what up, what up, what up? It’s Friday morning. I’m Lambros Steve, if you’re new to the channel, I need you to subscribe, like, comment, do all those things. But I’m here with clay. Clay is not one around new owner of a Lamborghini. Huracan five 80 dash 20 2017 and it’s that beautiful, beautiful Blue Easter egg blue. But you can’t see it now because it hasn’t been delivered. But we’re on our way to go get it. It’s literally like 10 minutes. It’s a countdown. But we have any back there in the GT three Rs. We got a Freddie back there in his port. It’s like the Porsche Club today. It’s Lebos in Porsche’s anyway. Now when you Lambros see these Porsche’s, I know what you’re thinking. It’s the same car, but they’re actually different models. Um, just the way Porsche does it is they build up all the cars to look the same.

So you can’t really tell between the 2016 or 1969. But, uh, as we drive around here, uh, that’s actually kind of cool. Let’s drive around here and look and you’ll see we’ve got a gt three, we’ve got a Carerra I think, and then we have a gt three r s or s is supposed to be faster other than the wing. I can’t really tell the difference between them. So gt three Rs gt three they sound the same and it probably costs the same. They’re all like the same car. So just if you Lambros haven’t seen a Porsche, you just saw three they’re all the same. So we will fast forward to the actual delivery. So stay tuned. Hey, we are here waiting on the side of Jackie Cooper imports where they are. The delivery truck is coming. Now this is not going to be this giant semi bringing a car, but a trailer coming from Florida. But it’s a transport guy, probably big dodge truck and a big trailer on the back. But some cool things showed up like this, a little McLaren and Pete for 12th seat looking pretty hot.

And then we have,

they’ll Bentley. We have gt three r s the gt three and the nine 18 that are, you Lambros know, again, these are the Porsche’s you guys tell me. You guys tell me what you think, but I think, oh, the seven 18 sorry. Let’s see. They’re all the same. I don’t know. I love the gray on this one though. And uh, they all just a different week. So he, it’s the same car,

same car, different week.

Does that happen? Oh my God. Oh my God. What’s happening?

Okay. On the back we have a gt three Rs and then let’s look at this beauty. Oh my God, it’s so hot. Telling me the first one I almost bought those in Houston was this color that works. Then you just can’t appreciate it until you Lambros see it in person. Wow. Oh, carbon fiber hood. Eddie, Eddie, he got, he got some catching up to do, Bruh. This one has different louvers on the side when you bring, oh, daddy the doors. Yeah. Does this celebrity? Yeah,


Oh, so excited. I’m going to, yes. I don’t have to Christian you with her hat buddy here in a second. Oh, you’re so screwed. Like I didn’t even know your name until you got to Lambo. This thing’s hot. The Lula seats, that is a bright orange and it’s how can Tara, it’s not just like leather. Okay. What’s your head buddy and proper look? Ah. Ah. the first maiden startup Huracan is happening now. What exhausted is on this sit down. You’ve got that correct down the route. If you there matches the blue with the black. They most of the whole bumper and everything matches. Yeah. That’s hot. Yeah. What is the basic bitch?

Okay. We’re finding out this is a prank to sample colors. This is not actually the same color of the original Lamborghini Huracan that I test drove it in Houston, but one really interesting thing about this car is the bumper and the root.

Can you talk about chicks up? Most of her columns are painted black. The bumpers black. Okay. Those are the five 80 dash two they’re painted all this is why, but you noticed the whole color goes through the bumper. The rear diffuser. Actually, I had this entire car painted that color blue. Some people don’t like this, but I love the, the way the aggressive look is with that not clear barn.

Also, if you lose a piece of your car at 170 it won’t break that. Apparently that happened to somebody. Imagine that?


I liked that better anyway. It’s more personal. Yeah. We brought out Brian’s twin turbos. Oh, nice. You Lambros did that? Okay, cool. Yup. We did a, but he’s pumped. Did you take his back to him too? Yeah. Nice. Ivory. Now it’s just too much, dude. 50 yesterday. right

Daddy, right. I put it on first. Okay. It’s actually only eight 35 in the morning and it’s a Friday and you couldn’t possibly start the day any better than this. This is amazing. Super cars. A new land, Bro.


Four. And where are we going next? You want to work later? Okay, I’ve got about 30 minutes and then I gotta be at the office probably. So where do you, where are you going to go now? Let’s drop it down the front there. I Dunno yet. Man.


What do people normally go when they buy a printer? Don’t think your front went down yet. I just dropped it. Oh, the doors open. They won’t let you do it. Oh, you stopped it cause yeah, so when the door is open, you can go up but you can’t go back down when it’s open.


stops pretty, pretty, pretty awesome dude. I’m like, well how much gas? You have no idea. Where’s the gas gauge? Oh, so push down the button right there. I was at your Info Center and it’ll change it and then hold it down again and then it goes. I call that adventure to remote. So you got your full life. Give you Lambros a full tank yet. Oh, it’s over here. And then if you hold it down again, it’ll split and then you can switch between how can they have or your menu or your info or your car. He had push it. I think the phone

I painted torque mode. That’s why I call it the Aventador bode. There you go. Yeah. Give it some refs. Hold on. Where do you want to go to bat? Yeah. You stopped when the door opened area. There you go.

Okay. We’ll get some rolling shots of all the cars and we’ll be back. Okay. I got snot dripping from my nose. It’s so cold. I got to get back to California, but a awesome car. Here he is sneaking up behind me. We’re going to go hop on the highway. Um, love the color. You guys just got to, when we get on the road and I get you these road shots, you got to pay attention to, uh, the difference between my car where it has the black rear bumper, where this one has been completely painted to match the, uh, the car. Um, and there’s just something about the flow of that that just looks hot. I mean the rear diffuser is blue. All of it’s blue and I haven’t, I haven’t actually seen a car where someone’s done that, so it’s super freaking hot. I’m going to get, he’s going to get in front of us when we get on the highway here in a second.

We’re just going to go a couple miles and, um, I’ll get some, uh, rolling shots of, of his car when we get on when we get on the road here. But we’ve got the, uh, Porsche crew in tow and we’re already getting tagged on social media, um, by people that are driven by and seen the car coming off the trailer. So, um, so it’s getting hot. So I’m going to get on the highway and then we’ll wait on clay to get past us and, uh, I’ll get some video of him here. So hang tight. Here he is coming in behind us.

got it. Looks all the whole bumper all the way down.

This might be one of my favorite, her cons I’ve seen this is, um, you just have to see it in the sunlight and, um, like rolling, it just is so sexy. He’s got 21 inch wheels on the back. 20th twills on the front there row. Hannah’s, uh, the, the orange calipers. He’s got the orange seats, which are outgunned, Tara and black. And it’s nice. And you know, some people think that, uh, that interior, that, that bright orange and that much orange, it looks a little Gaudy, but it really does look good in person in this car. So you have to, you have to see it in person. It really appreciate it. But it does make you miss your Vercon when a rolling around with another herb called Bud Woo.

So I think what we’ll do is, uh, we’re probably going to hang out. It’s super cold here, so I’m going to wait for the sun to come out. Uh, sends out, let it warm up a little bit. Today. We’ll probably do a, uh, a plan of supercar lunch. Uh, get all the homies out, maybe get James to go pick up the mercy logo. I don’t believe they’ve started the wrap on it yet. The design is done, but the, uh, actual rap hasn’t begun. So, uh, we’ll get all the homies together and uh, get some more video coming at you. So stay tuned. We’ll be back.

Okay, we are back. This might be what you say. The rally never ends. But, uh, the car delivery never ends. We are headed to white glove auto. Uh, you probably heard me talk about Myron at white glove. They’ve done a ton of stuff to my Huracan. Uh, want to get clay to meet Myron. Uh, we’re going to pull his car inside, get some pigs, um, and have him look at the front where it definitely needs to have some clear bra edit to the black. Now this is a five 80 dash two, so it’s literally the same year model everything as my Huracan. And so I’m sure that a miracle has some ideas for modifying it and it needs to be closed. So we’re going to roll into white glove, will be there in two shakes of a lamb’s tail and we’ll be back to get some, a video of like, love you guys. I love this place. They have a lot of cool cars, usually in the garage on the lift at any given day that you come in. So here we go. We’re turning in by our famous Eddie Hall, Domino’s, and we would be back. All right. We have arrived and we were at white

glove automotive in Bixby, Bixby, Oklahoma, and we threw this Lamborghini right in front of the lights. So let’s get a proper look at it.

That’s it. That’s all I ever getting her con 2017 580 dash two thanks for watching. I hope you enjoy like, subscribe, turn on notifications, all that fun stuff. I will have another video coming with plenty of shenanigans with the new Blue Huracan rolling around Tulsa, so stay tuned.