at least be able to go ahead and walk in the door going around like from

good morning Lambros and welcome to beautiful Las Vegas. I’m Steve if you Lambros new the channel, really Lambros Steve. And uh, today I’m in Las Vegas. In Nevada. We were at the encore hanging out with some Lambros and a, it’s breakfast time. So we’re heading to the buffet and after that we’re going to go to pretty little spot called the donut bar. So stay tuned. We’ll be at the donut bar.

okay. Just for the chef at the buffet talked about being stuffed. That place was amazing. They had steak, they had chicken wings. I had every kind of breakfast thing you  Lambrosthink of. They had a Sushi, everything. So I’ve eaten a bunch. I left Daryl there he was, he was still eating. He’s been there for I for a long time, but we’re going to go get the Huracan and go meet him at the ballet and then we’re off to the donut bar. Okay. We’ve made it to the cod. Here she is in all her beauty.

And uh, look at this. This is the sixth floor, seventh floor. Tried to get all the way up to the top. There’s a big lawsuit about that hotel and looking just like the hotel.

So they say, but we’re going to hop in and a head to the donut bar. We’ll first, we’ve got to drive to valet pickup, Daryl, and then we’ll go to the donut bar. But a, in the meantime, let’s get a,

let’s get a start up with this mug. Here we go. [inaudible]

and of course you’re going to tire low, so maybe we have to make a detour to air it up. We are on the beautiful Las Vegas Strip. I’m here with Lam row narrow .

We’re in red to the donut bar. Found this place when I was here in October or May, I don’t remember. It’s down here in the older part of Vegas. So the Fremont Street. So we’re going to roll down, see what kind of delicacies they have is what you Lambros call them, delicacies. Oh look. Uh, we place, oh, got to stop. Or at least be able to go ahead and walk and then we’re going around them


no, they don’t even see English. That’s not a,

we have arrived at the donut bar. Las Vegas. Darryl don’t know bar. Let’s go see what they have. [inaudible] what’s up man? Good. How are you? We made it. You’re not so happy yet. So it’s not golden rice rally. What’s going on, right? Yeah. I’m not on my rally, but good off. Good. This is my friend narrow Florida. What are you Lambros thinking will record was in health. I mean quilts. I messaged them to tag me on Instagram. Look with [inaudible]. We’re going to eat something and you said I want you to try something that is like, I got Steve’s camera. Wow.

Do you Lambros want me to, we’re going to give the owner of the donut bar or ride. So the donut man is going to go do donuts in front of the donut bar

in the donut machine. wow.

No, that is a proper donut glaze.

[inaudible] straight from the donut bar to fashion island. We are rolling into fashion island because one, it’s your homeboys 40th. Yeah. Give him a print. So that’s what we’re doing. We’re getting an unknown friend that we can’t talk about that we’re not here with. Definitely not here with him.

We’re not here on any kind of event. We’re just here. We’re just here and then fees here and we get him a gift. That’s the move. So it seems like an hour later we’re still on our super secret mission to find some shoes for our homeboy. We’ve been to every shoe store in this, God bless it. Mall [inaudible] shoes that don’t exist for a person that is not here. That also doesn’t exist. An event that we’re not at. Yes. We’re not at this event. Just feels like we’re here. Yeah. So, um, we’re going to like settle for the ones that were kind of different, right? Yeah. I think guys do it all true. We were going to get him some orange ones to match his car, but now that isn’t going to work is they don’t have a stamp size is a size 12 this is bull crap. So small feet. We’ll fast forward to some cool shoes

for recording. Steve hates paying for parking. Okay. And I’m not going to be a part of this. So I got out of the car cause I don’t do criminal activity. But let’s say go

one work not going to do it. I think he’s chicken chicken

I don’t think you Lambros saw the large elevation

what is up? Lambros we have just finished with our shopping. We got some sweet shoes for the homeboy and next we are going to go drive at a, what’s it called? Uh, speed Vegas speed bag is what we’re going to also get these to our friend’s wife who will go unnamed because we are not with him right now, but if it was her or her were not with him or his wife. An undisclosed location. Right. Well we are here by my car and that’s all I have for today. We’ll get all that domino seats, his car over there. Our friends who are not here with his cars over there, which I’m not going to show you, but with that I hope you Lambros subscribe. Like turn on notifications, all that fun stuff and turned me off. Put me on a loop on it. My videos watched. I need lots of watches. Hours Lambros Steve Out. Oh.