Finally caught one of the Weirdos. He tries to get me to race all the time. It’s just sitting in traffic, made the mistake of roll my windows down, and that’s the kind of crappy hit. I mean, what a Greek, she’s like screaming, who’s kid is that running.

I got a job. Oh,

okay. We’re at Pinta road. Look how beautiful it is out here. So we pulled over because look at this. This is sick. We pulled over because frank, it’s, you lambros know, got pulled over by the hair, Arizona highway patrol and they text us and said they are somewhere back there and breaks. Mclaren is Cape Town. It’s going to be so jacked. I dude, I hope they dragged that piece a crap up onto a flatbed. Just drag it, drag it, drag it. Problem is a crap. Bicho he’s got my luggage is from fuck, just in the frog. Luggage, man. We let her go get it. But look at this. We’re staring right at the sun, so we’re going to have a little fun. Uh, maybe they’re screwing us. We’re going to hang out. We’ve mapped them and they’re like 18 miles behind us. So we’ll uh, we’ll see if they’re actually towed or not. But I’m going to get some photos while we’re here.

I gotta jump on it.

Yo, Yo, Yo, we made it to food. Yes. And it’s dark. What’s up? Mikko I want you lambros to see, I got the gold bag on, but Nico has got to run the camera for a second. There we go. We got all the stuff loaded up in here. We fixed it. What are we going Harris, please go into hair. Wood roof on the roof. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Hey, the first place I ever stayed in Vegas was the flamingo. The Flamingo. I think we got everything we need on the Lambo. We make our way.

Well we hop in the casino. I’ll throw this bitch back home. Woo. We have arrived then we can see no my bags getting heavy time. All right, we’ll check in. And we brought in the MCO 11. She wasn’t buying it and now we don’t know what movie this is from me. This is really starting to get heavy. Uh, uh yes, we’re selfie. And what do you like that you’ve just arrived in our smoking room? Cause Mico is a smoker. Got It. Smelled like this. The golf into for real. At least they know that for you. Well the sheets and then look at this. We got a view. Okay, well your remote work from here. Hold on. There it is. It’s probably going to focus. You got a view of the Lambo. Oh, let’s try it. No working too far away, but we can actually see, see the car. Look at this bag. Lastly. You, Huh?

So obviously we just got pulled over or we got stopped him in the highway by the police. What do you to hide? We need a hide. Well it’s a beginning of Sunday. We are at a pit stop Sunday. Um, I dunno this place where boss cat kitchens, they’ve got some donuts. Damon’s over here and um, obviously your have cars here. We’ll see you showing up. But kind of exciting. I met Garter snake. The garter snake. Yes. I love it that he’s, he’s famous on his famous on Damon’s channel, so I got to get it, but let’s get the rundown of the cars.

Okay. We have arrived at Lamborghini, Newport beach and a, this is our setup before we head to the pure strive. And kind of a cool thing is I ran into this beauty little Koenigsegg tag right here. Yes. I, by the way, Pintos tension. Oh my God. That one.

Those are nuts. I mean, look at that. Would you just look at that?

Yeah, there’s a seven 20 this thing, movies, carbon wheels. And as you know, the kid has told us there’s a ton 20. Oh, he got it. You talked row was the land bro. No, he’s a McLaren bro. He had got some twin pretty actually the five 70, he had a blue five, 1720. Pretty hot though. Anyway, there. And uh,

then as a special little treat, I’m going to show you lambros the other comics that now the other Koenigsegg is number two up to, it’s pretty hot.

how’d you like to have number two?

that’s the move right there guys. So we’re going to, I guess head out from here and go on the pure strive and do some toys. So we’ll be that car. We just left Lamborghini Newport beach. We are rolling

all of these cars. You lambros know, Daymond is behind me because objects in the mirror losing

Why buy a supercharge her con or get a supercharger where you just get the tune and beat Damon and his 800 horsepower. That’s what I’m doing. Sorry Damon, your car is slow. But we got McLaren’s Galore. Oh, we got a pretty sweet Porsche up there with a really nice exhaust. You know it’s a Carerra or a turbo or something, you know, they’re all the same

and then out this window we better go [inaudible] and this isn’t awesome. Oh Hey [inaudible] oh yeah, we got a little sweaty sex like booked it off the other camera flow. Oh Dude. Our Dash Cam. Ah Wait, let you suck. I hate this Dash Cam. Don’t buy a Waylon sash can Wayland’s you want me to promote your Dash Cam? I’m not doing it. It’s a piece of junk. Won’t even stay on their stupid just in my lap now. Huh?

divine nature. We should just go and then he’ll come after us. Everybody the don’t, don’t go if I run out of the car and go, you’ll have to just go stop when I get pulled over. so we need to do is like get behind one of these cars where everyone else was he doing, we weren’t even, we didn’t even everybody else did. Everybody else accepted obviously we just got pulled over or we got stopped in the highway by the police and I think everybody else wants to exit. stop the whole highway. He stopped the whole highway

and then

pull us over. But I think everybody else got off the highway because we don’t, since we were out front, like everybody else was able to exit because he got so far ahead and I was about to just say screw it.


we freaking out thinking I was gonna run and he’s like, he’s gonna run, he’s going to run where we even supposed to exit.

Um, I don’t know.

is he off the highway?

Get away from the photo?

He was like, I wish I had my camera running when he rolled up on us because

what did he the height we need to hide.

That was kind of funny. we’re just going to get

I kind of want to go back but I don’t want to get too close to where that complex is that cause I don’t want to be like harass me more. Already has, oh dude. Watch out. Speeds enforced by radar right here. Oh great art. Well you lambros know, for that 15 minutes that we were hauling, man, that was fricking hot. That was hot in here. My backup. Okay, well it’s quite an exciting day so far. I’m just going to get right here. Put my hazards on so people know to go around me parked the car. That was fun.

The cute killing.

I was recording my story whenever the cop rolled up. That’s what I was doing. So anyway, we’ll be back.

Can we have successfully evaded the hypo? Did you lambros call that? Even though he kind of made me, it stopped the whole highway, but I pick one. The lead right now.


We’re going to win if you ain’t first, you’re last

okay. I arrived, uh, the pure strive, uh, Daymond made it. Um, I think the video prior to this as us getting stopped by the police or the highway getting shut down while we’re all cruising from labor, getting a new port beach will, apparently the entire crew exited the exit before and we were the only car left on the highway. So I think when the cup, uh, got everybody stopped and he realized it was just me. He kept going. So we moved up, exited, got here like way before everybody else. And now we’re set up. Mike Michael is here with the uh, Mercy Lago Daymond’s here. Gutter snake. Um, Brian Grudge goals is here. Oh, you guys might remember Brian from David’s video where he was in the mercy lager that got wrecked by some idiot by the way. Don’t try and raise supercars and anyway, we’re going to hang out here. I’ll try to get some video of all the cool, the cool stuff and uh, we’ll be back.

Right? What do you think? You like it? Yeah.

was all right. This is me video on Damon talking to her car. Hold up today to Damon was talking to that car. I think something’s wrong with them. All right, Damon here with Dee Dee and we dress appropriately. Just found a found a really cool car. My, my video dropped before his, so you lambros will see this. You’ll see Damon blogging. That’s right. She’s sick. Content. I have of Damon the inside of this name. Sorry my videos. Drop him before his Cecil screwed. Look at the back. That is so aggressive and hot. That’s a garden. I just found a unicorn and as usual it’s parked. Cut, cut, cut, cut. Okay. What does, I think vans has a lawsuit, but look at this. I think bands have cables unhooked, right? Vans has a lawsuit right here. Where does that go? That cable is not hooked up. You know what? He never, he never drives these things so you don’t have to worry about it. Wicked, wicked, click. The table like that is pretty sweet. The way the engine is, the cockpit, you guys on the line, when it comes to Ferrari, someone already destroyed this guy. Sign, sign got destroyed. Oh my God. Hold on. It’s just magnetic.

They’ll put that there. There you go. Whoa. This is a all carbon. Oh boy. It does look cool. I won’t give him them upper lower and then the spend the splitter. That science is pretty awesome. You are. I’m standing over his lunch right now talking about it. I love the way that the side is. The side pieces over there attach up there. That right there can catch shit for you. You know, catch boxes and sticks and all kinds of stuff. Oh, this pulling the front end out from the top are the, yeah, those look good. What is it? It’s Arrow works. Is that what it is? No, it’s a future design. That carpet.

Oh stickered my mine has like another hundred horsepower just from gold stickers. He had gold stickers. They had more. He’s wheels. [inaudible] [inaudible] that is a six 10 dash four well, I guess we’re going to find coffee close in bullet. Right. I want to try this dude. Bulletproof bulletproof doors. Hey convict. I said we were talking about that around the police. We actually almost met one of you guys on the highway today. He did this swerving thing where he slowed us down and then stopped and then he just left. He told us to slow down. There was a boat, we’re in Orlando, he was hauling down 50 something 55 I think, and I think we might’ve got a call in or something.

But sometimes though there there’s a like call something in the roadway. So we run a traffic break, whether there’s a crash, the Brie or something. Sometimes we don’t find anything. You’re going to find me when just take off. So there was a car along the side of the road and hunger and act to them. So maybe we just, they could have been called in as being stuck in the names come up and we want to stop all traffic so that when we get out, we’re not gonna get paid. You lambros don’t want me to name, we thought it was because of our high rate of speed. We were traveling, but maybe, maybe it was unrelated. Dude, this is crazy. I look over my shoulder, I’m Canadian. I don’t really see guns like that. While it’s all like highly restricted. Oh Wow. Six Hour. That’s ar 15. We have a Remington 12 gauge shotgun, right. Sample dude. Fire power. We got bows and arrows and bows and arrows. Sound like a buoy knife. Yeah. Carry a buoy. Knife or Rambo. Rambo. We caught Rambo. Whatever. That’s cool. You can switch it off. Oh, hold on, hold on. I got you one day. These are nice. We’re going to get arrested a

long time. He may look young but he’s not. He’s 45. I’m just kidding. Yeah, I almost, I almost can’t be a good wholesome. I mean learning from John A. So, uh,

just want a warning for it. Always there from the beginning to the end. Such a young age and understand what pure stand for, you know, thank you. I’m getting an award, like to personally think they’ll hold it for a walk and we’ll get more giving me the opportunity to give back to the community and also award. Lastly, thanks Shawn for creating such a legacy. Such great event. Okay. We’re still rolling around the purest to drive. Uh, give me a shot here of this walking all the way down there with all these boots. I just found in the Rolls Royce Suv. We’re going to go check it out.

let me get all the Friday. Let me play right now too. So hot. Yeah, you look great. I need the real nice. This is awesome. I love the, what’s that? No, just like my little small following on youtube, you know, Rolls Royce, Orange County or north superior. Shout out. Oh sweet. I’ll do my Instagram too. Yeah. Oh, for sure. So Rolls Royce, Rolls Royce, Osi, and then my name. I’m the brand manager here. Yeah. Awesome. With the white, the blue and the door. Hi Sweetie. What’s your name? I’m Steve. Steve. Nice to meet you on the green and the bird. Are you? Where are you located? Oklahoma. I’ll do a lot of spend all our time in Orange County though. My car’s has been living here for awhile. Hi. Thank you. Hello, Carrie, let me know. Yeah, for sure is hot. You get up every little detail here.

There’s like blue, like,

dude, this thing is just hot, hot in ramen. Fullerton at him. you did. Okay. So are you lambros going to still have a rock or rock with dealer? Now

stand over here. Sorry. Uh, here we are. Damon pulled up the DD Huracan and we’re to get a read fast, but I thought I’d get some from Georgia behind it. I’m not scared. I’m not scared.

that’s definitely my God instead of the back. And you lambros broke that Ferrari. Is that loud? Yeah, it was kind of loud.

what book

that was violent. I mean violent. Oh No, you him a red mind. Now I’ll show them. Wow.

Got Her saying that was violent. Okay. That was violent to stepping. Uh, so Alex just showed up and I think we have stride man over here. Dude. Check out what he did to his head. His car through the mud. This dried [inaudible]. What’s up dude? How are you? And, uh, I just started, this is my youtube channel. 421 subscribers as of this morning. Hey, every single youtube or do you ever watch at one point at four 20 [inaudible] and I’m like, David, you gotta get me some more. But it really is more about views and subscribers.

So the drivers are. Let’s get this.

Are you going to buy it? Alex? Done donut.

James. What? I had what I, when I take my car, I want to come through Utah again. I’m moving that to come out and meet up with you.

Ooh, Whoa, whoa. I’ve never heard it. that is correct. yeah,

the James on 1.3 million. Jay Stratton. Jason. Oh, a little let down there and there was, oh my God, I don’t get hit my good. My ear. This one is catching up with the damage to my car. I really, I didn’t get hurt. The climate. What’s up man? How are you going to see? I’m good. Yeah, because the guys, I saw you yesterday or I heard, yeah, we, you were, you were close. So well done. Those little fucker it’s Kevin.

Yeah, Dad’s are the bridge breaking the Internet and maybe one at a time. What are we doing? You said you had a screen.

Okay. This is the end of the purest drive and I don’t think it was a drive. It was more of a park. But, uh, the Huracan is warming up. Damon and the CGT, Kevin and probably Alex, we’re going to go eat. So, uh, I think we’re going a little place called Broncos, Mexican after we gas up. So, uh, this is it into the day. I don’t know, maybe there’ll be some shenanigans tonight, but that’s the end of the pure drive later.