You Lambros got it.

we’ve made it to t town. This is QUT were at Peoria. And uh, we’re still 20 miles ahead. Oh, there’s not a full prowler. so they’re common. Tell you Lambros that much. They’re coming and, uh, saw a couple of more hypos should pull up the camera when I saw that last one day ago. Ah, maybe willing to turn around and go back and bugged by that cop. Come on. All right, let’s do that. We’re going to do that. We’re going to hop in and go find that popup. We can loop around here. Get back on. Excellent. [inaudible] and you’re ready to go by. Yeah. Turn right. Yeah. The other right. Get to two guys that run shit in the same car or truck. How much money? I’m like, turn. Right. And he’s like, okay. He very well could’ve pulled already taken off because we were pulled over at the QT gray. We got some guy in a BMW goes a girl. No, it’s a dude. It’s a dude or chick hair cuts. So Gay, uh, in a BMW, revving his engine. We look in. Look Baron, I don’t know who you’re seeing this. That is a low barrier run.

Well, I don’t want to stay in the fast lane. He doesn’t know what the fast lane is and what are we thinking in here? You Lambros got to be a woman. It’s gotta be a woman.

we’re still in. Be running in a marathon, being numb. And then Jamie and then he goes, Hey, first you Lambros last your last. So we’re coming up on the Luther Jones and exit 44 literally run them all the way from Joplin down to here and we’re going to cut off when we get to where the term logins down here and rolling out. Got Number One. Once we got pulled over once and it was when I was driving and a couple of near misses, but only pulled over once when the warning got a warning to my morning over there. Is it over there?

this shit over here. They’re yellow. Go Oklahoma. However, patrol warning. Notice what’s your social again? It says, hold on. He says they always call the main Alaimo waylay yellow. It’s messed up brain row. So what else does it have? It says warning speed, radar. Such a liar. They said they was line. That was bull trout lake. They said that the other job rate artists go in the other direction. Get outta here. Yeah, that was bullshit. Yeah. Outta here. You’re full of crap. So anyway, coming up on the last x and we’re going to delve on somebody to get some video of them. Uh, we to stopped like right around here. Uh, give any of them coming by and then get rolling shots. There’s a big wide open space up here or are we going to see him like a mile back co at the at Vagina Road? Yeah, they call it the John Et. Rough real call. That too. [inaudible] it’s called. It’s like a thing. We got it done. Yeah. Soon as I come over the hill I get hard. Oh Man. That out. So here we are believing the Kickapoo nation. I strive boys. So we’ll revisit here in a minute when a, we’re up vagina road [inaudible] road here. Now look out there in the younger Dash Dash Zach, Matt Rod there. When I’ve been looking at what we’re talking about and getting down. Don’t think even has real, real trouble. Trouble. Trouble. Trouble, trouble.

So Lambros have done their job and run interference successfully. Now we’ve got where we’re going to pull up right here. Alright, so Mike when the term blog, so we got to catch up so get over it.  I knew you Lambros didn’t do that. I was like we were going down. He still calls an hour like [inaudible]

not, not today is a good day. Today’s a good day. We made it only got pulled over once so far. But then we’re good morning. That was a warning. I’m giving you Lambros  a warning that we’re about to come to your city. Your town. That’s maybe an out of the way. Pay for sure. You’re driving in the, in the slow lane. Yeah. Get random ass and don’t get the pass lane driving. Slow travel too.

Chilling right here. And we notice a white slavery. He her car with some red than struggling down the side that drove past us. So we’re gonna go try to find out more. There you Lambros go. This guy. Let’s go.

Yeah, that’s a dream. That’s clean. I don’t know what he’s got.

He likes to read. Andy has the radar. Just like that little radar. It was pretty clean. the end of this rally. So we’re going to check out, but run the air here on that arose

well, let’s say becomes after we did pull out the things in the kitchen. Well, I think we just keep going. Like he’ll never catch us all. Won’t be him as the next. Well, that’s the, uh, I’ll tell you Lambros what, it’s been one heck of a day. We’ve escorted, uh, a old 19 something Monte Carlo, 1970, Missouri. Hello again.