Lambros happens for redneck guys. welcome to the channel. [inaudible] dot com I’m like, Bro, see, we’re out here with Jordan. Let’s just call right. This is called the lawnmower races. Now, how’s according to my iPhone, I’ll try to tell some of that footage up here, but we’re out of breath because we’re running the pit crew right now. Alright, here it goes. The low budget pictures saying, this is the pink car guys. This is low budget. When you’re driving, when you’re racing lawnmowers, you don’t really have the kind of cash like the Petsky guys have. You Lambros know, maybe you have a Mazda that’s got the bumper coming off. Maybe this thing’s been jumped a few times.

Dude, you could probably jump spark this. Oh yeah, you’re just rubbing right through those gears, Huh? Is it a neutral? I don’t think it’s a neutral. How’s it gonna Roll? We’re gonna pull star. I failed the test. Oh, just film. He said, just film. This is going to be fun. It’s just dragging. They say, Oh yeah. Well so much for that tow strap. This ruined Tammy back up. We had her go and he had it go, we’re good. Now. You just have to hold it. What did it the opposite way. Now I need the other opposite. Then just hold it with your hand around the temple times. Let it fly off. Yeah, that’s what you Lambros gotta do. Can I fix your seat? Hold on. Hey, let me go. Hey, let me go get fuel. Do you want me to go get some fuel now? I know we’re good. Keep tack that onto that. Let’s lock this. Let me show you cause it will tighten up. Yeah.

Hi. Uh, this is, remember guys will hold my beer and watch this. That’s what you Lambros hear up or redneck dies.


Oh he got it started though.

Yeah, we started, we got a little gas related. Okay, we got reaction. Hi. Yeah. Gas Cans. Huh? Okay. Where did he go? About 54 zero right there.

I think we need to go about 50 for this to work. So, Hey Jordan, if you, if something happens to you, I’ll take care of the Mclaren for you.

All right. here you Lambros go with boys and girls.. He’s done hooked. Hold on. Okay, here you go. Keep going, man. Rubber, rubber rope. Hey, high this Rayvon rebirth. Rebirth. Yeah. That was like a power slide. Daddy.

I want to film from outside the car. How do I get in?

Well, I’m in Deb’s hazard. Hazard it. God. Here, let me get you Lambros love. You got to go. Oh, that’s glass right in front of Walmart. You just do that dry where? Walmart. I’ll never be able to get out of here. Drag Walmart back and regret. Oh my God. This is not for bad guys. Okay, here we go. Hold on. Oh my God. No, this, this right here. [inaudible] [inaudible] oh dear God. My foot. I nailed my hand on it. Oh God. Why did I agree to that? Yes. Oh my God. What happens, right? For redneck guys. Oh, no, no, no, no, we’re good. Let’s get it. No, we’re good. You make that case.

Hail Ambrose. I made it back into my car. Somehow I didn’t die, but God, you Lambros probably couldn’t tell, but I mean the camera was bouncing around, but Jesus, age, we like, we jumped some little ramp. I don’t even know. It’s like that Mazda was just falling apart. I have dirt all in. I lost my phone down in that car. I could barely get in. The door was busted. Jeez, that’s crazy. I got dirt all in my mouth. I mean, oh my God. Whoa. I thought it was gonna. I thought he’s about to kill me. He’s about to kill me. So anyway, we’re going to beat Dobbs and uh, we’ll see you guys later. Ambrose. Okay, here we are after almost dying in the Mazda. I wanted to give everybody like just a quick run through of what this car actually looks like. I mean, obviously Jordan’s been jumping this thing and banging around in the doors.

Don’t even open. Obviously you Lambros saw my fat butt and getting in it. Um, I mean it’s, that’s a beater. Okay. It’s just sitting out here and, but it runs right? It runs sauces laying on the ground. Dual exhaust. Right? But it runs. So this is what we, and this is the, this doesn’t look like much because it doesn’t look like much, but when you Lambros hit it at about 35 miles an hour or however fast we were going, uh, it’s a lot. I mean, I think, oh look, the panties flew out the back. That’s how much that thing was bouncing around. So we hit there. We had to land like, yeah, that sock was in the trunk. Oh, here’s some, here’s some male, uh, Tulsa Federal Credit Union male that was in the back of it. There’s a, uh, I don’t know what the crap this is, but I think next is that hump. That’s what we’re going to do next. But Louie, this thing, it was tore up, but uh, make sure you liked the video, drop it, drop a, like a comment, subscribe, turn on notifications, all that stuff that you have to do. And then hopefully we’ll be back soon with Lambros jumping another hill.