All right. I’m here with James. Take Chemo Barsi logo. We’re going up the mountain. We’re at 3000 feet.

what up? What up? What up? It’s the current or. I’m here with uh, evil, Mercy Longo, Mr Teague. And we are in none other than Hawaii. Where uh, what’s this called? It’s called Kona. It’s like the big island, but the city, the town we’re in is called, it’s like the Rodeo drive of Hawaii. Yeah. Except there’s no people. It’s the big island with less people. So as you can see, it got rudely go gee in the beer because I’m going to get Tan sporting the big wig deep. So anyway, we are heading, what are we gonna do? We’re going to head over,

uh, north shore. You’ve got a big swell coming in. We going got to get the surfboard. Do want to go get it now? We’ll do tomorrow. Well, I’ll tell you what, we can just boogie board on our, really all you use me as a valuable, there you go. Hey, that’s, that’s definitely a youtube worthy. I’m just saying, I will lay down under the water and then fluffed up on top of me. Check this out. Active volcano.

Do we have to go over the mountain to go where you’re wanting to go? We’re going to come back over the mountain under way back. 10,000 feet. You’re run all the way to the top. We’re going 10,000 feet elevation and the temperature’s gonna change very much so when we get up there, I’ll throw the camera around and we’ll get some epic views and then maybe we’ll see some super cars movie

James is pineapple time. Do you know a couple of things to spice it up for us? We get to find out one pinnacle hallway. I don’t know. What do you do? What’s the, what’s the move here? Glen? Sweet girl. Oh, Lambros hill ever gained

hold of them. I mean, yeah, we’re the Lambros. None of UNIS. You’re missing the whole show. Here comes the young, old James. We didn’t find any super cars. We did kind of see the truck. That thing is literally hooked to a trailer as if it’s going to go somewhere and looking at their car. That is rough. It’s not a truck. No. Paint body work. It’s a little bit, oh, a trip to, oh my gear drive. Little Pain Bodywork. I mean Kim to Hawaii. Just Park your resting. Oh, okay. We’re home. This is a lie.

There’s luck. I’m here with James. Take Evil. Marci, lock out. We’re going up the mountain at thousand feet where the jeep with the top up. The trap with church dropping rapidly. All we have pineapple by find that were dead. Okay. We made it, I think halfway up the mountain. We’re about to go find the volcano. We’re going to go right over the middle of the two volcanoes, but look at this view, look at it, look at it.

The other side of the island and every time I turn around James like, Whoa Shit. She had a lot of, oh, my head’s on a swivel. I’m like, what are you going to say a lot about? I think we turn around three times where they’re going to Mike. We turn around for them. Little mini waterfall. That’s a stream. That’s a stream coming down a rock. We just saw giant cruise ship though. That was kind of cool. Yeah. And then I was like, should I give a lot of all? Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo. I’ve got my chicken trade. He’s trained to find waterfall. Oh my God. So I must not miss another waterfall. So here’s what I was thinking that you need to know James. Yes. Okay. Don’t go chasing waterfalls. We are though. We finna go see another waterfall. Damn. I got to think on my really good senior like we’re like a really good, what do you call that?

Like a do wet duet. Where do you think you’d like to do and give us a thumbs up to Ken’s house of pancakes. This is Dwayne Johnson. The Rock. This is his or Yup, this is where he got all the muscles eating all these paying man. He loaded up on some pancakes. But in the meantime, this is take two cause I just didn’t record for 10 minutes, but we’re learning how to say all the street names like this one is called Lee, he y and a Commie Hmi. Hi Cami. How many Ha, the key is to pronounce every vowel. Every bout. He low nanny law golf course right there. Oh wait, that nanny loa. So we’re going to go to Ken’s house pancakes. We’re going to see if they have some pancakes. I guess that’s going to be a thing. It seems to be that it’s going to be right up here on the right.

Right. So off we go. Dwayne Johnson, maybe there’ll be like a shrine for him. I think so. We’ll be back with Dwayne Johnson, the rock. And if he’s there, maybe we fight it. Yeah, take him out. You want to find them? Oh, I’ll take his ass out. Wayne Johnson versus the Lambros. It’s right here. Straighten him right out. I fight you. I will fight you. Dwayne. We are live at the beach in Hawaii with tea and we bought this beautiful Santa because he’s like a, he’s like a Hawaii Santa’s, there’s a lawn chair and he’s Lambros flip flops on his flip flops on and he’s going to have dinner with us and he’s keeping the sun off me right now, which is awesome. He’s a sun blocker. Santa’s what? A really good Santa’s no coal for him. So pretty. I like it. Eighties already. Top of, Ooh, Hawaii. It’s cold as shit. Look at this. I don’t want to come on that, but I don’t think it’ll show me anymore

problems. Right. I’m here with James in a, they call this graffiti vote. I don’t mind the, uh, on the sound in the background that is not cars driving by highlighting gonna charge you extra for this. But this is literally one of the most famous artists on the island did this. And you know, I can’t tell you how much it costs, but it costs a lot. Yeah. How do you propose that we get that boat and that one? Cause it’s a long way from home, buddy. Sir. Here’s the way we do it. We’ll turn the boat towards the water and the next time we get a big flash flood we’ll get you and your misses in the boat and we’ll get you right out there where you need to be. How often is there a flash pot? About once a year. Can I ask you Lambros another question? Yes sir. What do you intend to do about the interior? Well, I mean these little work, it ain’t perfect, you know, but perfect. Yeah. You know they actually good. There is a nice little pot, you know it got a little pot in there. Whether it be you need to pass, you need to pop in.

I don’t really, how much do we want for this? Well, I’ll tell you Lambros what were negotiable. Real negotiable. Bought a boat today. Lambros or buying a boat.

Yo Yo, Yo, what up and she Lambros Steve here with Lambo. James Evil Marsia logo. It’s our last day in Hawaii. We’re out here at this beautiful, I don’t know mark, we just got done going to the top of that volcano. We didn’t go to the top of that wall. I don’t think that’s the Actimel though. Still active. But we’ve had a lot of fun today. What did we do? Well we went down from 13,600 feet down to sea level with the car off. Yeah. Cause we’re out of gas. We’re out of gas coasting with no breaks. Basic. Oh my God. 8% grade. So it’s like this, we ran out of gas or we’re running out of gas. So James Finagle a way to get some gas from a service pump that was locked. He figured it out. We figured it out. Yeah. Well what else did we do with swimming?

We bought matching drawers. Matching hats. Uh, we swapped Joris halfway through the day. And that was weird, especially for the people at the pool. They were like, what are you Lambros doing? Oh John, sorry. I want to make sure I got the good underwear. Oh tell them about the hot tub last night. Oh, hot tub time machine now. So James thought it’d be a good idea. I’ll show you Lambros something here to buy some of these. Now these are non latex I guess that’s good for you. And then a face bad. So first he put one on his shoulder. We got in the hot tub with this couple, cleared them out, cleared about immediately. It was amazing. Then we filled that sucker up with with as much water as we could and we made a giant water weenie is what it was. So that was pretty hot. Yeah, it’s fine. But we’re heading down to um, I guess Hoka Oklahoma. We Coco Hole Houma beach. So they even have a little cool Coco Hoco humble hold it right here.

Epic waves here except for the wind. The winds of turn two and now they’re going the opposite direction. So the waves are going to suck today. But this is a really good surf spot for the locals. Yeah, surfing, we didn’t do any surf from, James did about

five, 10 days of surfing the week’s work where I got here. So, but the sun is over there that’s already be able to see the sun go down because on the other side over here and a really cool beach, a little secret hideaway back here. Oh Wow. I love this beat in five days right here. Wow. And it’s very sandy. Oh yeah. They’re at the bond goose. A couple of them. See over here in the rocks. Why there’s no snakes on the island. The Mongoose eats them. they late the poop out of the snake. Yeah. Oh, there he goes. Yeah. Community. Maybe I shouldn’t have wore my tennis shoes. I didn’t know we was coming on the beach. I yes, we did a lot of sun earlier, but let’s get some views. I’m all set this up and get some shots of the water. For those of you Lambros that haven’t been to Hawaii can check it out.

Yeah, it definitely should come back and we’re coming back in January, January. Not just not just the big island. We’re going to go to all of them. Yup. We’re working out a deal where

we’re going to start being a little girl by time and then I can work for James for a day or a week or a month just to come to Hawaii. I’m going to be James, his assistant, maybe Tokyo, and maybe go to Tokyo warm. So I pan. Here we go. This is pretty hot. Okay. It’s scary. It from right from the 0.5 very for the locals.

You got to get in tight with the locals. The surf here, if you don’t know a local, you don’t surf here or they come Jack, go run your ass out of here quick. If you don’t know what you’re doing. He goes, you got to get their respect right off the bat. Yup. On a 15 foot swell, you’ll get their respect with a Samurai sword. They’ll come after you. Look how big those waves over there.

Can you see that? Whoa. Watch it now. Look at those waves. God. Oh Geez. So great. Just getting closer. All right, beach front. I’m gonna get some photos. Okay. We’re on the other side of the water here. Sun Setting behind us.

Cruising through some palm trees. This is some kind of a, uh, I dunno, state park or some time play this, play a pet over here. Water did giant palm tree that got yanked down. James up ahead watching for animals. This might be the most beautiful, maybe the most remote place I’ve ever been. This is not that remote. That tells you anything about where I’ve been, but let’s get to the wow. Also seen it. You, Jimmy. I love it. Yeah. The volcano volcano one keynote to be right here. That I’d just love for the fifth time.