What up? What up? What up? Welcome to Lambros. I’m laying both Steve and if you’re new to the Tranel, I’m Steve Currington and I today am running around in my Bentley. We’re back in Tulsa. The Lambo is in La hanging out in southern California, but I’m doing a little running around today in the Finley and we’re going to go over to the evil mercy lago, James Teague’s. Maybe try to get a sneak peek of the new rap that’s coming on the mercy. Maybe a sneak peek of the new rep that’s going to go on my Huracan. Uh, we shall see. But in the meantime, Tulsa traffic fears not much different when you’re talking. I mean, it’s almost Christmas and it’s a little bit, it’s a little bit packed. So first we’re going to head over to Jay David Jewelry. Uh, one of my favorite jewelers. We’re going to stop by there and check out, get the rings cleaned, and check out a ring.

Great diamond for Saturday. So we shall see. In the meantime, let’s haul in the Bentley south now in Oklahoma and alluded to only take me about eight minutes to get where I’m going. So be back. Okay. We have just arrived at j David Jewelry. We’ll see if youLambros can see their sign here through my dirty windshield. It’s nasty, but apparently they knew I was coming because the police are already here. So yeah, let’s uh, see if we can get arrested. Sounds like a plan, Stan. Okay. Just left. Uh, Jay David Jewelry, funny story and something that may be fun for later is a, oh my gosh. Back in May after courser rally or before courser rally. Um, I got pulled over by Bixby policing. Just met the officer. Great Guy. Um, uh, apparently I had been reported a few times for driving really fast at 121st and Sheraton, which is why the police were out there waiting for me at four in the morning. So go figure they’re not there anymore, but for a couple of days there. Um, if you Lambros followed my Facebook, I had them on my, on my tail, they were there, but I went and got the Frenchies. There’s Ozzy and Joby hey guy.

They just got cleaned up. They smell good and I got him a treat. And then we’re gonna we’re gonna take these puppies home literally and uh, they, we’re going to head over to the, uh, the Teague mansion and a, I think the garages are almost done. And uh, maybe we’ll get a, we’ll get you  Lambros a preview in here of the new rap for the Lamborghini mercy. A logo. So stay tuned on the highway

and windows down. It’s actually not that cold in Oklahoma right now, surprisingly. What it is rather loud. Go windows down at a hundred miles an hour or so. Get a shot of that.


Okay. We are rolling up to the Teague Evil Mercy Lago Castle and I’m about to show it to you. I think they’re laying summit today. There’s the garage. Lambros want to talk about garage goals? Oh yeah. All that. Look, that’s looking good. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh, the whole corner. Oh man, that is looking good. Good, good. Let’s roll up here and see. It looks like on the front side. First you Lambros got to get in the gate. I don’t to have my garage door opener, my range rovers, Lambo. So let’s get out. They get out and hit the buttons. Ready? Okay. Opening up. Let’s see what’s out of the garage first. Okay. We got a f six 50 okay.

And an expedition. Some construction vehicles, another big truck. I wonder if their home, what are were homie at? What would a homey if we’re going to go do a tour of the house.

Okay, good. Well everybody does. They’re just try buying like gaze out the window, not crashing. Just working back from it and moving it all out. All right, here we go. We’re going to try to get in the front of the garage here. All of this will be done in the next few days. I think I have to go find Jimmy. We’ll be back. Okay, we’re here.

He’s home. But I’ve broken into his house. So I think with the move is, is that we need to find the deer and kidnapped the deer

or call him on facetime from his own living room. Let’s do it. Here we go. Can you Lambros see me? no. Okay.

No, Jimmy, let’s go see what’s happening in the house actually I think, um, I think they’re like moved in over here now. They were saying you Lambros got the Christmas tree was another truck on the mailman’s here. Do you’re out of here. I know. I’ll guess we’ll see what’s happening over here.

Yeah. Well whale. Are there guys finishing it up? Huh? Watching these Mexican work there right now. Actually I was the one guy talking to her. Just listed naked. Hey. Yeah, they’re, they’re down there. Jim. And I was already checking them out. So I said there were gathered jamming to the music. I was checking them out or did see what he did it take, was it like a old time rock and roll or less? It was a little, a Hispanic music getting so yeah. Well they didn’t get on the hall here. What do you Lambros got? Here’s what I see. Like, okay. Obviously have arrived at the t castle. Here we are. We have to get some shots of the rap in the bedroom, but I wanted to see the Mercedes, Mclaren SLR from up here.

Oh, looky here. Just, let’s pretend like we’re not here. Even though he sees my car. I haven’t been driving that cause I’ve been mad. Did you Lambros guys break my car? Hey, the last time I picked it up from John’s, that’s what it looked like. He said, I did it. Okay. Now I did the middle, but it wasn’t that bad. But look on the left side. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You did the middle though. Yeah, but last time I picked it up, he goes, yeah, do you want us to fix that? And I’m like, no, no. It’s been in my inside our walls the whole time. No one here did it. I’m like, yeah, yeah, I bet when was blowing? You know how it goes. Okay. She’s real windy. So now let’s go get the tour of the Kitty Room with the RAF on the wall. Here we go. All over the place. Oh yeah. He does the little like look above there. There’s a skull above the garage.

Yeah. And then on the window seals, when you get upstairs, you look out the windows and on the outside of the window, which you Lambros can’t get to anymore, there’s little shells and skulls and Spartans, and this is going to be the giant garage. So this is the giant garage where all the cars will go. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of parties out here. And obviously glass garage doors. When you drive the cars right out to the pool. She’s pretty fricking hot. And then the garage toilet, more glass garage doors. This giant steel door. Nice. Yeah. Hell yeah. That opens easy. Wants to top off.

That’s what I do in the cement work smell. It’s good salsa. I’ll smooth it out. Tile guy up there complaining about something and I’m thinking, Oh really? What’s his name actually met? So I don’t know if they, I just, I noticed Grindr account looks like, okay, these walls are green now. Nice color is the car bakery. While I love the color. Yes. Oh, you see a little hidey hole so that other one will be framed. Yeah, that goes all the way back in there. Oh really? Nice. I love it. See you got your shirt and I got him the same shirt. You guys are short and brothers. He told me he got something for me I haven’t seen yet. Haley, this randomness right here. Look I won’t, I won’t run.

I have no faith. I have the same uh, not one cause fuck her. That stopped something from the same. I don’t leave the wrap on the babies and what? I haven’t seen the rack. Yeah, it looks good. Should we sign this concrete? Maybe that’s a move. Maybe we’ll go sign the concrete. That would be kind of fun. I look skilled. He did these tables. James did this himself, did all the art on them. You can see down here where the guys are working on the driveway. More drug way to come right there. Let’s go up top to top and let’s go to the third floor to what’s happened.

Here’s what’s crazy look, cause we been here since the bill for the walls or anything. But you Lambros wouldn’t even know. But that’s the third floor. This is cool. And the temp in here is perfect, right? It’s not cold. It’s got hot because it’s, he phoned the entire fricking thing also. This is done. He’s going to put a this door panel out here so you can’t tell, but you got to climb in here and say, well I’ll just turn the light on. Did that took a big kid’s play room dumber. I will no water smoke outside to smoke. Now I’m so proud of you in the past it does open. I’m looking down on the living room.

All these are cubbies. Go back where you Lambros can show stuff that’s all storage and then, well this is cool. Another thing that is look like that. So you come up with just a bookcase, he’s gonna pull a little lever on it and we’ll go thought them goes out more kid’s play room area. Yeah, but see is that holy crap. They put a slide in. I think you are going to have to get on a sec at age. I don’t even know if I’ll clear this line. Wow. That is a headbanger right there. I’m telling you dude, I just tried to do this with my hair. Hold on, let me get you video this.

Okay, I did it. No, the side door over here. Hi. Sorry. It’s Fatty Mcgee’s and then here you are. Boom. Who went all the way up there? All the way down through there and then did that playroom and then use this space called the advocates of cue up. He’s already phoned and okay, we just found deer. Hey man, how you doing kid? Well you don’t want your pet. You, you shouldn’t hear eating like crazy. What are you doing? This is it. This is like the deer is home right here. Wow. Go figure. We gotta go move the fast cars. Well people can wait.

Okay. Its rollout time. We are heading to uh, I dunno. Somewhere shopping or something with the, uh, Mercedes Mclaren and uh, it looks like he’s having a little bit of trouble. Maybe he’s going to have to back that thing up. All right, here we go. We’ll get a video of him

backing up all the way.

so get some uh, rolling shots on the highway and then might be done for the day. So we’ll see you gotta see this thing go though this thing at home.

Okay. Know we are on the highway windows up so everybody can hear rolling behind the Mercedes, Mclaren, SLR. You Lambros see the rear end of that bad boy right there and he’s got this little baby winning up and we’re use the draw and let’s

do your painting. Feels like stepping on it.  that is one 30 ish. I’m not looking at the speedometer, but some people might say one o eight

now we’re going to head down towards the south side of Tulsa. We call it Tulsa hills. That’s where kind of close to where Biko lives and we’re going to go to hit the tires on his car. So we will get a nice little straightaway away here in a second where we can really haul. But in the meantime we’re going to drive on his chart. Treasurer. That’s far from. All right, let’s see if we can get Mikko on an insane fly by windows down. And this is back here, right behind that hauled by. I’ll give him a second.

Okay. People, here we are at Hibdon tires plus not getting tires or wheels for either of these cars dropping off a friend, but I wanted to get a proper look at this is Mclaren, Mercedes, Mclaren, SLR or whatever you call it. And he goes about to open it up that doors up there was kind of that one. Yeah, that’s clinking the hydraulics, little hydraulic years, $700 to put a new shock on it. So yeah, if you want the trunk open. Yeah,

the whole thing. Let’s check it out. Engine

mopar on there. It just kidding. And then this store has got a little limp mode on it, but let’s say the inside, this is what it’s like behind the wheel of a very, very expensive and rare Mercedes. Not very many of these, um, bringing sexy back.


Okay. Yo Yo. All right. We did some shopping out here in Tulsa hills and now we’re done. I think it’s the end of the day. But before we leave and without further ado, further ado, I’m going to jump right into my interview with garage goals officials. So hope you enjoy that. That’s coming up next.

All right, Steve Currington Dotcom. Lambros Steve, I’m here with garage goals official and we’re going to get a few questions that people might want answered by a super successful guy. John, your name,

Maria. Number one, people want to know like, so a guy like you, you’ve got 17 cars, right? So what makes you super successful? We didn’t inherit anything. I mean, I think what makes us successful is that were passionate. I’m passionate about life, passionate about cars, passionate about things, right? So nothing’s free in this world. You’ve got to work for it. You Hustle. And I think that’s what we do exactly. That we just hustled. We find, um, you know, areas within the industries or industries that we think are suffering or we think that we can prosper from it. So we just capitalize on that. We capitalize on what other companies probably are not doing and we just try and do a better job. What’s your main business? What do you do? A real estate. Mostly real estate. Um, yeah, venture capitalists, you know, we invest in other companies but primarily real estate.

So. And then next, what big projects are you working on now? Correlated or not car related? We got four builds right now. They’re all kind of on the hush right now. Uh, definitely. You’re going to be some Internet breakers for sure. We’ll have one of them released right around April, May, 2019 the following one will probably be June. The following after that probably be August, 2019 but they’re going to be out of control. So there’s a big stuff coming from great stuff. More power, more sound, more noise. You know, we love the pop. More gold go. There you go. Good. More bling, bling, the bling, you know. Yeah. So a favorite car. Why? Favorite car? That’s a tough one. I mean obviously that’s why we have so many cars cause you just keep, it’s tough to have a favorite. I think the favorite is the one that were driving that day. Literally had to pay one of those things. Gun to your head, you know. Um, I would say it’s probably going to be the RA I love. It’s so comfortable. It’s fast, it’s super reliable. Took it on the rally after rally after rally. No problem. Last question. So growing up, what kind of car did you grow up? My parents had a Chrysler Lebaron. Nice. So it’s a turbo four cylinder convertible, Maroon Chrysler Lebaron. My Dad’s crazy. He had a white sheet skin seat covers over the front quality, so not even close to Ferrari, not Ra ra, but he sits it all the races, especially the Long Beach Grand Prix, you know, it got in the blood at an early age, RC cars, et cetera. And I think that’s awesome. Thank you so much guys. Appreciate it.

Oh, by the way, thanks for watching a subscribing and make sure that you Lambros click on notifications.