Oh yeah, I am live. I’m waiting. I’m going to wait six seconds. The last time I started talking and it cut off the beginning of it. That’s as close as I’m getting to my Lamborghini Lambros right now. It’s still in Dallas. All right, 20 seconds.


What is up? Lambros Steve currington.com if you’re new to the channel, I’m Lambros Steve. I am here in my office with the only piece of my Lamborghini that I currently have, which is my beautiful metal art that we had done of it a while back. Uh, just got the call from Lamborghini Dallas and that’s where it’s been since Monday. Uh, this happened last Saturday. So initially we got a news from the, um, computer hookup that, uh, it was a Cam Saf chef’s sensor one is what it was. But man, he said when they pulled it, I’m trying to get this thing where it’s, maybe I can, I don’t want it to be too close to my face. When they, uh, got it off of the transport, he said it was a very angry, so, uh, so far they subbed, found a significant oil leak, uh, with the oil pump. Uh, they did find the same thing as the cam have sensors. So Lambros going to change that. Lambros recommended I get new tires. He said the court showing, I can’t imagine why that is.


Hey, Josh. Kohl’s. Brendan Griffiths. Griffith’s yeah. So it sounds like it’s still the Cam shaft. Um, sounds like maybe I might’ve been roasted the tires a little bit. He said it looks like I’ve done some burnouts course actually already have new tires. I just hadn’t put them on yet. And significant oil lake, he said they’re gonna have to pull the oil pump. Um, there’s some other stuff and I’m waiting on an estimate, so hopefully, uh, Leadfoot transport what up James? Carl would up. Um, hopefully it will not be that expensive, I hope. But if it is expensive, if it is expensive, this will be, um, the only maintenance I’ve done on this car, the only issues I’ve had with this car since I purchased it a nearly two years ago and, and um, on March 7th, eighth, which will be my 40th birthday, it will be two years since about the car.

And the only thing I’ve done is all changes and tires, spark books. So hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, hopefully I won’t be too crazy a, I’m waiting on an email with a detail of what all is going to, uh, be included or what I’m going to, they’re going to recommend that I do. So luckily I already bought tires or they have tires for it. Um, I think that the oil pump thing is going to be a warranty item pretty sure. And uh, he did say they have yet to see any catastrophic engine failures on any hurricanes. So even though it sounded like the engine was knocking, um, I don’t think that it wasn’t, it was just a misfire a that we got. So say a prayer. Still keep your fingers crossed. Um, the only thing I’ve been able to do to keep my stuff from going crazy as spend a whole lot of time on the Lamborghini Huracan Evo configurator.

And here’s what I found, guys, they’re expensive. I don’t know if I can buy one. God, I want, I want it, I want it bad. But, uh, really like my cartoon, there it is back there guys. So, um, I don’t know. Tell me what you Lambros think. Uh, keep the car, sell the car, get the Evo. Evo is a cool car, but my car is pretty cool too. So, um, love to hear your thoughts on that. And then if you Lambros have any, the 600 Lt, the 600 lt was pretty hot, but uh, I don’t know if the doors go up. That’d be the cool thing. That’d be like an addition. But they’re about the same. I mean, those things start about the same as the, as the evo to so, uh, so give me your thoughts and then, uh, if you’ve got any, I mean, your mechanics, I know you’ve got some mechanics out here watching, so, you Lambros know, give me your diagnosis. What do you Lambros think? What do you Lambros think? Why would the oil pump on my Lamborghini? Why would the oil pump be leaking? Why? What causes that? I don’t even know. What is an oil pump? What does it only pump even do? Does it pump Boyle?