Okay. It is Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday morning we were going super cars by the Z. It’s early folks. Five 45 in the morning, getting ready to meet up with Michael with the yellow mercy logo, his family and we’re going to roll. It’s about an hour drive from where we’re at in north La to get down to so cal. So we’re going to fly down there, maybe get some freeway shot, but now we’re going to Chevron to gas up

head that way. Okay, here we are. We just met up with Michael Nila mercy. He knows. Go up and then this challenger, it’s blue man. Lady Michael Said my rap was missed. Turns out it’s the morning. Oh Dude. All right. We made it to the Starbucks. Of course we have to hit Starbucks. I get some nitro cold brew. Nice parking job they say and then this guy gets an actual spot, Mr proper over here parking in a parking spot that’s messed up. Here comes the supercars by the sea. Quick run of the cars. I’m going to run seriously though. Rolls Royce faller Oh man.

Cause like the doors open backwards here you Lambros got uh, seven 20 s put the career gt. That’s the Paul Walker Ford Gt. Not yet revealed and another career at BP. Now that’s actually more rare, but the guy that owns them knowns, that one says to the elders faster. I don’t know. Let’s check that out. Can feel Tina courage and he can see straight into the cockpit through there. Pretty cool little accurate in a sex over there. It looks like it’s lowered a merciless, another seven 20 s Guyardo this is sweet. This is called the g p three are now, I was really big time. I’d have this instead of the super sports. Look, this thing is we have the wing. Oh it’s so sick. So sick and then a gt three Rs perps this might be chalkings old car, little a Lamborghini Aventador as a bed and a door in other roles. He played that freaking Unicorn. I don’t know how that guy hit the trailer to hear you. What do you want to put any miles on SLS? Those doors come up.

The goalie, there’s the a little hurt. And then we get down here to the corvette. Just kidding. Another Ferrari. I want to show you Lambros this white, we have to see this white, um, Lamborghini mercy logo that has white interior. Now the door’s closed right now, but, but to check it out. Oh, this is turbo s with blue wheels. Teal wheels. Look at this solid white it nuts. Just a big old hang on it. I just got the deep dish wheels. My geared pretty nuts. Pretty Nice about pretty much all of the cool supercar action of it’s that there’s a couple Alfa Romeo’s tons of Mercedes, punch of BMWs, punch of Porsche’s, um, all stuff that doesn’t really excite me, but it’s kind of excites me. Oh, I want, this is Rivero. Let’s see. love the interior. It’s a Karma. This is a unicorn. Just when you Lambros think you’ve seen all the cool stuff. I’ve never seen one of those before. Pretty nifty. Okay. Paul Walker, Ford Gt. Just firstly red, obviously. Spidering oh yeah, there’s these drones. Wow. Fricking crazy. He didn’t do a wheel loader. I mean, messing around. [inaudible] that is similar to my car, but slower. Yeah. That’s not a deal. Had bad breath. There you go. Hey Dude. Do a wheelie. Steven do low waylay someone doing a wheelie when you leave. Oh yeah, here he comes. Yeah, this is nice. Hey Buddy,

that’s high.

Okay. It’s PCH in Long Beach. What do you do when you Lambros drive a Lamborghini? All the time. Gas All the time. So we wrote the yellow mercy, the grey for con, this guy back here in this for people that follow him on Instagram. So maybe a little right here and time to get gas.

Okay. And here we are, Tyler. Where are we about to do? We’re about to get some Starbucks. Duh Duh. Cause we found another place that has Kohlberg Pale. Yeah. Cobra while we head to a rodeo drive to do some laps. And then we’re going to do a left, petite, petite. But let’s, uh, there’s the cold brew right there. Boom. You Lambros know, we got it Barry.

Hey, we made it to Rodeo drive, which is where we are now. And uh,

hot. Uh, Mike, who’s in the roadsters eat

the sun like crazy. crazy. Take a quick break and then we’re going to go make a cup of laps

and let’s say, Hey Mike, how’s that? How’s that roadster working out for you? Little hot bro. Come

on. So anyway, we’re going to go rip it up down here. This is how you Lambros say parking spots. You’re at saffron, a senior at [inaudible]. He’s learning to move up one spot. [inaudible] right there for Daryl. Sorry. This is such an exotic parking only VIP zone. Sorry. Very VIP. Very important. I have a Prius. It’s coming. Watch out. Hey look, no, look the Prius in. Okay, so let the preacher said mom back. [inaudible] back into that. Huracan we gotta get this on camera. [inaudible] I’m sure you’re in rhe first. You’re in Lambros first you are really called [inaudible] weight dog curb. [inaudible] Dude, dude, you’re about to the cone. [inaudible] that was a counter remind. First parallel park please. Good. [inaudible]

Oh yes, yeah, yeah.

Hey folks, that was 19 points. Oh, but your doors go up. That’s positive. What up? What up?

It’s Monday morning. Hey, I just finished up a, uh, was looking at the lens there. I uh, just finished up my morning meeting with Casey and I’m headed to find a Starbucks in Burbank, California because Burbank is where west coast customs is. And so I lost my license plate this weekend. I’m watching for cops and their green light. Um, so they’re going to put it back on and then fixing my fifth wheel. So I’m going to stop by and say hi to Lorenzo and guys there till 11. So I’m going to stay around this area and find me some night tro.

Yo, Yo, I’m at l a s my car ain’t out there. These carbon fiber carbon fiber Bentley back here. Alpina BMW. What do you Lambros think about that? The super charged by the, that is pretty ball. That means that’s like 940 times in their back there working orange gold chrome roles that is sick. Didn’t even notice this rolls right next to me on some costs here. Pretty cool. I’m leaving here. I’m heading over to west coast customs to check out what they got over there. Let us, okay. Just arrived at west coast customs. Going to roll in here and see if the Marines was here yet. If we can kick some money or we’re inside look at these freaking doors. Oh my roots. The roots are okay. And the homies I am at

west coast customs. I just met with Lorenzo and uh, working on the modifications to the car. So we’re going to do something with that bumper I think because it’s got the rock chips all down in the, you Lambros can see the green behind it. And then I got to get a new wheel. I bet the wheel, I don’t to, you can see the bend in the wheel but it has to be like, oh yeah, that’s right. There has to be sitting locally. Did you Lambros see it right here? Is that a little bit and not safe when you’re going 200 miles an hour.

So, um, and then we’re going to do some green LEDs on the engine bonnet and then obviously fix that and put the license plate flipper back on there. So that’ll be fun. I’m excited to check it out. I just got the whole tour of west coast customs. You can’t take pictures, anything but had a fricking awesome two or through their whole entire shop checking out all the cool stuff that’s in there. I mean they’ve got cars in here from about every famous person you Lambros can think of coding myself. We just finished up at la petite slash what’s that Asian place called? Sushi Ya and uh, we came around back. This is where they do the sunset gt, but I thought it’d be cool to get this Vu look at the Lambo sitting with guys. I know that looks like y’all lay back there, but it’s actually San Diego and you know who lives in San Diego, don’t you? Carmen? San Diego. Where in the world is Carmen? San Diego. But seriously though, she lives here. Garmin does.


Oh yeah, I got a camera too. What do you think about that day? It’s a bit, what does that really shoot flames though? I don’t believe you. Yeah, prove it. Follow stop at west coast customs with the Huracan for the mods that we discussed, doing a little led lighting and fixed that license plate flipper Kersey west coast. Shout out to Lorenzo for hooking me up. Uber is in route and then I’m heading to the airport later.