Next thing you Lambros know, get a video. Three of our trip, we were still trying to get rid of all these tires. I don’t think it’s worth the barely. They build these challengers or some big tires. You have to go on the biggest bridge in the world problems. It’s look at this thing. James is huge, but she said that thing I’ll read up on it was built in the 60s the [inaudible] 95 or something. It’s a suspension bridge. It’s a suspension bridge in suspense. That’s where we stayed down there by that. Can you see from here? Ah, okay. We’re headed to Hilton head, South Carolina because we found a really cool wing place. There was also a downtown Savannah, but we want to go to the one that helps that. So we’re driving to Hilton head, South Carolina to check out this swing place cause we got some time to kill and some tires to burn. We will be back back and we were sliding down this road. I don’t even know where we’re at. We’re like in between Savannah and Hilton head, South Carolina and we’re just driving along. Jimmy’s on the phone. Can we saw the puddle goes on the phone and he’s like, all of a sudden he just turns off into this freaking here. What are you doing? He’s like, get the camera.

This is like holding off their watch. Yeah. Let’s see what happens. We just turned to God. Oh. Oh God. Oh God. Oh yeah. Make sure you Lambros use the window wipers. Cleveland. Oh Geez. What is wrong with you? I can’t tell you so many. The list is long. Were you going to catch his bed up here? Show him what the bid hate. This car is. Got to be so dirty now. We will be bad roads. We’re back. We are headed to the airport in Savannah, Georgia. Hilton head. We just went down to the beach at Hilton head. Got some wings. Burn off a little bit more of the rubber out. We got some hot wings. We’re kind of waiting for traffic to clear out here. Oh, this is the time for going down this tunnel. Jimmy’s about the light.

There we go. People are going to have to be uh, putting on their head. you Lambros turned to yellow and blue. The Penske truck is coming up behind. We have to go do that again baby. We’re going to come back here to Savannah to Funtown shit just to come rent this car again because it’s going to be here because hopefully someone doesn’t rent it and drive it back to Destin or wherever we came from. Where did we come from? Pensacola. I don’t even sell, but we’re at the airport. Um, I guarantee you when we get into the airport there’ll be more chicken aniguns and that will be it for today. We’d land back in Tulsa, uh, 11 o’clock and tomorrow’s Caffeine and gasoline. So hopefully we’ll get some on there, but stay tuned for more shenanigans at the airport. We dropped off the car. Um, I don’t think you’re going to be getting an insurance claim.

Jimmy definitely need some new tires. We pulled up and the guy was like, smells like a rubber. Yes. The weirdest thing. The wheels kept breaking loose. Rubber Nass, ass rover who’s messed up. So now we’re going to go the airport, try to get in here and see how much against large claims going to be for them. Tires, those tires. I can tell you Lambros where thick though. They will take a while to clean next door. Oh God. There’s rubber all over and coming out of it. So we’ll be in the airport soon. All I’m saying, all I’m saying is you Lambros ain’t first if you ain’t first, you’re last. And here I am, made it through security and where’s Jimmy nowhere to be found? CanNot find him anywhere on able to find him.

Have recruited police officer, the airport, Savannah or port police to screw with James when he gets up here. So he’s actually, so I’ll be back when the, when it comes walking into this police officer, here we go. [inaudible] oh, is that right? You Lambros write about that? Nobody wants to be, I got one of those nuts down. Oh Man. Tell you, hey dear. Thoroughly. Or they are thorough. Put the gloves off or nothing. Go. Well, we’re on the plane. Finally, we’re at the very front and a one or way back to t town. Uh, we are leaving her or we Savannah, Savannah, Georgia at Jordan. Go to Atlanta. Back to Tulsa. I finally figured out where we were today. Just in the time you’ve been in like seven states. It’s crazy. Well, we still have like three or four more to go next week. Geez. So stick around. I think we’re gonna ask some Lambros airport come back for the flight attendants. I’ll tell you right now, we just got off the plane in Atlanta. We’re good. Are we going to do is, let me see this. And uh, James thinks he’s funny here, right? So here’s the story about half asleep on the plane. Somebody hits me in the balls with my water bottle, so he thinks he’s off the hook because you know, an hour later we’re still traveling. I said, here, hold this, hold this phone. Next thing you know you got a video feed on itself.

So did you Lambros learn? Did you Lambros learn anything? Yeah. Tsa Don’t mess with the bull. Be the last one to prank. Don’t mess with the bull. You get the horn every time. Don’t mess with the Lambros. You get the one lambo bull. He said you can even see it from behind. Yeah. You can see ever behind this. This lady’s all, oh, he peed on him, so freaking beautiful. Anyway, you’re going to be chat by the time we get, I think this will be the end. Get you back. No, that’s never happened. Thanks for watching. Drop a like, subscribe. Definitely didn’t see myself, but it sure does. Look on that. We’ll see you in the next video later.