And they were like, Oh crap, I’ve broken it off. And then they were like, oh, we better unbolt the rest of them. So they unbuilt the rest of them. When they put it back on, they just left that one there and they didn’t do the nuts on the other ones. So then at one 72 on the BA in one second.

What up? What up? What up? We are here at thrive. I just pulled the lambo out of the inside of the building and we are taking, it looks beautiful, doesn’t it? In the sun. Christine just started. I’m just starting to hide them guns. Just a beautiful cards. Beautiful, beautiful button. Ah, what is that Lambo down guys? I was doing 175 miles an hour in that piece flew off of my car. Yeah, that’s right. Some people saw me on the broken air express white picking it up and let me show you Lambros where we keep our lambo parts to that. That is the piece. He goes right here. There’s a problem. I can’t share the details now. Maybe I can, maybe I can. I’m trying to be careful about it, but I am taking it to my guy in Tulsa to get it fixed because dot. It sucks, but a lot of damage happened. A lot of extensive damage. I’ll just show you talked too expensive. I’ll show you the, uh, I’ll get some details once we figure out exactly what has happened. I think I know what happened. Try to be politically correct and how I release what happened. But, uh, some people might put two and two together, but uh, here’s the deal. I’m going to go drive a really fast, uh, just for fun. Even that whole back piece breaks. That’d be awesome. Lighter. What up? What up? What up? I’m here. Get ready. The Lambo worked on.

I’m at an undisclosed location cause there’s so many amazing cars at this undisclosed location. Can’t talk about it, but limbo is coming in here to get worked on. We’re going to try to fix these pieces that broke and I get it replaced. Maybe do something crazy on the back, bought it to replace it. But uh, wanted to show you Lambros that. And then also the mercy logos here. And it’s getting some crazy [inaudible] things into it. In fact, it’s all torn apart. I want you to see it, but I cannot take you through the shop. So we’re gonna fast forward to the Lamborghini mercy logo, the evil Lamborghini Mercia logo. Here comes two seconds. Oh Em gee, look at this.

I mean, we’ll get that exhaust. That is clean, John. I mean this is an undisclosed location and see the little white from the original car and then the White Yep. Up on the edges. Well, I don’t know if anybody’s seen the inside of a Lamborghini before, but this was the, you Lambros really want to call the, and suddenly we’re getting, so this is the, uh, uh, what do they call it? That’s the drive shaft on hooked little oil drip there. Now for fun, here’s the engine. Now James said, uh, you Lambros are going to be doing some modifications. Um, it’s going to be highly modified. This is the rear right? This is where the exhaust comes out. And is that the catalytic converters used to be? He used to be the converters, but they’re probably banged up out. Yep.

Jeez. Now

that’s going in that that’s going to fit. That’s gonna leave a lot of room in it,

more luggage space and maybe an extra seat. Okay,

well here’s the plan. Cobra engine goes and which is going to open up some of this area here where you Lambros can put an extra seat in and have more luggage space. Now a lot of people don’t realize how big a mercy logo is, but if you can kind of imagine it, um, they moved the firewall back so you can put a back seat in there. Can I have like a, a suicide door on the side and then you have like a three and a half Cedar Lamborghini mercy logo. Okay. That’s why they do the wide body originally is so that you Lambros can fit a third person. Okay? This is a real thing. Now just imagine right here instead of it saying Lamborghini, Lamborghini, it’s going to say Cobra. This is awesome. This is awesome.

I don’t care who you Lambros are. This is beautiful.

the drive shaft goes all. I mean that’s, there’s this for the gear shifter is inside the car. Now that’s all the way to the front. This is where the gear shifter and everything is above. Oh, I guess it’s all easier. So there is no like, yeah, there is this drive shaft. This one 50 burden. Oh, that’s right. They did the conversion to a rear wheel drive. So that is, this is the underbelly.


I can’t reveal who shop in, so he’s off to the side, but he won’t be in the video. Wow. This is really rare footage because they don’t let anybody in here, especially Mikko. He goes, not even allowed in the building. All right. There you Lambros go. Woo.

Okay. The a ghetto lambo found. Oh look, you Lambros hear gifts to all of them. They’re like matching Bentley’s love this kid like good caddy. Probably presence. How so many matchbox cars from this little kid, Michael over here. He hooks me up. Anyway, SLR and the Lamborghini, we’re going to go unless there Bruh. Oh, the soup. I guess I never saw the super, the super, there’s a supra. I guess that’s kind of a cool deal. It’s actually in really good shape. Let’s look at it here. Supra, s e partied up. So more to come. Homeys look at that.

We’ve been spotted. They’ll get them in my blog. Small kid.  you Lambros can only see it from here, but you kind of see, um, the mods

draw attention to the fact that it’s ghetto. So like the broken pieces that are on the bag. Are you going to put big Red Arrows and we’re going to put ghetto lambo. That’s fun. So fast forward, boom. We’ll be at white glove and a, I’ll get some video of Myron cutting the letters out that we’re going to throw in there later. Okay. So things that need to be said. I should have videos. I was on the phone, but I should’ve videoed when I was traveling here. So I’m at white glove. Check it. We’re out white glove. Okay. Get ready to go in and get the stickers so that we can point out the ghetto lambo. But here’s the funny thing. Every single person with any car that they think has any kind of muscle, for example, like a Jeep Cherokee once the race, I don’t want to race, I’m just driving down memorial. I’m just driving. So I’m just saying like, dude, I know you know my car is fast and I know that your car’s cool too. And I have a lot of respect for that. Their jeep, it looks awesome, dude. All blacked out. It looks freaking great. Looks Awesome. But I’m not trying to race knuckleheads. Okay. I’m not doing that. So get over it. Oh, video this for the uh, say hello to Myra

white glove. Okay, so this is the led, they put it in. Do you see this little nut there? Yup. That’s where they put in. At first they claimed that they didn’t take this off, that they were able to put that in without taking off, which, you know, spool crap. Yep. So these are fasteners, like clips, clips, and that’s a bolt. And that’s about, that’s about, and that’s about, so there’s four of them across there. Okay. And so you said video, say so on the other side of this as a nut. And I think when they got to hear as they’re popping it up, they broke that one off and they were like, aw crap, I’ve broken it off. And then they were like, oh we better unbolt the rest of them. So they unbolt the rest of them. When they put it back on, they just left that one there and they didn’t do the nuts on the other ones.

So then at one 72 on the BA in one second, so it comes off that side first and then rips. And when it does it flips over the breaks that Gretchen glass scratches that this is one piece. It’s like 700 bucks pieces, like 700 bucks. And then this is obviously you got to paint. So my idea was to put ghetto and then the lamb roast and then the arrows just literally, cause I don’t want to not drive it. I want to point out the fact that I have a ghetto car right now. So you want to go on that side too? Yeah. So essentially, so yeah, this side would say Lambros ghetto and that’s, I would say ghetto Lambros and then they’re just arrows, you know like red arrows point, literally pointing to like, hey my car’s jacked up. It’s a piece of crap. Cause otherwise people drive point. And laugh and if they’re going to point and laugh, at least I can have directed their jokes. I want him to be in control of that.

So anyway,

well I’m a white glove auto. Uh, something kind of cool. I thought you’d like Austin’s dad’s Ferrari is here.

Austin, get your own cars bro. Look at that little four 30. Myron float Freud for their no tag reporting to him. And then there’s a little Tesla.

No, I know this is going to blow your mind, but that right there is one of 58072006080 sixes

actually, there’s probably a million of them, but actually it looks pretty cool. It’s probably not fast, but uh, this is pretty cool. And then, uh, over at the prep table we have arrows and ghetto, which is going to go on the ghetto lambo. So let’s go outside and I’m gonna stick them on. I’ll see if I can video myself while I’m sticking them on and I’ll come back and pay you up putting up. All right, here we go. Okay. We’re why you love auto and we got to get these, oh, he’s cleaning it up. We’re going to get ghetto.

[inaudible] [inaudible]

what he your Jangle


are you a little bit pissed? Did I took it to someone else? Just a little bit. Was there, it was there and I thought the license plate flipper came off and I thought, I’ll just have him do this to look at, possibly go wrong. My Room. What could possibly go wrong? Now

you know, this is what could possibly go wrong.