Okay. I just picked up Eddie Hall. What up Eddie? What up? What are we going to pick up? I don’t know. I’ve heard of or picking up a car and I will just tell you Lambros that it isn’t orange lava orange and it is fast. So we’re going to get the entire, uh, pick up an unloading of ply car logistics. Picking up the car over here. Tarjay so, uh, get ready because here we come.


okay. We’re here. And uh, the surprise is over because Eddie, the proud owner of a wood that is support. What year is that? A 16 2016 Porsche

g t three

Rs. Which is the difference a little bit because Joe has the gt three, the white one,

gt three,

not rs. The RS means real fast. It’s real fast. Oh yeah, we’re good. Okay. Alright. Okay, well above the Aston

No, I told you Lambros it was orange.

it’s simply the, the back tires on that bitch are ridiculous.


buddy. Right. Let’s do this. You’re right up on here.

I’ll ask him.

well, in the previous year is huge.

dude, I’m serious. It’s a serious machine, but there’s, there’s no gas in it. Oh yeah. Well I need gas too, so that’s a total look right there. That’s cool. Behind the plate. Nice little high spot. No one, I’m them runs. Actually I’m watering them. No, there’s a little rubber stopper room, Mag. Well engineer, they’ll scratch on that strange feeling.

[inaudible] so

when I pulled this down, um, other,

you Lambros want me to let you down first? Uh, no. You’re not going to come out on these are you? Yeah, you Lambros will come all the way on there.

I, I will also basically

being 10 feet off the ground. Standing here are not falling.

I’ll do it. Yo, I got this. It says really low. I need gas anyway. We’ll make a run. Actually, you Lambros know, this is kind of an insurance nightmare. I don’t want it. Oh yeah. You want me to get down? You do that or would you mind? Uh, I’ll do is, I’ll get it very close to this side.

Yeah. And then I’ll just squeeze around it. Yeah. Just like if you Lambros could, uh, no, I’m good. I got it. Yeah. With your buddy. Again, navigate. He won’t run me over 11 eight. Your toes are just yell. I’ll holler at you. I’m over here guiding you. Alrighty. I’m part of the, I’m the party planner. Hey Eddie.


If I die, you Lambros can have my lambo.


Well, I mean, I’ll have to ask my dad first, but I think he’ll be cool with it.

Let’s get the start up. Okay. I’ll be able to walk around the side. You Lambros think you’re fat? Yeah.

Something. Here we go, buddy.

Oh yeah.

Uh Huh.

hey, this thing is sweet.

Okay, so let’s see. Uh, I already gave you a quick rundown, but let’s see. Now that that’s out, I want to, I want to pay attention to this Aston Martin here.

What is this thing? Two door? I like the back of it. I don’t know what it is though, because I’m not really an Aston Martin person, but those of you that are, will appreciate whatever that is right

about to go for a run. We’re going to go get on the highway. You Lambros get on the turnpike and then go find, what do you guys think? Nitro cold brew. Ha. There’s a new one in Tulsa at Aspen by the Warren Theater. So we’re going to go there. There’s a big parking lot. This thing is bad to the bone and wait till you hear it. I’ll get some video. Um, probably right now as we take off, I’ll just leave this sucker running and um, I’ll leave mine and Stratta I dunno if I can leave my instructor. You can’t drive it and Stratta we’ll go course. Uh, or a sport ese support. Here we go. So we’ll try to try to keep up one handed.

[inaudible] [inaudible] please do. Please do. [inaudible] for us actually. Wow.

Bye. Let’s get behind this here. Gg. Three yards.

This thing is really pretty bad. [inaudible] just the wing alone. I mean like at the Wayne [inaudible] said that burnt orange color. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] quiet. [inaudible] [inaudible] definitely have this. We’re not driving very fast because I been bringing this guy, it’s about to come for grain. Always. [inaudible] I have to go out past [inaudible]. [inaudible] [inaudible] you don’t like the bumps are stuff that structurally wrong with it. You don’t like the box on a different road. [inaudible] you don’t like the bugs? Just [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] go around, go around, go around. That’s a signal. There you go. [inaudible] [inaudible]

all right. Okay. Okay, let’s go through a whole battery today with Eddie still. We just got the Starbucks, of course. Nitric Cobra, by the way. Now available in many locations. Well, two locations in Tulsa and soon to be more, um, but we’re going to haul back to elm and get back on the highway. Maybe we’ll get some, it’s actually raining a decently

and uh,

but anyway, we’re going to go, we drive our cars. Okay. We don’t care about the rain, so we’re gonna go, uh, get back on the highway. Do Some, oh, helps me put my seatbelt on. You get back on the highway and go Holland. I guess it’s four o’clock at the hall one way and then the only other way.

oh, how stealth mode right there, buddy.

well go into automatic mode and

well, I’m gonna Chase Eddy down, uh, with the alibi camera in my hand and, uh, maybe we’ll have an update soon. He says he’s got to track it. I don’t know. Maybe we’ll go get some track video in September. Beautiful car though.