Okay, this is me going live. I’m going to wait and just see if anyone gets on here and nine seconds and come on. There’s 900 and I don’t know, 73 have you that might potentially get on here. Have you subscribe us. Let me go here. Are you Lambros on their own? I got, I got maybe five and I got a thumbs up. All right, good. You know what’s so stupid is I want to go to my freaking channel on Youtube and when you click on your settings, it doesn’t even take you to your own channel. All right, here’s the deal. I uploaded a video today. All Right, seven people. I’ve got a minute and I got seven people. All right. You said when people throw me a thumbs up, if you’re ready for me to go, just thumbs up. There’s seven people, so seven thumbs up and then I’ll tell you what the deal is.

975 subscribers. Oh yeah, I can give us a joke. Uh, okay. A priest, a rabbi, and a southern walk into a bar. No. All right. Here’s what we got. Okay. I premiered the sinner, the eight Mclaren sent us today. Okay. I premiered, it was at noon. Eight Mclaren set us. Yeah. And I am learning, I have to show you Lambros like on, on Adobe, I’ll show you guys this because I don’t know if you people edit. Okay. This is me editing in premiere. Okay. And so when you render the video and export it, okay, you Lambros have to start here and hit in like I and you’re gonna hear and hit Oh for out. Well, when I hit, oh, it didn’t work and I had more video that I hadn’t even edited more clips that were in there. See that? So this is the 10 minute gap that was in the video.

So I literally uploaded a 28 minute video and there was 10 minutes of black screen. So I’m Marie premiering this video. It’s going to re premiere tonight at seven 30. Um, I already had like, I think I had 75 years on the other one. Not a big deal. I’m gonna, I’ve already archived that or I’ve already, yeah, one plus one. I know. So I’ve already made that where you Lambros can’t see it, but if you did already comment or you did already like, or you didn’t already thumbs up or share or do anything with the current set of video, it’s not gonna exist anymore. So there’s a new set of video that will be on there. Yes. Hey. Yeah, thank you. I thought something’s wrong by connection. So the whole back end of that was like the private event that we did after that I was going to make into a whole separate video because we actually got invited to go hang out with um, uh, Dan Imi who has the set of that’s blue carbon fiber or black carbon fiber. We blue accents and the Chintan reo that was there. So we got to hang out with, then we went to this really nice country club. I don’t know, you guys might have heard of it. What’s it called? It’s called something. It’s on there. You’ll see. I think I you Lambros maybe check my Instagram and you’ll see, I think my stories are done, but I have uploaded this video again, it’s literally uploading right now. Let’s see how much time we have before it’s up. I had to go to my creator studio here.

Okay. It says that it’s up so it’s ready but it’s not going to premiere until 7:30 PM okay. Now tonight is date night with my wife, so I will be in some golf, a movie with her at seven 30 so, and I’m very close. Roman to any a thousand I’m literally like 25 I think it was at nine 77 I probably lost a couple of you Lambros have that crappy upload that I did, so if you Lambros like my videos and you enjoy them and you can understand that people make mistakes, please share this video with someone because it will create something that will cause people to want to go watch what I screwed up and in order to be deleted about the lottery watch, they’ll instead watch the eight send a video. This is actually very epic because there was eight, I think you should say eight senna, not centers, but there was eight Senna at Lamborghini Newport beach this weekend.

I just barely saw one center for the first time, like a month ago. And so to have eight of them in one spot with two children, Ariosa, I rarely, I’ve ever even seen to chip scenarios in the same place. So it’s pretty amazing if you Lambros ask me. So please. Yeah, I, that’s what it is. So if you Lambros would please share this with someone, share my video. It’s, it’s actually up and it should show that it’s premiering. Um, if I go to creator studio, then I’m okay. It’s not quite, it’s not quite done other, it is four minutes remaining. So when it pops up in four minutes, it’ll say premiering at seven 30 and you can actually give it a thumbs up before you watch it if you’d like, and you can share with someone. So if he doesn’t do that, I’d appreciate it. And again, my apologies to people that watch my stuff. Um, I’m not mistake free, but I’ll try to not upload a video with 10 minutes of dead black screen again. So, and then I’m going to try to end this without it being weird. That’s share. Oh x later.