They have some, they have some Lambros that they’re arresting in the parking garage. Like we just got to Riverside, we just got or circling to find a parking spot at this restaurant. And uh, at the back there’s literally Lambros like, what do we got there? Like four or five police cars. Um, Arestin some dude up in the parking garage. He was like

posted up on the wall. Competence, you know.

okay, here Lambros are on the PCH in Huntington beach. We’re hitting to Lambos Darrel’s house. We have scoped out a location to do some massive donuts burnout while smoking, the largest smoker lady, the one of have ever seen ever, ever, ever. So hurrying back his has to meet up to get his Lambros and then we will probably do smoke bombing and donut heaven. So stay tuned. We’ll be back. Okay. Lambros we just picked up Daryl, well he’s behind us in his truck and we have a massive says it’s a violet. It looks like an army smoke bomb, like a smoke bomb for the army. I mean it’s a metal can and it’s like green, like army green. And I thought it said violent on the front, but it actually says violet. So I guess that means it’s going to be kind of like a purplish pink, I dunno. Is that right? So currently we’re driving through a industrial area to find a place to do some donuts. So stay tuned Lambros. We’ll be back.

Okay. We have found a spot and I don’t think that we’re the only ones that have found this place to do donuts, but they’re all land, bro. Lambros Daryl is here. And what do you have there in your hand? Buddy may or may not be a military grade. Smokebomb it says m 18 smoke bomb and it says violet, violet not violent. So we had the Huracan here. The donuts are going to be here, the smoke is going to be somewhere in the middle. I’m going to wait until Daryl tosses it out in the road and then we’ll do it. And I was going to put the camera up on that hill, but I think I’m just going to get it like right here because there’s, maybe I’ll throw a rock on it.


you ready?

A little bit of smoke coming out of your head right now.

well, boom. Okay. We had to get out of there fast. Uh, Darrell thought he heard a cop. There were people flying out of the building. I don’t know why it’s on Sunday morning and uh, it’s almost noon. People shouldn’t be asleep. It’s a business area. I don’t really understand that. There was a lady coming out. Uh, we couldn’t, we couldn’t pick up the shell of the smoke bomb because it’s so hot. I literally like burned to the end of my finger and Darryl burn both of his, uh, crap. That was my exit. That’s going to look

okay Lambros We’re back. I have a rerouted myself, uh, or ways has or whatever I’m using to find where we’re going, but we’re meeting up with some guys that have started a exotic car rental thing here in southern California. They also owned some restaurants and we’re going to go to pick pin and Riverside, which is one of their restaurants. I’ve also got a dessert place next door to it, but I missed meeting up with Casey, the one legged monster that, uh, we just hooked up with from Instagram. Uh Lambros, he’s in his Hellcat, the purple hell cat. We’ll be connecting with soon and then we’re gonna roll out to Riverside, get some shots while we’re cruising and then uh, we’ll get some, uh, kind of be a food blog. We get some shots of this, uh, cheeseburger wrapped in fried Mac and cheese. Wow. Stay tuned. Okay. We just arrived here with the Mclaren chilling and then just showing up down shift on that thing is violet.

It’s violet. It sounded like a bomb went off when you doubt right there. One more road, but I didn’t to hear that again. We’re going to get some more video of that for sure. We’re here with the one legged monster and we are about to get the stars. Oh God. Oh my Mama. Jesus h Christ. Wow. That’s freaking loud. Oh my God. Yeah. I can’t anymore.

Low Key. We are now rolling out. I’ve got the Mclaren five 70, and uh, we’re rolling out to go to this sweet restaurant to have that Burger. And I don’t know a matter of two of them, I might have two different kinds of whatever it is that they’re doing.

So, but uh,

I should not be the navigator because while looking at my camera, I missed our turn. Sorry I missed the turn because I was trying to pull up my camera. Yeah, it rerouted. I’ve always digging for my camera and then I look up and I’m like, crap, I was supposed to turn there. So, uh, we’ll get on the highway and I want to get some shots of the hill. Trump get is so loud.

Oh my God. It’s crazy. [inaudible] back. roll and rock. We’ll catch up. All right. We are about to order, but I thought before we ordered, maybe I can, uh, I don’t know these people that let’s get a kitchen tour. Just come back from a guy contact who I am, but the Mac Daddy. Just kidding. They knew I was coming back here.

What is a plane? We just finished up eating at this food lab. Oh my God. It was ridiculous Lambros. The desserts. You have to go look at my Lambros Instagram to see, but, oh man, but to cars are here and look, he showed up

cyber garage. Get the mirror, man.

So where are we going to do? We’re rolling the school.

Yes, we’re going to school.