Rose. It’s the if you’re near the channel, I’m Lambros Steve and I have in my 2017 Lamborghini Huracan with the lakes delivering ut Dallas. I’ve got my friend Jordan, uh, behind me in his seven 20 20th and we are making our way to meet up with the Tulsa supercar club as we call it, but we’re probably going to have to like blow through some lights and cutting people off. Piss some people off. Like, like actually like, right, right, right here because, uh, we are not, we are going to, yeah, we’re definitely squeezing in and pissing people off.

Oh yeah. We both made the name around the light. Uh, we’re so sorry, but we’re trying to catch, our friends were coming. Eddie, they’re driving like a maniac were about, I don’t know how many minutes we’ve got the homeboys. We caught our lamb road, Jeremy. There are some upgrades to the GT three ready looking. God, I now we’re going to get up here and uh, it’s definitely going to be police up here. So, uh, because this is like a congested area. Uh, I think I know a cold. Most of the cops that Tulsa Penia there’ll be here man. They said they only pull you over. They’re only radar and it looked for fuel are gone at least 20 miles an hour over. I think so. But usually they’ve got like everybody pulled over here. So, but I do not see oh yeah, this is the Poco section for sure. So we’re just going to keep rolling up here. Follow us. Come on guys. It doesn’t give me, that’s that thing right there. That’s even a cop. And um, so we left after them. We caught them and now it past them. That’s why we passed the Porsche guys because Porsche stands for um, poor. Shh.

Okay. We’ve made it to the events you can see that are pretty hot. Now. This is a, a guy that we know in town that tries to keep it a secret that he has this car. This is very rare. Uh, well, nobody in Tulsa has one of these. let’s go over here. You Lambros checked out. Well, we actually had a video of this thing on. You’ve got to deliver. This was . I don’t know. For Ours it’s a Rory. Um, really slow garage pony. That’s what’s inside there. and uh, we’re at the dead Armadillo brewing craft brewing hell factor. And this is this good for the big wine club.

Flamborough you Lambros want to go next to the back in front of the plant. All working your mother. Come on back. Brown. Hey, try to go in reverse so it doesn’t depreciate more. Got to keep the miles low for resale value. Hey, start it up. Hey sticks. When he gets out, ask him if it’s his dad’s got sticks here. The clutch is gone, Bro. We clutch is gone now. You packed up the hill. Oh, jacket. Smell it. Oh, it’s bad. Oh, I can smell the clutch is burning. I bet you Lambros I take your word. Might be done with the cool cars that are coming, but stay tuned. Maybe something else will happen.

We’re about to roll out with all the supercars and go. Everyone’s revving. It’s fun. Maybe I’ll get some roads on that. Shots on the road. I don’t know. alright. Alright, here we go. Hold on, dude. Here you Lambros go. Let’s see. You can ready.we just went hall and, hold on. Let me put this line of work. Oh my God. And get shot by shot. Play. Wait, do that again. you’re welcome, dear God. That was a crazy birder in the Lexus there’s like, oh my God. Oh my God. It’s still blogging never ends. We’re waiting on the Mclaren to come in and dude, he did. He just started ripping it. So watching the freaking guy just shot playing brothers. Amazing. Make sure you talk to like and subscribe for real this time. We’ll be back next time. See you Lambros in the next video.

Yo, what up? You’re watching Lambros on Steve Currington if you Lambros do the channel, uh, I am the number one lever. I’m Lambros Steve. I am in Huntington beach in a twist of events. I’m semi trapped here due to weather. It’s not bad though because it’s super cold and Tulsa and I’m in beautiful sunny Huntington beach. So I spent a little time in Laguna, maybe throw some video up here of a, the Uris I found in the wild. The yellow one.

Okay. Uh, the weekend is ended and I’m headed to the airport. I haven’t been doing what you Lambros videoing at all because just been hanging out, but I just ran into a Lamborghini Uranus in the wild yellow running down the road. I tried to slow down¬† Oh my God. all of those brake calibers. that’s a pretty hot looking car. I’ve done stalking him. Now. I am very much pressed that thing

pretty hot. But I’m at Darrel’s house. Darrel is my land, Bro. He’s got this one and I decided to take my wrap off. Here you Lambros go. Was ripping this sucker off. Right. But you know he’s at home. So I thought it’d be fun because he’s always pretend like he’s playing pranks on me. So I thought it’d be fun if I did a hodgepodge job of just sticking it on his car. So see that. So it’s coming off of mine and I’m going to to match the pieces up on his car just on this side and not really say anything, but just have it there when he gets home. I feel like we have a little bit of time, so I’m gonna get started. I just want to set this camera up so that you can kind of see this and don’t worry.Oh,¬† yeah.

Okay. I think this is, this is good enough. This is good enough for the prank. Actually. It looks good. Who tried to get a reaction from him? I was on the phone. Well, ripping this off. My hands are nasty. Oh, you can look at the car. It doesn’t look good. I’m turn this off. I believe the Steve on there. Okay.

Here to the other side to hood still. Huh. Okay. Maybe that’s the move was, I’ll just take it all off the sides, but leave the hood. I don’t know. We’ll have to decide. But, uh, let’s wait for the reaction from Lambeau. Daryl, meet Daryl. I take mine off. Put It on yours. Now I’m not going to say this is PFS quality, but it’s pretty close. I mean, you Lambros can barely even see the bubble. I mean that when he wants something, he gets on these. I mean, those will work out. Is that a hair? Well, no, no. It’s just a workout. I dropped this one on the ground. There’s a rock or two maybe behind that. I like how everything’s lined really solid right there. Yeah. I don’t know if they notice. He is. Oh yeah, it’s good. That is awesome. So just, you know, I want to say thank you. Yeah, you don’t have always wanted to rap, but I know. Wonderful. Well you definitely don’t have to pay for this. I’m not convinced any of it even matches up.