What up? What up? What up? Lambros guess what today is? Well, today’s the day when you Lambros get to check out the new mercy logo. Now it’s been in the shop. Uh, it’s been getting an engine swap as you probably have been following. It now has a cobra engine in it. The lock, there are a lot less horsepower and a lot slower, but better for the environment.

You Lambros want to hear something cool. Listen to this.

Now we’re going to roll out, grabbed my bag, grabbed my other phone that I never use, but just there for fun and, uh, say about are the doggies? No, it’s Kinda quiet by doggies. Oh, lucky. Oh, that’s not poop. Nevermind by Oz. By Jovi. Um, we’ll hop in the Bentley. As you know, the Lambo is in, Kelly were considered for the winter. It’s cold in Tulsa, but here we go. Fast forward, we’ll be at the mercy logo. Maybe get a little road shot and you Lambros can hear the exhaust on this Bentley. But let’s get the startup anyway.

all right, here we go. We’ll hop in the, uh, Mr. Bentley and a head down to meet the mercy.

What? Debo Mercia Largo. [inaudible] see we get, see, we’re going to hear this. [inaudible] [inaudible]

suddenly says he goes the baby yet.

you Lambros hear that sounds good. there’s a leaky house. What’s boards? [inaudible] it’s not so hot. [inaudible] disappeared. Oh, here comes a littleĀ  oh, that’s Mike. I haven’t seen that one. That he has a lot of dodge vipers. We’ll call this I’m telling you, I was just back here. He has a parent. Okay. We’re back at the shop and uh,

see the car’s not smoking and uh, we’re getting ready to do a little surgery on it, but we’d like to give you Lambros the ones around the engine while it’s quiet back here. This is actually not a cobra engine. This is a completely redone, rebuilt new driveshaft. New Clutch, new headers, a Lamborghini v 12. As you can see, boom. So when this sucker got all hooked in, they did new, no, the new gold. Oh, what do you call it? Heat Shield only through it and the new headers, as you can see there, um, a new air intake, get more air in there, try to exhaust a little bit nastier. That already was the, uh, basically upgraded every possible thing you could have on this engine. Got Up. Really? That’s what happened. So for those of you either like what an idiot, why would he? Of course he wouldn’t put up Ba and is be true. What’s wrong with you? But the evil mercy lago was back in business. Folks in this thing is birds. Oh wait a minute. You get out on the road to fix a couple little things here and we’ll be rocket.

It’s me and Jimmy and we found a dodge real dude you Lambros took off. I have no idea where you went. Like you Lambros pull a rabbit. I never heard your car. And then you, you must’ve been hauling to get it back. Where you were. You driving at about 5,000 rpm. Vw Is Holland. Oh, a viper. Oh, I see what it is now. I got it. These are the guys who built the sucker. What? No, that’s where the thing was. That’s where I got it. Oh, John Dennis today. So what, how many horsepower is to sing then? Six 82 the tire. So I don’t know what that John, what does that a in a motor that’s straight. This is a straight line. You’re going to lose about 16% to the motor. So the motor is doing 16% more. 10% so 62 more horsepower than half of that again. So you know, 30 zero seven seven something. Wow.

I gotta do something. I got to take the two poll over down, raise it back up because at about 140 well, it turns out it is a bigger problem that we have with this here. Lambo. Apparently putting that v eight engine in it was not a good idea. But while we’re here, I did find Nissan, now we show up and we’d get a dodge and a Nissan. Now this thing used to be black. Got The blue wrap on it. It’s looking really good. This is Ryan Fairbault homes, but it is looking hat, even even park this thing for photography. Look at that. Looks real good. It looks real good. Looks real good. It’s rewarding

live. So we are recording. All right. We’re heading to see Ryan’s fat ass garage. Oh, he’s screaming. Oh Damn. That was bad. Oh, that, that is in the cost of that Dodge Viper. That’ll probably cost 12, maybe $14. Ah, fix that. Well, I need to do is put a rubber.

I know, but it’s a great garden state part where that’s what I did.

There we go. Look at that. See who’s got the bigger, taller they get is a little, yeah, it was insane. And then it’s kind of hard to tell. Oh, that’s like a call out. Thank you. Thank you. My Hood. My Hood appreciates that you Lambros can to do some customizing on your front end. Hold on. Let me see. Oh, uh, the GTR is taller. The car is taller, but the wing is lower. Yeah. The wings though. So yes, I’m his legs. He’s got in his, yeah.

oh wow.

Um, I dunno. I think, I think, uh, Brian saying Brian lifted on him.

Steve, where do you Lambros think your success comes from? Well. Oh, that’s a great question. By the way. First, first I’d like to say my dad without my dad, I wouldn’t have these cars shale. And uh, you mean without Your Dad’s seaman? You wouldn’t have these guns. I don’t know how many guys work for him. I didn’t realize that they call them semen, but I guess he does own a boat. Does that make sense? Keeping it clean? Yeah. Just trying to keep it clean on the channel. Um, okay. We can, we swap drivers now we’re in the evil mercy long ago and uh, we think it’s fixed on Jameson. Whoa. We’re going to go try it out just for fun. But if you miles, how many miles you got on it since you a new inch? 85. Oh my God, they were, we’re gonna have to start to Arkansas or something. He’s into it. He’s tried to strip to Bentonville back. Nope. Doug is 500 miles almost. Yeah. All right, so we’re going to go to this place where people gather. It’s called the gathering place. They have two tunnels that are disappointing, should have one, but they’re better than having no tunnels. Just Tulsa has no titles. That’s what we need to move to Dallas. They got the tire highways that are like tunnels. These guys raced down them all the time. It’s awesome. We should start a tunnel. Fun.

Tulsa tunnel told him the Tulsa to the GTM.

He looks hot.

For those of you who have not seen the inside of a mercy logo, this is not what they look like. Standard Spam. James Mixes it up. Notice how this is all terms I can share to serve the drive and they shouldn’t have been pulled. A passenger seated here. It should be a one man show.

Well me and show. Hi. We’ve got it documented. here we go. All right, get ready. It’s time to hit it.

I’m right here. What the hell was that? And we’ll get him on the way back to the neck. Yeah. Whoa.

We go baby.

Does that rubbing right there?

is a pope. Pope.

Yeah. I don’t know. There’s always a cop there right now. Like it has something to do. Like every time I’ve been down there has been a cop right there.

Get my window

one, here’s something cool.

You Lambros want to hear something cool? Let’s do this.

she was like, Oh God. Oh God. Oh my God. Okay, now let’s get