Bro, you’re walk around here. I’m videoing back the fuck off job. It was a setup and some other guy over there was mad because I was filming and didn’t see him. So it’s nerve wracking grabbing a house around, right? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. What’d you Lambros do today? Drove my dad’s house. That’s all. Yeah, I’ll be up there around nine 30. Myrons going at nine 30. I think we have some, a supercar homeys there’ll be there. They say nine, but we’ll probably be nine 47 they’ll show up. Just good. But we’re going to wipe this sucker down. Make it look pretty. Pull some of those stickers off and ripped blue. There we go.




Woo. That was some work. We just labeled up the car and uh, we’re heading to the caffeine and gasoline and Tulsa at a hundred eighth more. Here we come. We’ll be rocking in and let’s see who else comes. I don’t Myron, I’ll be there. Myron, which truck you bring? Your big truck. What are you bringing? Bringing on? Bring the roles. He’s bringing the roles. He’s bringing Austin’s mom’s car. Huh?

Car. Hey, uh, we made it to the CAF and gas with the for got the Mexican flag. Lambo Mexican again. Land Lambo. We met a new friend. He has an ra. It’s just like a lambo except slower. Shut your mouth. You’re just jealous. You got to put a wrap on your car to make it look cool. Oh No, I’ll do lock your car, Bro. I like the carbon, the carbon, the remote control car in the front. God dammit. Carbon. Carbon. Carbon Gang. Carbon. Carbon. Carbon. Are you rich? No, I’m rolling. If you bought a car, do this. Really does look good. Alright, so you all, I’m guessing you have, well, it says Boston, but I don’t see Boston wheels. You liked the Ballston though. Dude. Drive the saying. It’s like I’ve been driving in, man. It’s dusty. I know it’s dusty because I drive it. I’m just telling you that I’m going a grayish white Suzuka Greg, you’ll be good.

That’s a what? Zucker Greg and learn. It’s awesome. It’s better than yours. And I’m sorry I had to do this to you. I didn’t want to do this. I do. I love it. All right. Where did you meet? You ran into Jim somewhere cause he added you to the group. Uh, Jim. I met him on a Maserati. I want to see the Holden over there and then I’m going to put this on someone’s car. I haven’t decided who you’re going to see. What’s crazy is that gold when it’s by those wheels, it looks exactly the same, but when you put it on that green, it almost sounds like a, a red hue to it. But dude, I have so many cigarettes. He has an entire freaking a table of just one giant sheet and there’s probably like 75 stickers. A bunch of these, a bunch of Steve, are you Batman? No. James is Batman. Got All the switches and shit in there. Oh, I hit switches on that. The dildo. See how far does it go? How far did something good? Yeah. Well I’m about to show you

my dad’s. All right, you’re going to have to help them.

Help me, help me. My Dad’s also, someone’s getting this one too.

Hey Daddy,

this is sweet. I’m going to love the interior of it. Mom for me. I had to have a bigger battery. Oh, I like that. The paint that she’s looking at, that kind of love the pain. Dude. You have done it to this car to man while we wait until done. Oh Wow. I just remember when it was stock. Any stock stock. Those are my factory wheels box. Nice. And then you add it, you locked up that back out. That blocked up the roof. Black up the spoiler. How’d that painted? And then all my term kids are all blocked out. Nice. And I got my little Holden kiss my ass badge on the front. She’s nice. What’s cool about this is no one knows what it is. That’s why I love it. Like, yeah, no one, they, they’re like, what is that? Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about, don’t worry, it’s my dad’s, don’t worry about it.

Oh, that’s uh, it’s like, uh, I think it’s one of those like a kit car, Ford Gt type thing. You like, you buy the engine and then they send you the chassis for maybe not just might be some other guy. Nope. Yeah. All right. We’re almost out of a microphone. It’s almost dead. So get my sick, this sucker out to get ready for it. You don’t make it to the steering wheel. Fell off. Drive it that way. Yeah, that sucks. How’s he going to drive it home? Drive it like this. You didn’t know Tom in your niche and my back’s hurting. Well that’s the engine. It seems like that hat would mess with the air intake. Not Bad before you today with your hands. Yeah, no problem. Getting in and out. That’s right. I like the Lambo. Oh thanks man. I’ll see you. Your [inaudible] just powder coated them. Yup. Thanks man. Go follow my youtube. I have like that wasn’t even recording to Lambros drive. He did it. He did? Yeah. Yeah. Hey, turn left. [inaudible] turn left. Yeah. [inaudible]


90 minutes. There you go. Wallets. Drabby [inaudible] in front of that car. It’s spoken up. Those windows. Do that again. All right, we’re good. Just shrug it off and a little bad boy was here, uh, for caffeine, gasoline run. But this is a 55 replica, but I’ve done it more. But you’re too weak of a little bitch so didn’t want to melt the snowflake. You out here instead of trouble. You’re going to get on whatsapp because we’re putting everybody on that app we’re doing away with the other big. Yeah, because they’re, you can’t feel you only 35 on me. He still post pictures, videos, everything cheaper. Real pulled in there like that.

I’m sitting right here buddy. Good job. It was a setup and some other guy over there was mad because I was filming. I didn’t see him. So welcome to do. Absolutely. You want to keep coming here. I’ll suggest we are. That’s where we get kicked out of places and they have to keep moving. It is because people do that crap. Understand. So I am like hot rod my car too Bro. I got no problem. But you literally like driving 70 down this bumpy ass road and there’s cars here so you get above slam into somebody in the wrong, we apologize. Yeah, I own my mistakes but we set that whole thing up cause we were at, he’s not even pissed. Oh really? We were stood out to screw with you Lambros.

Let’s go. Let’s go slap in the face. You Lambros don’t understand. I walked by that guy right there and I wasn’t paying attention to that guy in that, that gray brown jacket was standing there and he goes, I’m standing here buddy. And I’m like, oh, you’re good. Sorry man. And he goes, I am good. I’m like, fuck you dude, you can’t, you see I’m trying to get video of this action over here. The guy in the gray like leather jacket. So I just turned around and said, hey, it looks like it got, but you know what I’m saying? He’s like, instead of just like saying, excuse me, he’s like fired up. We were totally screwed with you. I was going to come over and I was going to come over and baby slap you in the face like this. Oh, we’ll see. I don’t mind Steve like yelling, but I fired that guy up.

He was, but I, her cheese over there laughing now. He was probably just screwed with it. The same like, yeah, yeah. You can’t use, can’t use. Yeah. Like I was going to do it on memorial. Yeah cause cause like they will like someone in here, there’s like half the people that are out here want to look at the cars. But as soon as you hot rod, they’ll call management up here. Whoever manages rescue as Makarov. I kind of coach them into it. A little antagonizing. It’s all good. I’m gonna go. A lot of people thought maybe you were a homeowner. At least you’re not your last name. Everybody would have died. I don’t hate 20 bucks. 20 bucks. 30 Bucks, 40 bucks. I need to get you Lambros a homo seeker. As long as he didn’t do it, he drives the Mustang. See everybody would’ve died.

Everyone’s gone today. Purple, gay per day. Per Person. Gay, Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay. Just want to make sure if I heard that. Oh that looks awesome. That correction so bad. It’s so many schools. Do you know if anybody else would come? Was it right here? You Lambros just have to keep texting. Yeah. All right. Kevin and gasoline is almost over, but we just saw a really cool Camaro. Now, this was Emma’s previously favorite car, but this is his Lamborghini taillights. This is awesome. You get a Lamborghini tail. I on the Camaro. Good. And then little little touches like this. I put the SS in the, uh, we put like tent over the topics up of the SS. Pretty good sweet. The ravager. So we are getting ready to meet up with a customer than I did a loan for so that we can let our kids check out the Lambo. We’re going to do that here in just a few minutes. Um, but as you can see, the party has kind of cleared out and uh, we’ll regroup at two because there’s a big party happening at Michael’s house with the grayish white are eight. So you’ll have to check it out.

Can you Lambros video just in case I want to use it for my youtube channel. Hi Kids. Hi. How fast? You Lambros can drive this thing really fast. Probably like 200. Yeah, I have the key. He’s not doing nothing. What do you think? Brown? Yeah, your name. [inaudible].

Oh Man. Hey there.