The proper. And now this fish right here is for south. And like James said, first come, first serve. We can unload this piece of crap. Environment Killing Lamborghini, gas guzzling flame throwing piece of crap. Got Dang. What up? What up? What up at Steve Currington dot comments early in the morning on a day one day, and I’m here with the Lamborghini now. Super Awesome News. Maybe, I don’t know, maybe it’s good news. Maybe was talking to his friends on it. What you Lambros think, but it’s done. It’s not ghetto anymore. Well, maybe it’s still ghetto because I own it. But look at this. You remember the video basically sat in this spot, but it was broken and now it’s not broken. Last piece has been put on this beautiful piece that came off at 175 miles an hour faster. And now the car, my desk in my office, it’s like sitting in my office and then upgrade that caused all of this was those LEDs. So let’s show you here. There’s a switch under there.

That’s the idea Lambros, right there is a life debt, freaking engine bay, multiple colors. Now people, Mercy Lago is getting the engine swap with the Cobra engine. It’s amazing. Less horsepower, less emissions, better for California. It’s awesome. But same. Beautiful sound. I’m excited. I know you Lambros are. All right, we’re here. Today is the day ladies and gentlemen, you guys recognize this guy. It’s evil. Mercy logo. Getting the motor mount. You pull mercy logo right there. And this one going on Ebay just yanked it out. How much did he get to that? B 12 engine. Plenty good. Oh that’s good. So good. So we’re going to lower it down into the engine bay and then you guys are gonna Hook Up. So you’re going to have to put some brackets and some other stuff. The other thing to fit right.

Let me get around here. Wow. And so tell it, cause everybody’s asking like why am I, what would you Lambros do this? I mean, what’s the reason? The last time we were in California on the run, I ran into a lot of people out there that we’re constantly talking about how irresponsible we word or are, you know, to the economy and to the, to the nature. I’m sorry, the environment. And I agree with them. I mean these Big v 12 look at this thing compared to that. Yeah. And just the admissions, it was just terrible. So I said, you Lambros know what, a guy can have a super car with the looks and, and be responsible to the environment. And that’s, that’s it. I want to be responsible and have a nice car and it looks good. And we’re also going to use a Kircher headers off of, off of a super bike. It’s going to sound exactly like the regular V12. You won’t be able to tell the difference. I don’t. No, you won’t be polluting the environment. That will be good.

It’s gonna look good. Oh, we got plenty of room. I’m excited about it. I know you Lambros guys are set about it. I won’t bore you with all the details of how they put engines in, but here we go. All right, I’m back. We just ran into our first problem. Uh, we hooked this thing up on the lift, the crane, whatever you want to call this. The Cherry picker. Let’s suckers backwards. Oh, good. You can turn it. Oh, thank God. Hey James, make sure you get a new uh, uh, oil filter. Yeah, I mean just want to make sure. No, I mean I’m just saying like make sure you get like any wolf filter. Is this where the clutch will go? We’re going to have or how much you throw out. Trust me, we get done. You will know the difference between the way this VA cobra sounds in any Lamborghini, mercy, Lago proper, anything, the proper depth.

And now this fish right here is for south. And like James said, first come, first serve. We can unload this piece of crap environment killing labor. Gene, did you Lambros swab gas? Does one plane throwing piece of crap? Got Jack. Well you’re bursting here goes boom. Fast forward to my garage. Oh my gosh. Okay. I had to cut off the video because things are getting real with the mercy logo. Uh, but the exciting thing is is the next video you will see that which swayed on a couple things. You will see that mercy lago ripping it because what I didn’t tell you is a few months ago he took out the all wheel drive out of that and then obviously with the Cobra engine swap suckers, rear wheel drive. Now less horsepower, right? Less emissions, better for the environment. Just like Jimmy said. Okay. Not like these guzzlers right here, that w 12 that’d be 10 okay. But the benefit is better for the environment and I think the Huracan can like kill the mercy now. So be ready because when it’s time, we’re going to get some bad to the bone video of the Lamborghini Huracan and the Lamborghini Mercy Logo Cobra, ripping it around, donuts are coming. Get ready.