Yo. Yo, what up? It’s Steve currington.com. Lambros Steve. Hey, I am on Rodeo drive. It is Friday night. Uh, last minute hopping a plane, fly to la. My good buddy Darrell picked me up in my own car. I can check my Instagram feed into that, but, uh, did that video down here, but, uh, decided, uh, earlier today that I would, um, probably like 11 o’clock this morning. I’m like, I think I’m gonna go to La. So here I am. Uh, obviously the car is here, so, uh, he just picked me up. It’s late here. It’s uh, it’s 2:00 AM Tulsa time, so it’s midnight in La and we’re about to get into some shenanigans tomorrow, but, uh, maybe we’ll get some tunnel runs tonight. I don’t really know what’s going to happen, but it just wanted to check in here. Is it soon Tayga Tayga.

So we’re just going to hang out on road Dayo and maybe like get some shots. There’s another Bentley coming by Bentley convertible. There’s also a GTR up there. We’ve got Darrel hanging out, hiding over here. And, uh, let’s check out the car. What’s that? It’s Lambros Steve. So there’s Mr Daryl back there and uh, we’ll be back soon. All right. We’re hanging out here on Rodeo drive. I am just going to set the camera up on top of my car because I don’t know what kind of action we’re going to get, but there’s a lot of cars coming by. I mean it’s midnight out here, but we’ll see what we can get.

We got them. I know. I do have to hold on. I know you’re gonna the side. Once you get into this. Oh my God, these Lambros are looking rich. I love rich people. This is so cool. Oh my God. It’s a ghost. It’s great. It’s, it’s a rate that it goes, the new one disappears whenever you goes away. I’m sorry to see you guys designed like this goes down right away. Okay. All right Lambros. We’ll let you get out here. I’m going to be, are you leaving? What’s your tag? And I’m going to have to Beverly hills cop. It’s like a hybrid. It probably is. It’s probably really monback. Monback watch him smack, right? The Firmagon. It’s so cool. I mean it really is.

That was cool. His name was hall. He’s a good dude, but I’m telling you I won’t be able to, I will not be able to read anything he booked. So where do you want it all to you now? Lambo Daryl here. Oh Man. This thing so crooked are, there we go. Libro Daryl and I are going to go find some shenanigans to get into. Boom, boom, boom, boom. It’s Saturday morning. Uh, we are in Huntington Beach, California. We did a little running around last night, uh, down road Dayo met some Lambros with a sweet Rolls Royce. That was pretty cool. But I found my local tropical smoothie this morning. Got on all Buchalado with some energizers. B12 and uh, I’m ready to rock today. We’re going to hit the PCH. Essentially we’re doing a, and you call a mini 70 miles Saturday with the Lambros over protective film solutions. I don’t know who’s going to show up. I don’t know. He’ll be there. I Know Daryl will be there. I’m not sure whatever cars will be there. But first we’re going to zip on down to the carwash and a wash. The stucco try to go for Daryl wakes up pretty early so we can start this thing. Oh yeah,

for me. So it’s um, seven 30. We see rolling out at her up. She’d be rolling out of the maybe eight 30 or feet at PFS. Fanny. We’re gonna run down here to Omaha to got rammed. My boss at the car wash and all I got to go to around here. Rainbow Boulevard at Garfield Park Ranger now. yeah. Or some more. would you like to live in this neighborhood and have somebody on bricks at seven 30 in the morning on Saturday. All right, let’s see what happens. Power and off door. Open door. Close back on.

GPS connected.okay. I’ve been sitting here on the side of the road. Crying was 35 seconds. I pulled out on the highway and a Strada, uh, one awesome. Okay. We’re at the car wash and Xero just drove up, but he said he can’t find me because my cars around back, so I’m gonna run up. Well, I’m going to dodge traffic here. I’m going to run up. So hind him, he got to drive through me. Your money flow. Shit. You scared. Is this your Dad’s? Yeah, she let me borrow it. carspotting at its finest, sir. Do you want me to hand her your payment?

My gay friend Darrell. Darrell that happens. Do you need to reload bro? I know. I’m so broke ass bitch. Sorry. I’ll bleep that out. what you Oh my God. Switching switching road at night with rolling that. Listening where I’m able to say with anguish in the streets are made with the painted stave strips to lister meets. We fallen stupid. We’d be happy to never get notes up. No one had a glimpse of what it’s like a baby Cameron freakish. Oh my God. That’s a conscious man. Did you get the Catholic and birds? right?  so guard solo performance products, folks racing as us work. Martin show show show.

They want you Lambros to come get a car wash. All right, here we go. Probably telling me I need a carwash. Yeah, you Lambros might. Yeah. Okay. I see you. I’m a child. I saw an air thing and I’m like, it’s over. How you doing? Hey, your car doctors. Yes. All right, my friend. You stock wheels started sound stock. It is never right. Is Your car stock broke? Is it sounds style. sounds  sound stock. okay. Times four, right behind Darryl. And we’re going to listen to his wicked exhaust, Marietta Toyota truck on the race. As you look at the hurricane, this thing is like we’re kids loud. up here we’re going to make your rate will be at PFS. gt three cup. What does that even mean?

okay. Everyone has arrived we think. And uh, I wanted to get a quick line up of the cars that are here, um, before anybody takes off. So, um, I’ll start down here with one of these Porsches. Oh, looky there. There’s a nice little um, Lamborghini Uris back there. So, uh, we got Porsche

Lambo. Look at the wheel. This one Camaro, a little accurate sex TTR, she knew it. Eight flip app.com, but let’s, let’s remember that. And I get this r eight sick. Matt with Green. I love that tank Blue Ferrari. There’s a little gts. No, the red paint on the rinse. It looks good. Clear gt s and then we’re doing driver’s meeting here. We’re going to want to stay really condensed, so try to get through lights quickly get out and we’ll spread out a little bit. She’s the Porsche Ferrari gt three Rs. Eddie your car Ferrari. Another portion. Sweet caddy. And then FTN rally lambo wanted to hang out down here. So this is him. That’s the lineup. And uh, I think we’re leaving at five so we’ll get the rollout when we rolled out.  well, I’ll be back when I have more battery that someone just rose to their  we’re going go right here.

okay, thank you. We got a little book divergent checking where we were getting gas and new river police siren. So we’re going to try to stack the drew here. We got direction. that car wars. We’re going to do that. We catch your place Lambros. There’s a lot of time, a lot of radar. here we go. Okay. We fast forward that to the Cajun rolling behind a Toyota Camry now, but a girl and I have been unsuccessful in passing, you Lambros know, because why did they start turning? I’m not blaming Daryl, but it’s definitely his fault. I would, I love you. Just take that back. I wouldn’t blame there other people, other people would say, this is all Darryl’s fault. I’m not going to say that. No one. I’m saying definitely haven’t. That’s okay. road you Lambros can navigate enough and drivers, that’s a proper plot line.