What is up? What is up? What is [email protected] if you’re new to the channel, I’m the lamb, bro. Steve, you Lambros know Steve Kirk did not come and limbo. See Mom, I’m like two guys. One guy. I don’t know what I am, but I’m here with my beautiful Bentley continental gt, super sports. And today I’m heading to white glove. We’re going to throw the sucker up under the beautiful light and we’re going to do a review of it because I’ve had a lot of requests for people that want to get a review. We want to look at the Bentley continental gt, super sports. Now there’s a major difference between a regular continental and a speed and a super sport. So we’ll go through that. But first we gotta get this thing out of here. And what did you Lambros know? I’ve already been to the tire shop to get this fixed, but look at this. It’s flat again.

Yeah. Is the tire always go flat?

Oh my God. It really ticks me off. All right, listen, you Lambros gotta get yourself one of these. It’s called a Sun Joe. Focus in their body. And it’s like a drill, but it’s not a drill, just pumps air. And so I’ve already got it set. When I turn it on, it’s set to go to like 51 psi. And so

[inaudible] fill that thing gets, oh, get the 51 and then it’ll shut itself off. So I’ll go inside that’s loud. So we’ll go inside and uh, come back out about five minutes when it’s aired up and then I’ll get a start up of the sucker and then we’ll be on white. So stay tuned.

Okay. I did a video about Emma getting a ticket right now. I put on there, and I think I did this on Facebook as well. Suggestions on what her punishment should be. Sorry, I heard the suggestions. They were cool. But uh, you Lambros know, I wanted something more, more dramatic. Okay. So I think what I’m going to do is, um, I’m gonna take this flame thrower. See this thing. I mean we have this right by the back door in case any charters come in and we can look, just light him up. But we’re going to take the flame thrower. We’re going to go upstairs and we’re going to wake her up cause it’s early in the morning. I’m going to wake her up with the flame thrower and video it and see what it looks like later. He’s a really deep sleep.

Okay.  no. Wow.


You Lambros hear that?

That’s scary.


We walk up to,

I have arrived at white glove auto. Still a gloomy day, gloomy, gloomy day, but I went ahead and dropped the Bentley off a little earlier so we can get detailed and hopefully it’s right on the other side of that wall about to get cleaned up. So I’m going to walk in and see what it looks like. Brock, the Alexis, neat little picture there. See that little touch it. So we’ll go into white glove and see what’s happening. What up? I’m inside white glove auto. Now this is the best place to get your car detailed. You Lambros know why I’m going to tell you why? Because they don’t miss it. Your headlights, people, you know what I’m saying? They go in, they turn it off a day running and all that crap. And then you get in and your lights aren’t on and get in an accident cause it’s dusk. That doesn’t happen here. But in the behind me, check this out. This is a green GTX, the

three Rs. Myron, what are you Lambros doing to this thing during a fool expel style type protection film rat and then doing a full escort radar system with the AOL priority laser. A laser shifters. That’s what this is. So this is like all integrated in the bumper like you did on my Lando. Exactly. So it’s a what? What’s the version of it? So this is a escort. The escort. Okay. We did the K 40 in mine. 40 in here. Now I did the k 40 because Myron sold it to me. But it, they pay your ticket for a year as long as you’re not drunk or in a school zone. And I bet you didn’t know they have an extension program. They do. Yeah. So I actually bought the extension right before I got a ticket in Bixby. Thanks. Fix me Police. It was $200. Thank you.

And uh, k 40 pay it for me. So, but escort I’ve heard is amazing too, so that’s good. So the escort system, the sales rep, and I’ll show you guys the difference of what this is. This is just a essentially a clear wrap, right? But this is not wrapped you. You’d see how, I don’t know, what do you Lambros call it? Like how bright and go can I close this? So how it kind of has that sheen looked? It’s shiny. I don’t know if you can see it on the camera, but yeah, you can tell they’re so, it’s like literally like a mat. It changing the toy. It looks like it’s a matte, matte green color and it’s so filling. So you get scratches. The hills, it’s self healing. Now in a future video, I think we should probably also, is that this stuff, Myron, is this the stuff that we can light on? Fire Man. Wait, light on fire here. God. So what we’ll do then is we’re going to put this on my lambo and maybe let her know if we’ll see what happens, but check that out. And then I, as I said before,

people want to see what the Bentley looks like. A lot of requests for a review of the medics saw. Hit that here in just a second. We’ll be right back. Go care. I’m back. And I could not resist. I must put my Lambros hat on if I’m doing a Lambros video. So here I am and behind me the fresh, a quick detail from white glove auto. Now, um, I dropped this off at like one or two and they were done pretty quickly. So if you need a quick detail at white glove, a call Myron, they’ll hook you Lambros up. But let’s get a review. So everyone, everyone, not everyone, a lot of people have said, what’s the deal with the, with the Bentley continental gt. S s okay, so let’s see what the SS, so a lot of people don’t realize this, but I’ve taken a lot of pictures and stuff.

But if you see this car has not been modified in any way in the back. Okay. They come original with this carbon fiber, um, like luggage rack with a carbon fiber bar here to like hold it in. So it’s designed to not have a back seat. It’s also designed with carbon fiber seat, which have no motors in them. So they’re all mechanical. You know, it’s, it’s a $275,000 car brand new that doesn’t have, literally it’s got a lever on the bottom of the seat. Okay. So see that it’s just the normal like you have in your Ford escort literally. So that’s one of the cool things. And then also a lot of the Bentleys have walnut or whatever the wood is. It’s in that they replaced all of that with carbon fiber. So you Lambros can see all of this is carbon fiber, the whole dash is carbon fiber.

Everything’s covered viral. They all come with a Breitling watch, which is pretty cool. Um, and then you can see, well obviously we talked about these sweet floormates before. So, you know, call Myra and at white glove he can get you a discount on those. And then they cleaned this sucker up so it looks, it looks, it looks pretty good, right? That red interior, it looks really good. And um, that’s about it. I mean that’s the car. It’s remember designed to not have a back seat so there’s no back seats, there’s no little bucket seats back there. So when we originally ordered those formats, they sent some mats to go there, which they are going to fit. And then all carbon fiber. And they did all this supposedly to knock 240 pounds off the car. Okay. Now other cool thing, let me open the hood. You have to open the door to open the hood. It has what they call a double you 12. So it’s a w 12 me pull this up and then that pops up.

Here we go. So you can look up, Volkswagen makes the w 12, and then they make this for the Bentley. But it’s uh, um, the best way to explain it is the way the two B six is, are laid on top of each other. It turns it into mix. It looks like Aaw. So on top of it being a w 12, it’s also twin turboed. So you have a centrally about a 4,800 pound car that’s a six liter w 12 twin turboed car. So it’s 621 horsepower front engine. Right. And so needless to say, it’s pretty daggum fast. Now only modifications that I’ve done to it. You guys have seen the broken bumper that I put on there. I did a uh, a new front clip, a new body kit for there. I did the side skirts and then I also did obviously the wills, the 20 twos that are on there.

Those are, um, what did I get? A Santee, the Santee wheels. Um, the body kits a little beat up. It’s just I drive this car lot, so get used to it. And um, the other thing is all of the cracking that is, that is on, on here, you can see this thing is just jacked. Where I’m just like literally hit crap with it and busted. So we’ll probably do something different than they were talking about potentially maybe wide bodying it or doing something to it, which would, which I think would, uh, I, I personally think would look awesome. So drop a comment in there and tell me what you think I should do to modify the Bentley even more than it always already is. But in addition to the body kit, you probably hear that it sounds a lot rougher and that’s because we deleted the cats.

There’s two sets of catalytic converters to that are all the way from the engine that you have to do a whole engine overhaul to get out. And then two that are basically like about here on the car underneath there, the Cadillac converters had been taken out. And then under here I’ll show you, we have the, the fab speed, um, exhaust. Um, so it makes it a little mass, little throat here and a little louder. You guys have heard the startup, so I won’t, uh, I won’t bore you Lambros with the start up again. In fact, I’ve recorded a couple of startups including probably one in this video where the sound was on, so uh, that is the review of the Bentley. I hope you like it. I like it. I like the white on red, perfect color combination. And then on top of that I want to show you something really cool that I’m getting ready to get for the Bentley and for the Lambo that she doesn’t want to check out.

I’ll be right back with that. Okay. Now I am here with Dan. Dan. Dan Is Myrons. Dad Did. Dan is the man. That’s the deal. Okay, so Myron he bounced out. It’s been like four minutes but he’s out doing something, working for some customer, but check out what we got here. Dan. This is called a, what are we got? The Black View Dash Cam. I put a really cool, what? I thought it was really called Dash Cam in Lambeau and it’s kind of a pain to get the stuff off of it. So Myron is going to outfit me with one of these. It’s called the black view. Now I want you to pay attention here. If you buy it on their website, it’s $516 but I worked out a deal for anybody watching this. If you call and just say Lambros Steve Sell two for four 50 which is like 15% basically off and to boot.

If you’re in Tulsa, they can install it for you, if not sure, we’ll ship it to you for super cheap, maybe even free. So if you go to black you buy it for five 16 you go to white glove and I’ll put their phone number somewhere in the description and a link to their website. You can order that camera, which I’m going to put on my Bentley and I’m going to put on the Lambo 450 bucks. Now it’s a bad ass camera, so sure you can get some a lot cheaper and if maybe you want a cheaper one you have to talk to Myra at about that. I’m sure can get you a better one, but that’s the one I’m getting. Thanks for watching today. Thanks for checking out all my videos. Please like the video. Subscribe, turn on notifications, all that fun stuff. And I need watched our, so you know, if you don’t mind, put it on a loop, show it to your whole family. We would really appreciate it. Lambros Steve’s out.