Last time won’t even focus.

What up? What [email protected] Lambros Steve, you’re watching Lambros today we have, I don’t know, maybe a little bit of action. I was just about the pool out of my office and I noticed the police have somebody pulled over here. I think it’s shoplifting. Sunday is what’s going on because there’s two police and we are as about a far south as you Lambros can get for the Tulsa police to even come mess with you. So seemed like they had a a reason for this guy

won’t even focus

PD has him

and letting them go. Letting them go. That does not look like ticket time. We can get an interview with him. So Bro, what did you Lambros do? Who Heath? Good police

or is it I got the police are like after you bro. Here’s two of them. What exactly did you Lambros do? Oh, we gotta go, we gotta go see if we can, we got to see if we can get them after us next. Let’s see if we can get to the Popo to come say hi to us.

You’re a Walmart because phase one of a prank, everybody at the Christmas party is on now. My family’s in town. Um, Sally’s family I should say, and I thought it would be great for us to go get the air horn. So we’ll see if we can find an air horn inside Walmart and we’ll pray. Come tonight. Okay, we’re here. Penn, a baby air horn and the big get here horn. Which one do you get? Snuck up behind me in line. There will be no airborne pranks on Sally made me. Well, I can help baby. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Let the fun begin. Oh, okay. We’re back in the Bentley and with our low tire and low gas.

Johnny, do you Lambros gas? MOM’s out of gas. All right. The plan is in place. Even though Sally knows I got a big air cannon and a tiny one. And the reason I got the tiny one is because we’re going to dinner and I’m definitely going to do it at dinner so many times that, uh, they’re going to hate it. So that’ll be fun. Stay tuned. I’m headed home. I’ll probably at home get someone I haven’t decided yet, but I’m going to get somebody. We’ll let you Lambros know. Well, you’ll be watching just watching. See, that’s the thing.

Okay. We’re recording the unboxing. It was all much too and see if I can do it with one hand. Can I do with one hand? You try it. Maybe it was two hands. Oh yeah. Caution flammable now. Oh my God. Did that scare you Lambros here? It was not right in your ear. Okay. Crazy. Oh, that’s a good way to piss your wife off apparently. Uh, she didn’t think it was just funny as it was. I had to go outside and see what it sounds like. All right, so we are, we’re outside. I don’t know if he could see me here, not shoot the visions. Like, here we go.

Wow. I can’t wait. Forget her. You’re saying that I would never take this into a restaurant and blow it under the table for views and not, I would not with me. It’s not something I would do. You’re a liar. Yeah. Not, not with us. Probably won’t be 60 x box might not that. I’m thinking about it. Did you Lambros get that? Did I think my water in your car then it’s game on. I can tell they’re excited about it. 60 x box monies. I don’t even know what that is. No, know it good. She didn’t get it till they look excited. Get it money or we’re in the car now. And uh, let me see if we can get the attention of the driver next to us with the air horn. Oh my God. Going up so freaking loud. Oh, I need to be able to get their reaction. His windows are up, but he had, what do you think Jared? He had to hear that. Oh my God. I think everybody heard it. So when we get up here, uh, it’s up on the right where we’re going. The girls are close behind, I think, talk to get them when they get out of the car. All we came to the Roosevelt’s but it is super packed. It’s going to take two hours. So in the meantime, uh, it looks very pretty low.

It looks very pretty. I think while we’re waiting, we should a scare the crap out of some people with his air horn. Yeah. Here comes a car. Here comes a man. We’re walking or driving. There’s delays. Cafe downtown. Yeah. Pull over in my car if you Lambros want me. All right, let’s print the nephew. Hey, that’s the point of it. Hurts. Donuts. My ears are so sensitive. I got the nephew. This check. I had to move. [inaudible] that’s all the fun for now. Okay. Now there’s people. So we’ll see. Woo. [inaudible] I think Ashley likes the horn. I thought it was called me cocky. No, my camera. No, I’m not going to do it in the restaurant out here. I’m not. I’m just videoing. Yeah, I’m trying to let people know we’re coming across the street, Bro.

Just a prank, bro. I’ll start warning you guys before I do it. Well, can you, can you not be around right now and then doesn’t look like they’re open. They’re open. All right. We just ran into her friend Randy and uh, he’s at Mi Cocina as well, and he just blacked out his Ferrari, so I don’t even know you be able to see it because it’s dark. But look at this now. This is the 408 and he blacked out all the everything. It’s just black on black on black. What are they saying? Oh, you can see this, but you Lambros haven’t really got any hot video of it, but this thing is blacked out. It’s a show stopper. Red Calipers give her stopping to check it out. Yes. The thing is so freaking loud. Oh Man. Carl is pretty hot though. We’re getting the light. We can see it. That’s a blocked out for a date back inside. Yup. When you’re by yourself, they were sitting in there. Yeah, no, no, no. Here we go. Creamy chicken. She said she’s worse than by yourself. Did you Lambros like it last time?