Okay. We have just arrived to Kryptonite customs. Kay Kay Reps. Dot. Coblay this truck and this is their new location. So let’s go in here and check it out. Welcome to Christmas Eve. I’m Steve currington.com. What’s that? Sounds like fun. Yeah, it will be. So we just met a new super car owner in Tulsa just sitting at Starbucks. So I wanted to get, this is actually a pdf engineer’s supercharged.

Whoa, Whoa, whoa. What the caprice doors off. This thing is hot. Love the gray. I wanted to get a,

you’re new to the channel. I’m Steve currington.com. Lambros Steve, let’s see if we can get some ribs out of this guy.

We’ll at least get them taken off.  we’ll see.

Got It. I think it’s so pretty.

I’ll tell you

what, I love my lambo, but that are eight. Oh my God, that thing looks hot. That is hot if ty. So we’ll add them to our group chat and um, uh, hopefully we’ll get some more shots of him in the future, but let’s listen and see which way he goes. See if we can hear him.

oh, that’s sexy.

What is up? What is [email protected]? Uh, kind of take two for the day. It started the day with getting a look at a super sweet Ra, which I’m sure you Lambros just saw. But now I’m with James t mercy logo. It is a Christmas eve and we’re doing our shopping like we do every Christmas Eve. But we’re here picking up food for the FAM. And then guess what? Bonus. We’re going to go see the ramp on the mercy logo. We’re going to get a sneak peek of what that’s gonna look like. So stay tuned. We’ll be back. All right, so we have just a lot the hello fresh market with a ton of food for Christmas. But uh, we still have the air horn. So a must scare the crap out. Anita, what do you Lambros think, James? Don’t fine. Here we go. Didn’t even scare. Nope, that is weak. You need a better horn. Nothing’s loud.


that’s definitely, what are you Lambros even talking about? We, you’re hurt from that into your mind.

If I do it in the car, you guys will have a word in each. Here’s her, your damage. Okay. Uh, we are headed over to Kryptonite customs. We’re going to go check out the rap on the Lamborghini. Mercy Mulago. Apparently the air cannon was not as effective on Nita because James said my air cannon is weak and we need to get a different one weak sauce. So we’re going to hop in and haul over to broken Arrow and, uh, get some video of the costs of mischief. What is this? The mockup and the rendering of what this car is gonna look like. So I may share bits of pieces of that, but you gotta stay tuned.

okay. We have just arrived to Kryptonite customs. Kay Kay Reps. Dot. Connolly. This truck, and this is their new location. So let’s go in here and check it out.

Nice floors. Whoa, Whoa, whoa. What is this? That looks, that must be the sample that we’re talking about. So let’s go. God, this is nice. Hey Kristen, here you were. Jet Blast. Dangerous. She doesn’t read tiny gas lines. I’m going to do the same thing. We’re going to be matching what have you in that cooler? Yes. String. Sickening how cool it is. You’re excited about it.

Rock artists who are my excited about it.

Let’s check this out. The no step, I can’t show it here, but you Lambros can actually laugh right now. It’ll be on the other side. Different ones. I made them look like they’re little target out here. Like their laser engraved in the middle. Okay. Yeah, that’d be Kinda cool. Yeah. The spoiler and the, if you look in there, you put a cause your, if you look, they all your events, they’re there, right? They have that same love for kind of spruce it up, almost like chain down. Right. And then that’s in the backgrounds and then that’ll be what’s on the spoiler and on the flaps. And then I’ll have sky off the one side on the top of the spoiler into that. Can you do a different color in here?

But that’s what, what I want to do do green. So it looks like it’s glowing. Yeah. Try Card. Yeah, you can do that. Can we do green on one side and red on the other? Yeah. Oh my God. I’m excited. Let’s go look at the new shop. Let’s see. Can we get back to the new shop? How do we get, Oh, here’s the door. That’s a potty. Let’s go see another potty. Oh, it must be this way. Oh, there’s a new shop. There’s evil right now. Dear God, this place is huge. Oh my God. Yup. And here’s get the sucker clean. There is evil, mercy logo, free wrap with the carbon. No, this wide body mercy logo is looking hot, but if you need some, a wrap done. People always ask, well, we’re getting reps done for James Reappears, Lamborghini Don. He’s done it several times. Chris over Kryptonite customs in broken Arrow, but look at this place is huge.

And then over there that’s like you Lambros storage. He was like, I want to say it’s three times as big as his old shop. This is redonkulous through this fricking wrap on this plane and is SRT. He’s taking the wrap off. Little known fact on the SRT. Look, air intake, head life disguised as a headline. But it’s here and take. This one’s a friggin hot, but woo, look at that. Would you look at that? So that’s the tour of the place. Here comes Jimmy. What do you Lambros think, dude? Thank you man. Oh yeah, new rafts. Oh yeah. Instead of Washington by just redraft them. Three rapid. Hey, Georgia new bag or what can new beds come in or was that grilling everybody? Guys, they come up and grab his bad. Try to pull it off on the way. Jesse, these come up, these rays that right down. In fact it’s, he was sat right down. You’re supposed to need to be recalibrated. Yes, I recalibrated them last time, but they suck in air. Fake. Yeah. Look how dirty. That crapping insane. I’d drive my kids. The rain handle, I don’t share. That puts a big rooster tails out the wheel.

Now we could go either crop here or we could even do under here. This is the creative process. Oh right. You want it in that same grape style. One of the ideas too, you know how when you do stamp metal, how are highlighted? Can you do that piece of metal and cut the lettering? There would be a shadow side and river. We talked about this, but I do a lot of Batman stuff and I need to be able to like, I need to put a badge on here so we’ll need to have like the two plating where we played on both doors so that we can stay up.

It is loud in here, Huh? Yeah, in the shot a lot bigger dude. It’s like, that’s what I was saying. I think it’s like four or five times as big as the other one. That is nuts, dude. Do you have any of our cars we could get in here? James? We need to do a car event here again, we’ll do two, but you can fit like twice as many cars in here as the other one. Maybe even four times as many cars. I didn’t work on it for the hood and that might work for the door to, okay. Yeah. As long as we’ve got two big places, then that’ll work. That’ll be something we can put on and take back off. Keys, House keys. [inaudible] okay. Hey Bro, did you Lambros notice there’s like a little bitty spot? Oh yeah. Yeah. You got to get that food dirt everywhere. Three hot. I’m ready. Let’s go. We have a little bit back for the actual real rep once it’s done. All right. Oh wait, windows. This is ending it. All right. This is all part of the creative process here. James, let me measure you. That’s the only one you got and you need a bigger one. Oh yeah, that’s, we got, that might be too short. Yeah. So I can move it around. You will not be able to see any of this. This is super secret. All right, let’s do it. This dish looks like in the sun on the Bentley. Dude, I should do that. Oh yeah. Now you want the bullet holes. It’s a never ending designed. It’ll never end.

Okay. Uh, here we are. Me and uh, Mercy Lago, James Tig, evil mercy is, and that is the end of today’s blog. We just got, I hope you liked the previews of what the [inaudible] gonna look like for the mercy logo. I think it looks hot. I think you’re going to take it to the top one to the actually on the car. So check it out. And as always, subscribe, like comment, turn on notifications, all that stuff. We got more shenanigans coming, so just

stay do later. Yeah.