front in a parking spot and then I hear engines and I’m like, I bet you somebody hiding back here. So [inaudible] action over here. Hey, what’s happening man? Good. [inaudible] okay, we’re rolling to the next spot and a better call. Damon Harrell and tell them where we’re going with, because he’s heading here. Follow these homies out. Okay. We’re back. We are behind the mirror still and uh, we’re just heading to the second meetup location for a small beat up car show. Before we hit the parks. There is a sweet four, five [inaudible] like crazy. The exhaust on this thing, it’s so free. A lot of, and trying to get up next to it. Just some video of it. See where you can hear it when it takes off. Okay, here we go. Let’s go catch this. A Ford Gt.

That’s hot. okay. So dirty too. Yeah. Yeah. I didn’t get to watch it. Okay. Second meet up spot. And uh, I think Damon has headed here. We also have Daryl somewhere in tow. He didn’t quite make it in time to the first meetup spot. So, uh, we’re going to hang out here for a few minutes. We’ll get some shots from some cars and off two cars in Kronos. We have cars rolling in from every direction. All you hear is the sound of it. Yes. Gins. And apparently this hang Wally thing, it’s supposed to be Sawyer. So we’ll see if we see anybody that we know here. Like Eric, Eric’s Roland in another Huracan per per montay’s coming in another yellow seven 20. . Uh, what do we got? What do we got there? We got the, sorry, I’ll talk to the, to the mic here. Eric and the peripheral Montay got another Huracan four eight eight. We got a yellow seven 20. Yes.

Nevertheless. CHB. Yeah, I had the radio. So only hair. I got the radio. What’s up? Sorry Dude. Sorry man. I heard you Lambros were coming so, and then I heard you cover her. Literally literally hurts you coming up dude. Yeah, my nephew, nephew. What’s your name Ma’am? I’m Steve. Nice to meet you. I’m the green one next to you. Look at this. This beast that is hot. This thing. Hey, what up man? Lowered and everything like that on the ground. Oh, he’s ailing. Boom.

A bunch of cool car. Showed up. The a seven s right here. Yellow the wing on that porch. And then you lambros are going to believe this one. Same color as my car. Yup, I am. And you are not the same color. Pretty close though. So, so I guess the hang of what Lee is going to be huge. 300 cars get ready.

Okay. It looks like Damon just got here and apparently he’s stolen Dave’s car. This is really sad when you drive someone else’s car without their permission. It’s really terrible actually.  hello? I feel day as far. We’re trying to make yard great again. We noticed. Does Dave know you’re in his car now? You Lambros don’t need to watch her on video burnout. No, no. Just do it. How are we going? Yeah, we’re going to wait on. You can’t can be turned off. Oh really? After mark in like boils into  whatever thing. Why? And as soon as that goes all haywire, like this little light at Gaf right here. That little shock. Yeah. Thing means no fun. Oh No. I’m waiting to have our diver mark iber. Yeah. When you’re driving, when you’re driving. Don’t like war. I dude, I don’t want to hear it bro. I want to be behind you. David’s ride with you or narrow bed? Another five. Seven. Yes. Showed up our age and I think Daryl Darrow. No. Where are you?

all right. That was the garage goes official. Seven 20. Yes. Redding. And uh, now we’re living just in time for Daryl to show up. Come on Bro. Hey, we sent them to the wrong address though.

It’s Kinda my fault. Usually send me, hey, you’re so late. We’re leaving right now. You know, we’re going to go to him. Wally’s. Alrighty. Falling off. There we go. Show rollout. here we go. Try to get some road shots when they shut down. The  behind us. Looks like we have a pretty good, this place is already building up apparently the cars and they’re supposed to be 300 showing up. So I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.The Mclaren garage goals and listen to the same cop. Fuck y’all. Fuck. It’s like good shots over and over.

Okay. We just arrived. I managed to throw my drink on the hood and then my camera. And guess what? I have not seen the SPJ. Okay. Picks done. Let’s make a quick laugh. All right, to see what’s here. We have a pretty good lineup here. Carson. A little flick back out and wanted to see this Ferrari. Let’s get a proper look at the La Ferrari driver’s side first. You look at that carbon in their seats. One a 499 the Lafayette . Let’s see, we could screw some people with the license plate flipper and see if they figure out what’s happening here.

flipping. How did it do it? rest in peace. Lambo. Darryl, he’s out of the club talking smack about my wife. I’m gonna have to fight them. Sally, if you’re watching this, and I know you aren’t selling, I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with this man for this long. I’m standing up for you. I hate him. Hey. Okay, so what’s your name? Oh, what are you? Well, you just follow my channel. What’s your name? Who are you? Who are you? Sorry. What are you? Who are you? He said, what are you  I just met three humans. I think I got three new subscribers and oh, he comes.

I give them 10 minutes and then he’s gone. Thank God he died by a drunk.

Yeah, you go back up. Those two crucial. That was way too crucial. Who would have been more crucial for you to stay down dead? Put It on the ground. Hey lambros, let’s jump. Crucial. All right. All right. Here we go. We’re going to go to school. Here we go. No, I’m going to ask you and ask you to leave the premises right now. You’d been to Rodney. I’m sorry. No, yeah, no, no, you got it.

No, please go to bed. I’m not getting nothing back. He needs to get it back. That’s crucial now. No, my id badge and that’s a real bad. It’s gone. Say Goodbye to it. But, but, but when you’re a police officer, you’re not supposed to give someone your badge. So it’s gone, Bro. Hey lambros,

he’s a cop. He’s a cop. Just watch what you do. That guy’s a cop. He’s here doing surveillance. He’s going to give everybody tickets when they leave, he’s a cop. He’s like, oh, awesome. We just got the badge back. But uh, something happened over here. Whenever you got called out as being a cop there, Bro, when you were use a fake cup is one guy just got nervous and walked away really quick this stuff and we’ll bounce.

C Three Lambros Steve, I’m here with David Lee. We’re in hing wildly jewelers. We’re going to give David a chance to talk about the toy drive that we’re doing. If you can see in the background, you’ve got the Rolls Royce dark BulletBoys David to this. The first year you’re doing this. This is um, this is the first year I’m doing it. You know, in the past, I know a lot of my friends are doing by drives this mind and in supporting our various causes. I guess I wanted to do it, why I want to do it, you know, do we need another toy drive there was made, there had been a lot of charities in the Pasadena area that I needed. There may be smaller, they’re not as big as how nobody’s going to me are not built to set up your collecting points and doing that whole system. So I guess I’m supporting the parodies that are, don’t have the system. They might need 30 you know, this one might need a hundred this one, maybe 50 we’ll work on my part to seek them out and we’ll support them, but I’m willing to do that. I go back to the kids in our backyards that are underprivileged and with your mind because the Christmas Gabriel. Got It. Awesome. That’s great. Well, I’ve got four quick questions for you. One, people want to know what makes you super successful? What do you think that the defining thing

it does that obviously you’ve got a great pleasure and all a lot of watches on the tuning, right? Yeah. Through charts and Toronto’s come from, but can you pinpoint what that is?

The companies, our company, family businesses is be three years this year. I’ve been involved for 30 years already. I’m second generation in the Tao and error and learning experience. And it’s not like the first day when everything is so, you know, I’ve learned a lot of, a lot of lessons in business. Nada, nothing of of first, I always say my three pillars, integrity, integrity, working very hard and perseverance. Those are some of the pillars that I use and also, you know, timing and opportunity is also a warm part. So, you know, I try to kind of assemble all those things together. Um, or when to cut lines up together then, you know, go for it. And I think it’s more awesome. Next question. What new projectsare related or non carbon.

No, you lambros can come back for more nuts here. Um, music going and everybody’s coming up. This guy’s a popular guy. We’ll try to hit them when it’s not so crazy busy.

What did, he doesn’t happen everywhere.

Number two, what projects are you working on? Whether their car related or not related, what are the things that you’re working on now that a you’d want to share? Yeah, well, you know, there’s, there’s always stuff I’m working on because, um, the, the company has a lot of different companies I invest in and do, but of course cars are new order, the new Ferrari’s. Cause that’s what I do, I order to do for our users. Um, but I’m still, you know, importantly still working on my project amongst the three point 60 votes that the upgraded, right. So what we’re really just started to roll it out to, you know, we’re making 25, but they were rolling out to the 50 people that are interested and really just wanting to, um, uh, you know, to proceed that, proceed with that and, and this, uh, make that little car companies, you know, come, come true, you know, produce something.

So yeah, that’d be, that’d be awesome. Good. Thank you. Uh, next, um, what’s your favorite car? Why? Well, the obviously the month at 3.6 is my favorite because I’m so much involved in it. I write so much. But let’s say that one aside, I will say the two 88 GTO is my favorite because that was one that I wanted so badly and dreamed of. So for so long when I was in high school. And then last, what kind of car did your parents have grown up? You know, uh, you know, they didn’t, I was in the middle class family growing up, so I didn’t have a lot of, like, didn’t have really a lot of crazy cars. I remember Pontiac, I’m a dodge ram, you know, trucks. Uh, I think first, um, kind of good car that they had was a Mercedes to 40 d diesel. Uh, you know, that was, that was great. And really, uh, you know, so it was, that’s what I, that’s what he had going on. That was like the cool cars, the dodge minivan. Really? Yeah, that was, that was, yeah, that was popular back then. You know, the team and stuff. Awesome. You have a great place here and thanks for taking a few minutes on a given day. I’ve got a great event going here. Thanks for having us. Thank you.