Um, I don’t know if it’s echoey in here, but we’re just gonna have to deal with it because outside here it’s kind of loud. I don’t even know if the door will stay closed. Um, so this is the baby lambo. I don’t know if he has, I’ve seen this with a little luggage thing there. It’s pretty hot. Um, people are texting me. So I am getting, I’m getting a lot of questions about a status of the car. You Lambros know, what’s going on with it. Uh, what happened? Uh, yeah, it’s lagging because I got a phone call, just all chill ax and start over here.

So a lot of questions about the car. I just wanted to give everybody an update on what’s happening with the Huracan. So it’s currently at Lamborghini Dallas. Um, I think they’re going to take good care of it. I have been, um, I just actually talked to Travis down there. Uh, they’ve been great at this point. Uh, I believe that’s all warranty, so we’ll see. But um, they have replaced the Cam shaft sensor and uh, did not fix the problem. So at this point he said he doesn’t know if maybe the a cam shaft itself, um, has seized up and sub point. Um, I dunno, I, I’m beside myself, nervous about it. I’ve had a Lamborghini, um, that blew up, you Lambros know, the grenaded. Um, I, I don’t know what to say. Um, I’m super not thrilled about the, um, the fact that they don’t know what it is yet.

I think they’re very competent and qualified obviously to be looking at it. But, uh, at this point, I don’t really know. I don’t know if it’s going to be total don’t live. It’s going to be a full injury build up. I don’t know. But I do know that a sex not having my car. Um, I have a bunch of videos that I’ve been waiting to edit that a, I found out that my, um, furry microphone has been a jacked up and I’m losing a lot of sound and some ordered a new Mike. Um, and I’m looking for, I’m looking for some more, I’m putting a cage on it and some of their stuff to my camera so that I can, uh, pick up the sound. But at this point, you Lambros know, feel free to comment. If you maybe you own a Lamborghini, maybe you Lambros know, someone who works on Lamborghinis, maybe you know, someone who’s had an issue, uh, with the labor getting breaking down or the camp chefs, chefs sensor, uh, that’s gone out.

Um, at this point we’re waiting on a, they have a couple of tech line at Lamborghini in, uh, Italy and they tell the tech line what’s going on with the car. The tech line gets back on the phone with them or by, by email, via email and lets them know what the recommended fix is going to be for it. So, um, I, you Lambros know, I hope that that swift and it gets done quickly. Uh, but I can tell you that, uh, like I don’t know what, um, I don’t know what Darryl’s just messaging me saying he got pulled over for is exhausted. I’d missed this Coleman and to go. So I don’t know what everybody thinks or what the um, understanding is about like the fact that I only ever gave you. And here’s the deal. I definitely can afford to own a Lamborghini, but I definitely own a entry level, a Lamborghini, which is basically like the cheapest number you can get.

It’s a two wheel drive. Um, the sticker on was about two 40. Um, that’s about if you’re going to get to know Lamborghini aside from getting a Guyardo oh, that’s what you’re going to get to. My first one was an o six Gardot no, that was in 2014. So I’m not this independently wealthy super rich guy who has like unlimited funds to be able to buy cars with it. If I did, I would probably have a couple of different her cons and I wouldn’t really care if something went bad with it. I would probably have a whole bunch of cars and a Bugatti and you Lambros name it. So this car is, uh, my baby. This is my pride and joy. This is like the representation of a lot of hard work. And stuff that I’ve done to, uh, to give your sorts. It’s very disheartening to think that it’s broken.

And with my history of having had a car blow up and it’d be a $97,000 repair, that’s, you know, not covered under warranty. It sucks. And so I’m, I’m sitting here stressing a little bit, uh, obviously not thrilled, not happy about the prospects of what might happen because I don’t have, you Lambros know, the, the resources like a lot of these super cars have, or I can just be like, screw it. I’ll just go buy another car, you know, make jokes about it being my dad’s, you know, that’s all funny and fun and Games. But at the end of the day, it’s my hard work and everything that I’ve done in order to own that car. And, um, I’ve been, uh, blessed and fortunate to be able to afford nice things. But man, it is, uh, it’s not a fun thing to think about the fact that it might be completely broken or I might be stroking a big check that I can’t really afford stroke in order to get it fixed.

So, um, so I will, I’m working on at any mini right now with all the sound, uh, works out on it then that will come up. But I think you’ll see some fun things coming in the future. I have specked out an evo, but to be completely frank with you, they’re expensive. You Lambros know, the, like the base, the base on the evo is 20,000 above what I paid for my hurt because that’s before you put any options on it. So if I want to do anything to it and make it look decent, you know, it’s in the like the two 9,300. I think the one aspect that was about three 13. So I’m trying to like work that out in my head on, on what am I gonna get, uh, get to our drove the, uh, you guys saw that under the 600 Lt. It’s about the same price range and you know, seeing as how a Lamborghini tattooed on my forearm, that’s probably what I’m going to stick with.

But, um, I appreciate everybody’s support and I appreciate aired everyone staying tuned into what’s going on. As I continue to get updates from Lamborghini Dallas, I’m happy to share those. It’s no secret. I’m an open book. Um, if you, uh, are enjoying my videos and, uh, like watching them, then, um, please share with someone like, and comment and turn on notifications, all that fun stuff. Um, Canadian Greg just said something so I don’t know what that was about. I’ll go back and look at the comments here in a minute. I’ve got to update it, uploads and stuff. But, um, that’s the story. That’s where we’re at. So I will be back soon. As soon as I hear something, I’ll probably just go live again because it’s easier to just get the information out quick. Thank you Lambros to everybody for your support and for supporting my channel on my Instagram and everything and to her car. We’ll get back. Don’t, uh, don’t get too depressed. I name and we’ll be back guys. I appreciate Lambros by watching.