When we take off, let’s pop a wheelie. No, what? I’m going to launch right now into Damon’s car.

What is up? Lambros it, Steve currington.com. Lambros Steve, I am in Huntington Beach, California on the Pacific Coast highway. You see the Lambo on the ground. You see the ocean and the beach. And today is an epic day. I wish I knew how many Lamborghinis we’re going to be there, but there’s going to be a lot. I’ll just tell you Lambros that it’s lambo fest. The second annual 70 miles Saturday limbo fest in Huntington Beach. And there’s going to be all ammos. It’s only lambos loud. I can’t wait to see what’s there. Maybe we’ll have something crazy. I don’t know if we’ll have a, uh, Chintan reo there. I don’t know if we’ll have, I don’t know what we’re going to have, but we’re going to have a ton of her cons. I guarantee there’ll be some, uh, some, uh, mercy logos probably. They’re probably have a few event, the doors. And, uh, let’s check out this view. You have my dad’s lambo sitting on the beach. But first, before we do that, you must show up to Lambeau fest with a full tank of gas. So we will go get gas and then once we gas up, we’re going to head straight to the events. See who’s there. We’ll get there early and uh, get it all in action. Pokay it’s gasoline time and uh, so let’s get some gas. Here we go. We’re at the extra mile gas enough.

Kay homies were all gassed up. Raise this sucker up to get out of this parking lot. And um, I think we’re about a three minute drive or so from a, almost got hit by a hybrid, a Nissan. Um, I think we’re about four minutes from the event that we’re going to the launching of Lambeau fest. So we’re going to haul down to golden west Butler golden water. This is called colon water. Okay. See some lamb bows to the left. Uh, here comes the fun. Now we’re early, so I don’t know how many are going to be here, but uh, we’ll roll in right now and check it out. Give us a green. Come on baby. Maybe I should just run this red light. I’m just going to run it turned green. I was about to break the law.

here we go. Here. Okay. No, that, uh, cars have arrived to. Let’s get a, I don’t know, maybe like a run through here, um, of what we have. This is the guy auto section down here, so you can’t really do call this thing.you Lambros wouldn’t cry shit on it. Now.  a twin turbo and then another Huracan he’s taken out. So twins. Wow. That’s the lineup. People. I’m going to get some pics.

Here we go. I’ll show you. Got Out of jail. It does. He didn’t really good with that or those Decosta hell yeah, I can do for now. Practice to just support until we get him off. He’s going to stick it on your windshield, Travis. That’s going to be really tough. It’s gonna be hey Bobby. Right? Oh, right, right. Yeah, exactly. He’s all right. He’s all like covered up like it’s called [inaudible] sticker to critiquer. [inaudible] is that a pain or would [inaudible] wow. Goodness. You Lambros see? Oh Man. Did you guys killed it? So sick. I was just watching the video of you in my car when, when, uh, Parker, I knocked the doors off right after you got a super charger. That was hilarious. I was creeping back on my turn out. Good man. Looks good. Came out like the blue seats to shoot. That scene is so, so, so, um, awesome. Okay. It’s time to haul.

that was pretty hot. Good job. Super Proud. oh, that’s so sick. All right.I didn’t even watch okay, no sticker for me that way.  hey there. I like, every time I walk away he rubs it and I’m like [inaudible] okay, this is the official take off. So here we go. Ready to load up and drive. Okay. We are about to take off from whatever the spot is and uh, here comes the sweet murdered out her from  Hey was performing the that’s what I meant to say was super luxury. [inaudible] Hey, look, when we take off, let’s pop a wheelie  gonna launch right now into Damon’s car. um, we have, we have miles and miles, 70 miles for big tech bar verbal when a woman driving too much power for you Lambros lady okay. Oh, it’s white. Yep. That’s the popular white . Did you Lambros the fricken exhausted. Where do we get our sheet belt back on?

Trump. Trump. Trump problem with John Trial. All of this on up and taken on driving wise guys in the street in as sweat and I hang on, I’m on, I call them my John John Trauma drawn on the grovel groggily job problem. Munch on played phone. I’ve been no as, I must go. Your holes. Anybody in your own is called [inaudible] and nick was it again that way drive was bullshit. They get your balls.

it’s all right. We’re rolling out to the lunch stop or a few miles away. Stopped at Dana Point. Uh, just missed

one and I, my brother ran into all of this ozone on look on in. Is that Emma switching or compliment auto? My, his ABG waking up earlier morning up was on new whip and get on with this shit about window. All of up

rolling up to the lungs. He bought momentarily. I’m trying to [inaudible] I got out and head of everybody for a second. Kind of almost with the wrong way. So we were hanging back behind the camera. Mark [inaudible] we’re making with Alex choice and too wide body [inaudible] murdered out with a little baby Lamborghini. Somebody that’s about to happen right here. I have a feeling something’s about to happen.

oh, it’s fine. Okay. Just finished up lunch and we’re going to roll out and go to an undisclosed location and maybe see if can do some donuts

in a driveway. Just don’t have time.