Woo. what up, what up at supercars Sunday we just got the um, yesterday got the mercy Largo back. Um, with the engine swap, not black. We’re doing to get gas as usual because when you Lambros have a super car you Lambros put gas in it a lot. I actually filled up yesterday him and almost four tank myself. So we get some gasoline, get some engine revs, have some fun. When the lunch for those super car home is, you’re gonna try and get a big crew out since it’s a kind of an epic day. It’s like the premiere of the, uh, the mercy after it’s been upgraded. So we got John Jaguar until and uh, we’re just going to get some gas and go eat lunch. Stay tuned. I ride, we’re rolling. So we got the Jack got the mercy lago up front.

I think Jimmy’s about to get on. So better, uh, better be recording. We had all these f types is on the rally. A couple of them actually they were hauling sounds so good. Pop in behind James Mission tradition woes of an unsafe area, right by the natives. [inaudible]. I know he don’t get crazy when we get to this year tunnel, so what? I get up to the tunnel. Pop Up, back down. There we go. I think we got a new place.

Woo blames.

Let’s see here he goes. We kept up with them for a minute there. I wasn’t videoing he ain’t, he ain’t followed us. Mash.

well, we just finished up lunch. Thank you Lambros Jimmy. That was yummy. Now we’re going to go tear it up and try to get arrested.

I got to run across the street. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh, it’s, it’s the label bed. I’ve got to get the Lambo bet. Wow. We opened the doors. Hey, my doors don’t go up at his dude. No. Which one is this one? This is your when you’re in the car too. Wow. That’s nice. They call this a carbon fee. Bray. A lot like carbon fiber.

they call that slow folks. You’ll see in a minute when we get on the road. James does this. Yours?

Yeah. I’m looking at that a couple of weeks ago. That thing is a test. I think it was like, hey, that’s a test that I don’t know if that’s a Turd or rubber or what gusting.

All right, well let’s see what trouble we can get into homies. We got the Jag, we got the mercy and the Bentley and the slow Chevy.

All right. What’s that? I crossed the street. That’s where we’re going. I got good. Okay.

Jimmy said rollout, so we roll them out.

Hello. Great. Oh, you’re Sean. going to go to memorial. All right. Now I predict it’s Sean is going to try to race the mercy logo in his band pieces. Oh, he’s been upgraded. Awesome. Done. Thanks for the rock. Now that says hello. Here we go. Here we go. There you Lambros go.  pretty wide. We’ve got traffic.  that pop up. That’s the police magnet poles. 11 street doesn’t want any action is on break. He serious slowed me down the radio and a head cause that that went right past. Hmm.  whoa. I didn’t see John Jay behind me. Whoa. Jack Snuck up on my age. Oh, he’s going home.the cutter. I’ll give it one more. One more run.  come on man.

all that. All of that and then I just stay right on. Well, Jimmy, did you Lambros run into a little police man? They’re on one 16 hi, I see that. Yeah. Oh my younger years already in it, so we’ve got to get a ticket. Get a good look. Yeah, I thought he wanted somebody didn’t want some stuff. That guy hit a car over there. You Lambros can tell by the look in their eyes. Some of these guys are car guys, even though they’re cops, they wear a uniform. They have a bad, you’re still car guy. What was the deal with your hood?

You Lambros throw in a lot of smoke out there, bro. That’s from dumping that oil. Are you  Lambrosdumping oil in or what? I’ve got way too much more horsepower now and I think that smoking the transmission all dude, it might be sorry, the transmission when you Lambros override it. Oh, more than twice. That might be bad on the train. That’s why your, oh, all your lights are going on. Yeah. Is it an automatic standard? It’s a standard matic yeah. I hit the ramp. Limiters will, he did not blow the engine. My Lambros prediction was wrong, but, uh, maybe next time.