Good. Chanel, you watching this alone? My other 363 viewers. As long as you Lambros didn’t know, pulling people off when you’re driving a McLaren is expected. We know you hit your car. We hate it too. What up? What up? What up at Saturday morning. You get does a one week almost from the start of the rally and we’re leaving Tulsa getting ready to go meet up with Nico with Frankie Shell notes. Exhibit. Yes. Can’t have McLaren and then true rally farm. Where am I? What? I wake up this morning and there’s got turned on. It just got new towels. I just got new wheels. I just got everything. You look, this is the crap that happened. Uh, Maddix low on how

Oh my God, this sucks. We’re in Chikum Carine Mexico. Frank said if you Lambros need gas, so shell,

uh, guess that Claren has 70 miles left. I don’t think we’re getting gasoline here as not a good place. I’ve been a little premature there and you know, it sucks even worse.

Come on, come on.

uh, it ain’t going. Oh, you’re Lambros holding my phone and call him. Call Him. Call him and Sean. Sean, I’ve been drinking and driving by Lambros speeding. I was read at an angle. If you’re on my phone, I’m on leave me alone. I’m going to back off as much on Charles Coleman. Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump. Trump called John up and drinking on driving by Jason is treated and that’s what it, I ain’t going on. Call him a drunk, drunk, drunk, drunk, drunk. We boom. Here we are. We are in between like whether bird and Amarillo, Megan are weighed and Albuquerque, New Mexico, but there’s this sneaky little McLaren behind us. So I thought we’d have some fun with the banana. I think we need to throw that out in the road and Mikko fear we can make him out and it would be awesome. Oh, here we go. Boom. We made it to Texas. So, uh, that was quite a run. We made it all the way to almost the state line without seeing any cops. I liked

last mile. We see the popup. So here we are. Welcome to Texas. We’re just maybe two hours out of Amarillo. So of course

okay. We made it to the big Texan. Chanel said she wants to try that 72 ounce steak. She said she can eat three of them in 20 minutes. Just like, what’s The lady’s name, Molly something Lambros did. Here we go. Got To get down. He can’t bend over five hours of driving. So here we go. The Big Texan steak ranch and the big Texan. It was like, oh, that’s the gift shop. So here we go. Well we have just arrived to accommodations for the evening and a nice restaurant right next door called kicked. So get your kicks on route 66 this year. I’m staying at the Apache Motel. Now. I know that it uh, it looks one dog guy kind looks run down the side. Oh, break. What room number are we supposed to be in?


I don’t think this is our hotel.

Is this place we’re not staying at the Apache Hoe to motel? No, she said it’s closed, but it looks terrible. It says no vacancy or vacancy fashion theory. Hi for real low. I’m going to edit. Edit. All right. I was a quick lunch and I eat my lunch. The pastors also got to hear first in front of them. They look good on the sign. All Shiny. I get too close to dirty. Well, we, uh, we’re in chicken. Carine Mexico, French if we need gas. So, uh, guess that Mclaren has 70 miles. I don’t think we’re getting gasoline here.

You want me to go in front of you Lambros and kicked up rocks or what? Okay, here we go. Okay. We hopped on the highway to go find a gas station going hit a 70 miles left. Cause it’s like we have run out of gas. That’d be hilarious because he’s been taking pictures all day about him in front of us and all that crap. No, nobody, you’re running out again. They don’t have a good video of him. A Clarence broken down the side of the road. How much do you Lambros think we can charge? And again, okay, we’re in Santa Rosa. We had to get some sucker fish. Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Definitely. That was a couple of big trucks for sure. [inaudible] Albuquerque with the was an awkward agreed to come on this trip. This Honda, the Honda Acura Hyundai Honda Acura. [inaudible] our halfway through. Where are you? My Flagstaff. Break it up a hill. What is wrong with that guy? Oh, I swear to God. royalty free.

So the bathroom, I already got an email. Um,

yeah. Damn. They felt Oh God. This guy. Just like other, other young kid over. Now my time

we were getting radared by Pulpo and they were like, later I’m flashing my lights.

did you guys even notice that we can. I had to turn around and go back home after we got to Texas. One of the reasons we came back and we already got you and the reasons I’m thinking they may not have noticed is every time we’ve gone past the Mclaren, I’ve seen this shitty brand brain space and I can find shit. Chanel. Yeah, she’s like missing [inaudible] car. She was in the passenger seat book across the [inaudible] white smiling is and where Chanel exactly.

Oh yeah. That is definitely a been reported. A Hey profile. I texted him to control over

call, call. Now we’re getting pulled over again, hearing there’s another time, and another was a ticket. Oh Man. We’re going to tell them they can see us [inaudible] 78 miles an hour. Also, her go, I want to tell you Lambros

I’m break at his radar and he’s like, Oh man, we’re New Mexico’s police force..